Monday, August 8, 2005

"Hubby Can You Hear Me?"

Men have no problems hearing's listening to them that's the issue. Why is it men seem to find it difficult to understand women? Is it a case of "selective listenting?" Or maybe it's the "nagging wife" that seems to turn off a man's auditory-comprehension abilities.

According to recent research, there is a biological reason for all of this miscommunication.

The female voice is more difficult for the brain to process.

Scientists from Sheffield University in England studied the brain functions of 12 men as the subjects listened to recorded voices from both men and women. What they found was not just startling, but obvious.

Dr. Hunter said then when men listened to male voices, the back part of the brain was most active. This is the simpler thought process at work. The men's minds didn't have to work very hard in processing another male's voice.

When listening to a female voice, the auditory section is most active - similar to what happens in the brain when listening to music. Doctors noted that the female voice is much more complex, has a wider range, and even has a "natural melody." So while a lady's voice is music to men's ears, it takes more brain function and complex processes to interpret the voice.

In other words, it takes too much work.

So women, take heart. It's not that your man is being indifferent or uncaring. Nor is he deliberately shutting you out.

New research shows that your man is simply lazy.


Captain Marvel said...

I have a new excuse to ignore my wife! Right on brother!!

The Phoenix said...

I'm glad I could be of help...I think. Just don't blame me when you don't get any this week.

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