Sunday, August 14, 2005

Where's the Beef?

Imagine...chicken nuggets without the chicken.
Prime rib without the rib.
Hamburger without the ham...wait, there is no ham in hamburgers, right?

In a recent issue of Tissue Engineering (sounds like a fun periodical), scientists from Maryland have said that they have developed new techniques to growing edible meat in the lab. Apparently, NASA has been working on this technology as well in order to create food for space travel.

Wasn't the meat loaf in the tube not good enough?

One method would involve growing the meat in sheets....and then layering the meat sheets. MMMMM! Meat roll ups anyone?

Another is growing the meat on these beads and harvesting them for making into nuggets or burgers. Sort of like meat-balls.

The benefits of this kind of science is actually pretty substantial. You could create meat with the beneficial omega 3 fatty acid instead of the bad omega-6. With world population exploding, you would be able to more easily meet the increasing demand for meat. Safety would be easier to control, like the dangerous e.coli associated with tainted meat. And for those animal rights activists, the slaughter of cows would no longer be associated with a delicious hamburger.

There are some challenges like taste, texture, and overall weirdness. I mean, test tube meat? Just sounds really bizarre. But I guess that's progress. People from a hundred years ago would probably urp watching someone eating a corndog. And what about Spam? That's a strange concoction, but it's widely accepted as a part of a healthy nutritious diet, right?

For me, I find the idea of test tube meat fascinating. Why stop at lowering bad cholesterol and pumping meat with omega 3 to make us all healthier? Imagine the possibilities of creating new hybrid

Bicken (beef and chicken)
Harkey (ham and turkey)
and my favorite...

Bork (beef and pork).

I can taste the test tube deliciousness now!

My question about this test tube meat is, would a vegetarian eat it?


KD said...

FYI... I posted some St. Chuck karaoke places in the comments section on my blog. Hope to see you around there sometime.

Jeffro said...

YUCK! No way would I ever eat test tube meat. It's un-American.

The Phoenix said...

I don't know...I tried one of those Burger King Chicken Fries. I figure if I have the courage to put one of those things in my mouth, I'd probably give test tube meat a try.

Buffalump said...

They will probably test market this new "mystery meat" at school cafeterias across the country. I remember seeing all kinds of mysteries on my tray when I was a kid.

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