Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Cure for infertility - Roller Coaster???

A roller coaster cured her infertility?

Nayade Elbing and her husband Arnold had been trying to have children for years, but they had finally resigned themselves to the fact that Nayade was 'barren.' I guess they just assumed it was HER fault. Maybe Arnie was shooting blanks.

One day, after a romantic interlude at home, they went to an amusement park in Hassloch, Germany. There, they rode a roller coaster called the Expedition GeForce - one of the fastest roller coasters in the world.

A week later, they found out she was pregnant. Dr. Thomas Gent, their doctor, said: "We believe that she conceived due to the G-force of the rollercoaster ride." Since then, she has given birth to a son, Leandro Elias. Proud pappa, Arnold, has nicknamed his son G-Force, and the child has been given a lifetime free pass to the amusement park.

Could the roller coaster's massive g-forces have really helped Nayade and Arnold conceive their child? I really have no idea, and doctors are investigating. So is one possible cure for infertility a matter of being "shaken, not stirred?" Who knows. In the areas of conception and the miracle of life, science still has much to learn.

Interestingly, it's incredible how many myths surrounding baby-making still exist today. Even very educated and intelligent people have minconceptions about conception. According to a questionnare given out to thousands of adults by the American Infertility Association, only 1 in 12,382 got all the questions correct.

It seems there are a ton of fertility myths still floating around out there. For example:

1)A woman can only get pregnant one day per cycle.
The egg only lives 12-24 hours after it's release, true. However sperm can live inside a female for up to SEVEN DAYS! Those little guys can survive five days prior to ovulation and an additional two days after ovulation.

2)A woman can't get pregnant her first time.
You know a really eager guy had to make this one up. Getting pregnant your first time is as likely as getting pregnant your 573rd time - it's no less or more likely. There are documented cases of girls getting pregnant even before they had their first period. Pappa don't preach, I'm in trouble deep.

3)Douching with Coke, 7-up, or Mountain dew after sex will kill sperm.
OK, that's pretty darn gross. I think some 6th grader had to make that one up. And no, guys, drinking a ton of Mountain Dew will not kill your sperm. I hear accidentally catching your parents doing the nasty can kill your libido for most of your reproductive years, though.

4)Withdrawal prevents pregnancy.
According to Planned Parenthood, "Of every 100 women whose partners use withdrawal, 19 will become pregnant during the first year of typical use." There is sperm on the penis and in the pre-ejaculate - MILLIONS. If ejaculation occurs near her vagina, semen can still seep inside and pregnancy could occur. Yup - pregnant without penetration. I know a girl in high school that got pregnant that way. Withdrawal is about as effective as mentally programming your sperm to "come back to the light" after sex.

5)Jumping up and down after sex will prevent pregnancy.
Huh? Who makes up this stuff? Looking at what happened with Nayade Elbing, it looks like being jostled might actually HELP a woman conceive. I think manipulative men just wanted to watch their ladies jump up and down.

6) Drinking Robitussin before you ovulate will make you more fertile.
I'm beginning to think product marketers are the ones behind these idiotic myths. Robitussin will NOT make you more fertile. It WILL help ease the tightness in your chest when you have a cold. And according to Chris Rock's dad, Robitussin will also help you if you get cancer, asthma, or break your leg.


Anonymous said...

who comes up with these myths and why are doctors still using them. being pregnant i have heard so many stupid things from the people we are letting deliver our babies. my gosh. there is so much midwifery and doulaisms in childbirth that you just have to plug your ears the whole nine months.

i hope these myths die by the time my baby hits highschool cause i could not bare to tell her how assinine they all are and silly she is for beleiving them...


kim said...

Now you are freaking me out - I had intended to post about the roller coaster article and got too busy. get out of my head! :) Excellent additional links (the Chris Rock thing cracked me right up).

siren said...

Hmmm...conception by roller coaster. I wonder if this will make the lines at Six Flags longer...or shorter, maybe?

The Phoenix said...

Who comes up with these myths? Horny, manipulative boys - that's who.

Best wishes for you and your little girl, by the way.

The Phoenix said...

Great minds think alike!

The Chris Rock joke is pretty funny. He talks about not having health insurance, so Robitussin has to fix everything.

The Phoenix said...

Those who want to avoid the fertility help a roller coaster might provide can go to the pool or something. You can't get pregnant in the pool, right?????

Squatchy said...

Now I am starting to understand why more and more people are building Roller Coasters in their backyards.

The Phoenix said...

If you can't afford to build your own roller coaster, you could take your wanabe pregnant wife over a series of speed bumps at high velocity.

Jim said...

do you think conception is what these folks are doing, I believe that they are naked on the coaster

ynhug<--a hug from YN of course

The Phoenix said...

That's one helluva funny picture.

"why done be fizi?"

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