Monday, September 5, 2005

Rest Stop for Tree Huggers and Turncoats

Vermont has installed a $6.3 million "living machine" rest stop along Highway 89. It's a rest stop that uses plants and microorganisms to purify the toilet water and waste. The waste in converted to food for the South Asian plants in the greenhouse while the purified water is then recycled back into the toilets. Oh, be careful - the recycled water is not for drinking.

Some have been critical of the cost of this "green" rest stop, but many believe it will bring tourist dollars to Sharon, Vermont. This rest stop is also home to a large Vietnam War memorial. They believe visitors will go to the rest stop to honor those that died...and visitors have to pee sometime.

"We think it will be a destination stop for veterans from around the country to come and pay their respects and see the first Vietnam memorial on the Interstate system," Mr. Von Turkovich, state director of buildings and environmental services, said.

For obvious reasons, environmentalists are hailing this rest stop and look forward to it's opening in September. It uses less energy than other typical rest stops, and it uses natural means to recycle water. They hope more of these "living machine" rest rooms will be built in all types of public buildings.

There's a couple things about this rest stop I couldn't help pondering:

So it's a rest stop AND Vietnam War memorial? Isn't that just a bit odd? Doesn't it seem like a strange combination? How about combining a DMV office with a wax museum?

I think it's interesting that it's a memorial for those that died in Vietnam, AND the type of plants people will be peeing and pooping on are of the South Asian variety. I wonder if they've brought in any Saigon Tulips or Ho Chi Minh-ature Daisies.

Highway 89 in Sharon, Vermont was a popular route for those dodging the draft. They'd take the highway straight into Canada. So along with memorializing those brave soldiers that fought in Vietnam, are they also remembering the hippie turncoats that probably stopped to pee along the highway on their way to Canada? They've already built some type of sculpture in British Columbia honoring draft dodgers. A sculpture of what? I don't know. I think it's of Chicken Little.

I don't know how well those organisms work, they'd better be voracious. Having lived in a frat house before, I don't think any amount of organisms would be able to handle that kind of toxic human waste. I know guys that can make any plant wilt and any microorganism die.

(Hack). Oh man...too much (Cough)...too much chili!


Andrew said...

Another fabulous post.

Our local governments out "in the bush" use a lot of composting toilets. They cost a lot less to build, are run on worms and such eating the poop, and don't have to be cleaned out very often at all.

Chicken Little said...

I can assure you, it's not a statue of me.

The Phoenix said...

Thanks andrew,

Run on worms? Amazing. I wonder how the smell is.

The Phoenix said...

I didn't say it was a statue of THE chicken little.

Jim said...

biodegrading sewage is such a wonderful tribute, not!

I was always told that the reststop on I-44 at St. Clair was built over a buring coal mine, that's why it is between the east and west bound lanes, it was not safe to build the Interstate over the burning coal. I only bring this up because incinerated sewage might work there.

DLAK said...

If I would have been sober enogh to read all that I would have a funny comment to leave. But bsince I am incapealble of spelling incapable I will simply have another dfhot of hagermiestewrer. or whaT THE fuck ....

siren said...

I hope Ben and Jerry don't adopt this practice any time soon. It would put a whole new spin on "chunky monkey".

The Phoenix said...


Hmmm...human waste and hot burning coal. Sounds like a winning combination to me!

The Phoenix said...


That IS funny.

The Phoenix said...


OK, that's pretty gross. I can see it now, "What part of the monkey is this?"

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