Thursday, September 1, 2005

Texas Goats Will Sleep Better Tonight

Is this the legendary Chupacabra?

Two weeks ago, a Coleman, Texas farmer set up a trap to caputre whatever predator was killing his chickens and turkeys. Has Reggie Lagow found a dead Chupacabra in his trap?

Chupacabra stories go pretty far back, but there have been a rash of incidents beginning in the '90s. The Chupacabra, or "Goat Sucker" has been known to stalk farm animals in South and Central America, Mexico, and parts of the Southern U.S. Apparently, the farm animals have their blood sucked from them...only two puncture wounds are left on the dead sheep, goats, and chickens.

Just last year, there were two similar animals found in Texas - one was shot in Elmendorf and another in Lufkin. Both creatures also were hairless, had scaly skin, elongated hind legs, and a rat like tail. These things look like a mix between a dog and a kangaroo - with massive teeth and diseased skin.

Stacy Womack, a 20 year zoo veteran, investigated and took pictures. She said, "It's not a dog. I'd bet my lottery ticket on that."

Other animal experts are intrigued but are drawing conclusions concerning the most recent find in Texas. Wildlife Division Director Mike Berger believes it's a decomposing coyote. Others have said it's a deer. Some speculate it's some sort of coyote-dog hybrid.

So what really could the REAL Chupacabra be? There are other possibilities:

It's a Jackalope: The legendary horned rabbit has been mistaken for the Chupacabra.
It's a giant Chinchilla: These are not your ordinary fuzzball critters, but a rare giant breed.
It's a mutant Chihuahua: Also found in Mexico, these beasts are ugly AND ferocious.

Actually, here in Missouri, I have witnessed the Chupacabra roaming near a gas station. I was able to snap this picture (below) just before it ran off into the woods . It either left a dead, bloodless bunny on the ground, or a half-eaten beef jerky.
Could this be the mystical Chupacabra?

El Chupacabra??????


Captain Marvel said...

OK, those dead animals are definately NOT coyotes. I've even seen decomposing ones. No way...they look like weird kangaroos or something.

Andrew said...

Sure do look like kangaroos ... but all kngaroos are exclusively herbivores, with teeth designed to grind, rather than bite, such or tear.

Jim said...

where did you get my yearbook picture?

The Phoenix said...

And andrew WOULD know a lot about kangaroos and all.

Geez jim, they told me that was your BEST picture too. I almost posted the one where you were Homecoming King third-runner up alternate.

Jamie Dawn said...

Are those for real?
That guy looks too nice to be a blood sucker. Maybe that's how he lures in his prey, with that great, big grin.

Mountain Man said...

You funny Phoenix.

siren said...

It does look like some sort of mutant rat/kangaroo. I wonder if they live near a power plant or on a toxic waste dump.

The Phoenix said...

He might have a grin, but he's pretty darn ugly.

The little guy does look like he'd be some sort of radioactive mutant, doesn't he?

Thanks mountain main.

Jennifer said...


It looks like a starved dog with the mange. We saw quite a few looking like that outside the train station in Naples.

serendipity said...

You were right Phoenix those bots are awful...I turned on word verification for the comments, hope that helps. Thanks for your comment!

Perplexio said...

Those "chupacabra" corpses look like kangaroos with annorexia.

Are there any Aussie zoologists in the house that could tell us whether or not kangaroos prey on goats? I thought they were vegetarian actually. A rare distant cousin of the Kangaroo that somehow ended up on North American soil millions of years ago before the continents split and the Aussie variety were a bit more docile and the Chupacabra variety were more hostile perhaps?

Thanks for linking to this older article of yours over on fuzz's site.

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