Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The Haunted Closet...#8 of my spooky stories series

Ever have a really bad feeling about something? For example, have you ever met someone and got a "negative vibe "from that person for no apparent reason? How about places? Maybe you've had this strong feeling of dread when you're in a specific room of a house. Some call this instinct, others say it's our "third eye." Yet skeptics believe it's all just our imaginations.

Here's a story from one of our fellow bloggers that wishes to remain anonymous...maybe you've had a familiar experience yourself...

My grandparents live in an old town in Washington and have an old, two-story Victorian house. They know that there have been renovations over the years… staircases added or deleted, additional rooms, etc. You can see some of the places where changes have been made because there are steps up and down into room or strange little nooks.

One of these places is an upstairs closet that had once been a stairwell. The second floor didn’t have full ceilings except in the hallway; the three bedrooms and several closets had sloped ceilings with standing room in the centers of the room and some of the storage areas are even part of the attic. This one closet in particular had a curtain across the opening instead of a door and the ceiling sloped down into darkness, just as it would have when it was a staircase.

I remember when I was a kid, me and my brothers played hide and seek upstairs and sometimes used that closet as a hiding place. I always got a freaky feeling when I was in that closet, even with the sunlight shining through the curtain. I remember always looking over my shoulder. I could only hide there for a few minutes before I had to get out. The feeling was hard to describe but it just felt wrong. It was a vague feeling that something just wasn’t right.

My mother’s family has a history of being sensitive or psychic. My mom is especially sensitive, and she also felt something off about that closet. She got the strange sense that maybe someone had been hurt when the closet was still a stairwell. She thought perhaps a child had fallen down the stairs or had been locked inside of it (in old houses like this one it was customary to have doors at both ends of a flight of a stairs). Not only did my mom feel something was wrong there, but my grandfather and grandmother had also felt a weird vibe around "that closet."

One summer, my mother had gone to visit her parents for a couple of weeks. When she arrived, my grandparents were both sleeping in a downstairs room they had converted to a temporary bedroom. They normally slept in the bedroom upstairs. She asked them why and they both said they couldn’t stand being near that closet. Apparently, the same freaky feeling that we had all complained about had gotten stronger.

That feeling of dread seemed to be growing, just as a putrid stench begins to eminate from the source and infect the rest of a house. First, it had just gotten strong enough so that you could feel it when you passed the closet. Then, it got stronger and had "spread" to the two bedrooms and the end of the hallway. That’s when my grandparents moved out of their room. My mom usually takes the bedroom at the other end of the hall when she visits. Now, she could feel the bad feeling all the way down the hall, almost to her own room.

My mother, as well as being very sensitive, is also very religious. She tried ignoring the feeling for most of her visit, just as my grandparents had been ignoring it because they didn’t know what to do. But my mom finally got fed up.

She said, “I locked myself in that wretched closet and I prayed as hard as I could.”

I don’t know how long it took and I don’t know what she prayed to god for, but she prayed until she could feel a change in the bad feeling. After that, the bad feeling eased in intensity and gradually went away. My grandparents moved back into their upstairs bedroom a few weeks later and they’ve never had a problem since.

But I still will not go in that closet.

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Josh said...

Freaky stuff indeed, another great story for the season of ghosts and goblins!

David Amulet said...

I have the same feeling sometimes. Just walking by a place, you can feel the sense of something "wrong" ... the palpable trepidation ... the vortex of the latent evil.

I'm talking about my ex-girlfriend's house, of course.

You need to thank your anonymous contributor for coming out of the closet.

-- d.a.

Sherri said...

When I was a kid we moved around a ton. Up until adult hood I had never lived in one house for a complete year.

One of the houses we lived in gave me a constant bad feeling. I couldn't be left alone in one room for more then a half hour without being absolutely terrified.

On the day I became locked in the shower my mother finally decided enough was enough. We moved out the next week, and I can't even bring myself to drive down the road this house is on.

It took an enormous amount of courage for the woman to do what she did.

The Phoenix said...

Yeah, I would never have done that...

It's interesting how the bad feeling was almost organic. She said it began to grow, and spread throughout the rest of the house. I find that really creepy.

I went to an old house a while ago, and I kept staring at a closet in his spare bedroom. One of his prior guests had also complained of that feeling of being watched coming from the closet area, and she refused to sleep in that room.

Strange stuff.

Theresa said...

(thanks for your comments btw) I've really enjoyed reading these spooky stories! I hate for them to end (or will they as i've assumed when Halloween passes?)

KC said...

When I was a little girl we use to visit an aunt who had a stairway to nowhere in her house. I used to sit at the bottom of the stairs and just look up and wonder why on earth they were there when all they lead to was a wall. Many years later, I realized that her house had been restructured from a one family home into a two family home. The stairs were no longer needed but had never been taken out. I guess I was a dumb kid for not figuring that one out right away!

DLAK said...

I had a ghost up my asshole, I prayed to God for help and now I got two.

The Phoenix said...

NO Dlak, that's a tapeworm!

Grafs said...

Great story! I can get vibes from houses. I was relieved when we moved into our townhouse that I found it to be quite "sterile".

Anhoni Patel said...

OMG!!! If the closet had been a stairwell, where did it lead? And why did they close it up and make it into a closet? And how come it has no door? And why am I so scared now?

ObilonKenobi said...

I am very sympathetic to you for that story whomever you are. There have been places in houses I've lived in that gave me the creeps. Nothing as strong as what you describe here but still that same chill goes up my spine thinking about them.

Kid Jacque said...

I owned a house for ten years and in those ten years the house had it's moments.

It went on and off - strange things happening, things floating around, strange smells, weird mists, lights going on and off, things missing and showing up in VERY strange places the next day.

I feel for this person. I have had my share of crazy stuff and it's NOT fun.

Pixie said...

I have this thing about antique wardrobes.Sometimes they give me a "haunted" kind of feeling

Nikki Trivette said...

I had a haunted closet when I was a child. A very bad, male spirit "lived" in it...(the "living dead" I guess you could say) I was so freakin' happy when we finally moved out of that God-forsaken house! Years later while working as a pizza delivery driver, I drove past the old place and just had to have a look inside my old bedroom. As I crept up to the old dirty window, I half expected a monster to jump out at me! Here's where it gets even freakier: the closet had been completely covered with sheetrock like it had never existed! Now why would anyone cover a closet unless there was some REASON to?! Because it was HAUNTED, that's why!!

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