Monday, October 24, 2005

She Sees Dead People...#7 of my spooky stories series

A medium... a person thought to have the power to communicate with the spirits of the dead or with agents of another world or dimension. Also called psychic.

Communicating with those that have passed away is an intriguing and controversial subject. I had a previous spooky post that dealt with this subject. In that story, the man's dead grandfather came to him during extraordinary circumstances.

But what about those that claim to have the ability to communicate with spirits every day? Mediums say they are able to somehow reach out to those whom have died. And in their work, do mediums ever see glimpses of heaven? We've all heard about stories of the afterlife...a world of paradise, joy, and peace.

What about glimpses of hell?

Lucy claims to be a medium, and she's just started to blog about her work. I've been in contact with her via e-mail, and she has been kind enough to allow me to showcase her post about a world that doesn't seem like paradise at all. It's a peek into the other side of the afterlife...a world I hope none of us every find ourselves.

FAQ: Have you ever seen Hell?

I think so... although it wasn't like fire and brimstone or devils and such.
Let me tell you about it...

A woman came to me for a reading. She said the deceased man she wanted me to contact had done some rather regrettable things in his life - which I will omit here. When I tried to contact the man - it came in stages. At first, I could feel utter confusion, panic, feelings of being utterly lost. Secondly, I saw him in a tattered business suit - it was grey with a white shirt and I'm not sure what colour the tie was. Next, I saw his wrist, he was handcuffed to a briefcase. Then finally came the vision that I certainly will never be able to get out of my head. It was a world of grey rock, black sky, like the surface of the moon I suppose. The terrain was very jagged, and it looked like a mix of lime-stone and perhaps concrete, crumbly yet hard to the touch. I could smell that there was a fire nearby (yep, you can smell in these visions), and it wasn't cold in this place- nor was it hot. It was warm, room temperature.

The man wasn't suffering because of the terrain, he was suffering because he was lost. There was an odd lighting in this place, kind of like the lighting at night at a car dealership - you know, well lit by high-up spotlights? But you couldn't see the light sources. This man had no idea he was dead, that was the scary part. He thought he was still alive and had to get home - and he had to keep the contents of that briefcase safe. He never showed me what was in the briefcase, he guarded it very carefully "with his life".

He didn't communicate very much to me because he was in a hurry to find his way. I could sense his desperation. He wasn't angry, frustrated, or any other easy emotion - it was all fear and anxiety, but mostly fear."Where am I?" He kept asking, although I wasn't sure if he was asking me. I told him that he was dead, assured him that he didn't have to stay there, but he wouldn't hear anything of it. He had somewhere to be, and he was important. (After the session was over, I reconnected with this vision briefly - although I tried very hard to stay in it - which was probably a big mistake - and saw that he was still wandering.)

His "sins" on Earth had probably been too much for him, the woman said. My opinion on the matter is that people who do bad things generally beat themselves up over it. This man regretted, and his remorse was keeping him hostage until he's ready to come to terms with it. The feelings of utter loneliness I sensed in him were unbearable.

The impression, unspoken, that I got from this place was that it was created by something other than himself, but imposed by himself... and that it wouldn't be permanent, but he had a long ways to go. I got the impression that there was love behind this place, but also a great dark warning: do bad things that you know are wrong, and you'll spend a lot of time making it up to yourself.

Another impression I got was that he felt as if the persons that he'd wronged in life were watching him. Yes, there was a horrible feeling of being watched by vengeful eyes and listened to by angry ears. Lastly, this place was almost deafeningly silent, apart from the man's own breathing and heartbeat - and the occasional slight avalanche of tiny pebbles. And there were no stars in the black sky.

A wasteland...

Is this hell? Or maybe some type of purgatory? It all depends on your religious and spiritual beliefs. Maybe the person who submitted this story is just making it up. Again, it's your call.
You can read more of her amazing posts on her blog: Dead Coversations.


David Amulet said...

Interesting story. This version of hell makes a lot more sense than some Dante-like carnival of flames and myriad tortures. And in some ways, it's much more bleak.

-- d.a.

DLAK said...

As Sam once said "Hell dont impress me, I've been married...".

siren said...

The Phoenix once told me he has been to's spelled "DMV" :-)

It's an interesting concept, with "hell" being a self-imprisonment of sorts. I never bought into the traditional fire and brimstone.

Congratulations on your 10,000th hit, Phoenix! Does the person that was the 10,000th visitor get a prize?

The Phoenix said...

Yeah - the person DOES get a prize. I just gotta figure out how to get the coupon for a free Dairy Queen Blizzard shipped to Ticino,Switzerland.

I would many ways, it's much more bleak. He is in limbo not because of the bad things he's done, but because the guilt is too much. The guilt is keeping him from progressing after death.

Sherri said...

That is terrible, a self imprisonment in hell.

So interesting!! Great post.

the weirdgirl said...

Scary! And a version of hell that seems much more likely somehow. It seems like in many of these stories the spirits are "trapped" in one form or another.

Tasa said...

This seems more like a purgatory than a hell. But its still scary nonetheless. A lot of people think of either being peaceful and content in heaven or tortured in hell - but not a lot of people think of purgatory. =\

hm I'd like too read more of that sometime ^^

Grafs said...

I tend to think that one can self imprison themselves in hell whenever they choose. I know this sounds cliched, but it's true. Of course, not knowing that you are dead would tend to trap you a little, def. I think this is where ghosts come from.

Crazy Dan said...

Why did you go and have to scare the shit out of me? I didnt do anything to you, I am goign to go curl up in the fetal postion now.

puremood said...

Interesting. I'm not sure what I think about it tho...

Em said...

Hey - just wanted to say, the "severed web" picture you have is VERY similar to what I saw.. amazing choice :)
Thanks for talking about me on your gem of a weblog!
And don't worry guys, this man did some very horrible things, he didn't put himself in the doghouse for stealing a bike ;)

PS. LOL Dlak.

The Phoenix said...

The concept of hell is a pretty controversial one. Fundamentalist Christians believe hell is where those "damned" souls go. Others don't believe in hell at all. Catholicism believes in purgatory - a place to atone for your sins prior to going to heaven.

I think what this medium experiences is very possible. To me, the scariest aspect is the fact that this man's sentence is self-imposed. No one is punishing him except himself.

big left nostril said...

I haven't posted any responses to your series on "spooky stories" (but I *LOVE* reading them)... the main reason is that I am a very, very, VERY skeptical person. Sometimes I feel this stuff could be real, but other times I feel as if all we are are organisms created by chance, and once you're dead, you're D-E-A-D.

But I remember once seeing this special on TV about people who apparently had "visited" the "other side" -- you know, the typical stuff: tunnel of light, rising upwards, a feeling of complete love, etc. But there was this one person who talked about experiencing a glimpse of "hell" VERY similar to the one you are referring to in this post.

Here's my own personal view of hell, based on nothing but my own intuition and reading I've done in the history of Christian thought:

IF there is a God...and IF we survive death somehow...and IF there is some realm that is, well, not so much a paradise, then I tend to think that:

(a) hell is likely not everlasting painful punishment
(b) hell *could* be separation from God
(c) separation from God may be the worst torment imaginable for creatures such as ourselves.

In that case, yes, a lost wasteland, self-condemnatory, full of regret, loneliness, and spiritual detachment from the SOURCE of everything (namely, God).

There are lots of Christian philosophers who have held the same view: that hell isn't *punishment* per se, but that it is the absense of all that is good and loving.

I don't know what to believe; it's a great mystery. But then, I think life itself is a great mystery. Stepping back from our day-to-day concerns and contemplating our tiny, seemingly insignificant place in this grand universe, is quite humbling.

Wouldn't it be great to think that one day, perhaps, we may get a peek at what is *really* going on?

BTW, again, Phoenix, thanks for your great blog. Your ability to continually find topics of wide interest amazes me. Cheers!

dee said...

very freaky.

ObilonKenobi said...

Turtle, I have probably read something or thought the same things as you have since I also think that if there is an afterlife, the worst form of punishment is absence of G-d's presence. I thinkof it as being furthest away from the fire on a cold dark night, just like that moonscape vision.

Kid Jacque said...

Having worked for a pyschic for the last three years at the Minnesota Reniassance Festival we have had many conversations regarding this topic.

She also has contact with the dead and has many stories similar to this one.

It's possible that Hell is different to everyone. To some, being here on earth is hell. To others, living without a certain person would be hell.

I believe it's a personal and individual thing to all of us however, freaky all the same.

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