Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Ovulating Women on the Prowl

What happened to Diane Lane's character in the movie "Unfaithful." She had a loving handsome husband, a wonderful child, an ideal home. Why did she stray? Was it her French lover's accent? Recent research suggests that maybe she was ovulating.

A new study says sexual attraction and jealousy might be traced to monthly changes in a woman's cycle of fertility.

The report, published in the journal Hormones and Behavior, suggests that women who describe their partners as "unattractive" are more inclined to lust for other men in the days just before ovulation, the Albuquerque based journal reported. Hormones and behavior??? Are there pictures? Study subjects completed questionnaires every day for 35 days in which they assessed their feelings and experiences as well as reporting how their partners behaved toward them.

Along with that, University of New Mexico psychologist Steven Gangestad said less-attractive partners are more likely to show jealous behavior at those times of peak fertility. How convenient. Maybe he knows she's got the wandering eye. Is that possible? Oh hell yes. Gangestad says men who aren’t necessarily tuned in to their partners’ cycles somehow are still aware that their ovulating women might stray. During such times, unattractive men were more attentive and possessive, but attractive guys didn’t shift their behavior, the women reported.

Keep in mind, people, the study didn't attempt to conclude whether these women are inclined to actually act on any lustful impulses, the study clarifies. It simply showed women with ugly mates had a tendency to look at hot alpha males around ovulation time...when they are most likely to conceive.

"As women approach maximum fertility, some biological impulse appears to rouse interest in men with robust, masculine attributes," said Gangestad, who co-authored the study with Matie Haselton, a psychologist at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Women picked guys based on factors that suggested a healthy, more masculine guy likely to sire healthy, robust children, Gangestad added. Women "with stable but relatively unattractive guys are particularly attracted to other men at midcycle. If a sexy guy is the primary partner, they don’t show the effect. This is about the men.”

Hmmm...ugly guys - be forewarned.

The findings of this particular study are not new. Many other studies back up this research. In fact, a study done in 2003 found that the unattractive men also tried to spoil their ladies with flowers, jewlery, and other gifts around ovulation time. It's an ancient ritual embedded in our bodies. Why do you think 7-11 sells roses?

Again, mismatched men - be forewarned. Here are a few celebrity guys that definitely need to be worried:

David Arquette

Sean Penn

Michael Douglas

And most of all...Marc Anthony

Tell me, baby girl, 'cause I need to know...if you're ovulating.


Jim said...

it would explain why UPS drivers are always smiling

Tasa said...

Hm, interesting information. Good read ^^

oh. my blog will be missing for a few days, I am forced to move to pie-conspiracy.COM because "squatters" stole my site when it expired and I didn't re-register it fast enough.

Grafs said...

I noticed that about myself actually. I'll notice a guy I believe to be very hot. When I see him again (a week or so later), I'll be thinking: What WAS I thinking? Bubba is a very manly looking guy, but I think he is cute all the time. But then, that is my job :)

Keshi said...

lol good one again Phoenix!

**As women approach maximum fertility, some biological impulse appears to rouse interest in men with robust, masculine attributes

hmmm I dunno abt approaching fertitlity but I have always admired robust, masculine attributes qualities in a man...;-)

JLO will for sure change Marc for someone brandnew in few years time...no doubt abt that lol!

:P fuzzbox said...

Michael Douglas has to be the most overmatched celeb on the planet. He looks like Zeta-Jones' father. And Jo Lo must be in a constant state of ovulation.

siren said...

Ah..that's why Marc Anthony bought J Lo the millions in jewelry. She's really cashing in on her fertility.

Keshi said...

***And Jo Lo must be in a constant state of ovulation.



Haas said...

Damn now I wish Angelina was still married to Billy Bob

Bruce said...

It begs the question, why the hell did Sandra Buullock marry Jesse James?

SignGurl said...

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SignGurl said...

I have always wondered about this and now it all makes sense!

I wrote this a while ago.

SignGurl said...

I suck with the links (obviously). If anyone cares, here it is: http://signgurl.blogspot.com/2005/11/its-that-time.html

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

Well, it DOES explain a lot.

I NEVER ovulated regularly. And I always seem to find the same guys hot. Lucky for The Peanut King, huh? He's always been my "hottie"....;)

Crazy how that works, isn't it? :)

Eve said...

God, Unfaithful was HOT but frightening. I mean that restaurant bathroom scene?! Diane Lane!!

Yeah, I don't know though. I do not tend to be horny during my ovulation?! By that point, I'm practically already PMSed ;). My lucky husband...~chuckle~

Mojotek said...

So that's why I get so many girls hitting on me? They think my masculine physique will sire robust healthy children? Works for me... :)

Unfaithful was hot... yet definitely scary. That's why I think women's psyches are just nature's little joke on humanity. They say they want attention and stability, but wnat they want even deeper is to have some hot young stud knock them up over and over again... Damn you nature!

Ben Heller said...

Just let me know when Kate Winslet's ovulating.

I'll make my move.

David Amulet said...

Add Britney Spears/K-Fed to your list. Has anyone yet figured out what she saw in him?

-- david

angel, jr. said...

Yeah, I don't get how those guys got those women. For the most part, the women were more successful to begin with and also the fantasy of millions of men.
I'm so glad I don't ovulate.

angel, jr. said...

Yeah, I don't get how those guys got those women. For the most part, the women were more successful to begin with and also the fantasy of millions of men.
I'm so glad I don't ovulate.

Laurie said...

Natural selection. Gotta love it.

The Phoenix said...

Billy Bob and Keven Fed kinda have the same thing going for them - white trash attitude. Maybe some ladies find it irresistable. Others would rather have their men NOT smell like feet.

KC said...

Long ago I was stupid enough to think that other women wouldn't find my chunky bald husband attractive. I was dead wrong. He might not be movie-star handsome, but his intellect and sense of humor are very attractive to women. They are certainly attractive to me.

Dewdrop said...

Ok women have their biological reasons to blame. What explains infidelity and adultery in men?

Jamie Dawn said...

I was always perplexed when I'd see scrawny, down-right hideous looking rock & rollers with super- model women by their side. I think in those examples that money talks more than how handsome the man is. I'm sure those lovely ladies strayed just as much as those rockers did.
I suppose most men are pretty much always "ovulating."

The Phoenix said...

In a nutshell...men are able to fertilize an egg ALL THE TIME. There is no cycle with men. We've got millions of sperm just dying to find an egg...every single day of the month.

Men are biologically driven to impregnate as many different women as possible. The more genetic variance a man can create, the more genetically superior his offspring will become.

Once a woman is pregnant, there is no biological reason to engage in sex at all. Think about all the signs in pregnancy that are meant to be turn offs, such as hair texture changes (hair loses its luster, which is the natural sign of being less healthy - and that's one less attractive visual cue for potential suitors).

A man can impregnate as many women as he has sex with, so a man's libido is not restricted.

That's the scientific perspective.

For the contemporary perspective, try Dr. Phil. Maury would be good, but it's a little low-brow...but entertaining.

the weirdgirl said...

I'm a little offended by all this. Probably because they're ALWAYS trying to blame women's behavior on hormones, as if that's the only thing that drives us! I gotta tell you, I GOT hormones and I haven't noticed that I've lusted after other men when I'm ovulating. (Usually I'm thinking about pantyliners.) And I've never really lusted after men based on personal appearance anyway... it's all about the personality, baby!

Plus, there is still SO MUCH that the scientific/medical community doesn't understand yet, I'm not holding my breath that hormones are the end all answers to everything.

mckay said...

analina jolie must have been ovulating when she seduced bradley. (yep. she's now confirmed she's preggers) what's brad's excuse??

Reiki said...

I knew that women's sex drive heightened during ovulation, but had never heard the rest of that...that they were attracted to more Manly Men. But it makes sense...survival of the fittest. And I am not offended by all this, I plan to use it to my advantage...is that wrong?! ;-) Just kidding, I would never use sexuality for personal gain...

Jim said...

Phoenix -- "There is no cycle with men." <==I thought there were some -- (1) the more you have sex the lower your sperm count becomes, although the only cycle may be a lucky streak;

(2) isn't there an old study that concluded that "anticipation" increases the vigor and number of the swimmers, which is why if you only have sex on Saturday night your beard (stubble in your shaver) will be a little thicker each day until Saturday night finally arrives -- whatever sexual cycle you are on for social (or economic) reasons produces a corresponding potency cycle

The Phoenix said...

I don't believe hormones are the cause of women's behavior...I think hormones are simply the means. Our innate behaviors are deeply imbedded in our genetic make-up.

Again, these base behaviors were helpful when survival was of primary concern, not which celebrity reality show to watch tonight.

Jim, you're right on the money. Also, startling video research has shown that when a man believes it's possible his lady has been with someone else, some of his sperm act as offensive linemen, pushing "alien" sperm out of the way.

It's amazing stuff...to see a sperm cell stop swimming and block the intruder's sperm. Other cells even attack. Talk about "sperm wars."

Many of the things we instinctively do are rooted into the very fiber of our being. Much like a newborn searches for her mother's nipple. Whether it's hormones or not - you can't deny that these behaviors have served the human race well for the past 1.6 million years.

Feithy said...

Yeah, but how are they defining 'unattractive'?

I dunno. This study makes me cringe.

Our hormones are not to blame for our behaviour. Ever. We choose our response to internal stimuli. Women who are ovulating cheat because they want to cheat. The extra boost of 'f-you' to their spouses may be hormonal, but the 'f-you' already existed.

What happened to Diane? As if her choice to cheat wasn't a choice?



Anhoni Patel said...

jim: that was too funny! Hmmm...

"As women approach maximum fertility, some biological impulse appears to rouse interest in men with robust, masculine attributes" - ah, so that explains it. I was beginning to wonder...

The Phoenix said...

Once again, I repeat:

"the study didn't attempt to conclude whether these women are inclined to actually act on any lustful impulses."

So I agree hormones - hormones are NOT the cause of our behaviors. These ingrained and instictive behaviors (i.e. a newborn rooting for her mother's nipple) were necessary for survival a long time ago.

The study DID show a strong correlation between a woman's ovulation and her inclination to look at or be more attracted to the more masculine alpha man. Yes, there is some subjectivity to that, but there is a universal standard concerning what's considered a more fit, robust, masculine male...despite any of the cultural differences or preferences.

What defined the "unattractive male?" His woman's admission during the interviewing process.

feithy said...

Universal standards? Um...no. Attractiveness as a standard is very different from culture to culture.

I wonder, too, how this study would compare with a study done in different cultures, as opposed to having a North American bias, as it seems to.

I'm just sayin'. :)

The Phoenix said...

I understand what you're saying...cultures do have varying "standards of beauty."

However, there seems to be a universal standard for a "more fit, robust, masculine male." I never said there was a universal standard for attractiveness.

Even with the ideal females, researches went across the globe, even to the Amazon jungles, and found despite the varying degrees of difference...the bust/hip ratio of the ideal woman was nearly identical - from America to Zimbabwe - to even the Inuits.

If this study was done in a culture with vastly different standards than Americans', you'd find the same thing:

Women who would objectively describe their mate as physcially not so attractive would find themselves checking out the more robust, fit, masculine hunky men - whatever their standard of such attributes are - during ovulation.

There will never be any sort of scientific excuse for marital infidelity...but perhaps we can gain an understanding of those urges, thoughts, and desires humans have concerning "cheating" and why those basic instincts might have helped mankind survive these last million years on Earth.

If anyone wants a reason for cheating - just watch Maury Povich.

pheromone oil said...

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David Amulet said...

I never thought I would put The Phoenix and Gene Simmons of KISS in the same sentence, but I just did. Gene's book from a few years ago lays out the male spread-the-seed dynamic in much the same way you dis in one of your comments.

(And yes, I just admitted that I read a book by Gene Simmons. I'll expect the indictment soon.)

-- david

The Phoenix said...

Gene Simmons...I don't think he's a real human. I think he's an alien sent down to learn about mankind and create hybrid human-alien babies.

Laura:) said...

OMG, again, I amazed by your post. Excellent!!!! I likely a lot. O wait, I am ovulating.

All this article is saying is when a women gets horny she doesn't want "no short, short man".

Although, I believe a cheater is cheater. When men get horny,they want to do other girls but only the cheaters do other girls.

Same goes for the women.

ObilonKenobi said...

I think I need to start worrying... Of course, my wife thinks Michael Douglas is so very sexy and I happen to think Catherine Zeta Jones is a hottie so we might be matched after all.

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