Monday, February 27, 2006

The Biggest One That Got Away

Last week, video footage of the Lake Champlain sea serpent surfaced and was broadcast on national news. The video was taken by two fishermen, Peter Bodette and Dick Affolter, with their digital camera last summer. These two guys are well known and respected in the community, and they are the furthest thing from "crackpots" many skeptics will want to label them. ABC News was quick to point out these two guys aren't "crazy." I hope they checked the guys' boat for bongs or LSD.

Above is a still from the footage. It's an amazing picture. You can see it's long neck and head. In the footage, you see the thing move, come right up - just below the water's surface, and move away. Amazing!

The creature affectionaly named Champ is a long time mystery in the large New York lake. At the edge of the water, a large sign posts all the official sightings - including the witnesses' names and dates. The Champ legend began in the 1880s when P.T. Barnum offered $50,000 for the capture of Champ dead or alive. Hunters and fishermen hunted for the creature, but no one took home the reward.

The footage is pretty short, but very interesting. You can see a strange wake in the water, and something does indeed come right up to the surface near the boat. The two fishermen describe it as being a serpent for sure, and that it was pretty large and nothing like they had ever seen before in Lake Champlain. Two media experts from the FBI studied the film, and concluded it's NOT a fake. The incredible footage is HERE. YOU NEED TO SEE WHAT THESE GUYS CAPTURED ON FILM! So what did they see?

"It was as big around as my thigh," said fisherman Peter Bodette. "I'm 100 percent sure of what we saw. I'm not 100 percent sure of what it was." "It made my hair stand on end at the time," said fisherman Dick Affolter. "It just didn't fit anything — any creature I had seen."

Affolter said they never saw the entire body. "What we saw always stayed at the surface and parts of it would come above the water, like the back of the nose or the head," he said.

Lake Champlain averages more than a dozen a year sightings of Champ. "There are people who say they've seen something unusual in the lake," said Lohr McKinstry, a reporter for the Press Republican, who has been writing about Champ sightings for more than 20 years. "Some sort of unusual life that shouldn't be there in Lake Champlain. Best guess would be that it is some sort of creature that possibly should be extinct."

Champ, however, isn't the only sea monster that's captivated our imaginations:

Loch Ness Monster: This is the most well known sea creature in the world. Thousands flock to Loch Ness in Scotland, hoping to catch a glipse of Nessie. Recently, a man stumbled upon a fossil of a Plesiosaur vertebrae set in limestone. This is a significant find, since scientists believe if there is a Nessie, it might be a relative of the long-thought extenct Plesiosaur. Pictured left is a famous underwater picture taken recently. At Loch Ness, they've got live webcams set up HERE. I've checked it out, and the only creature I've seen so far was a tourist that gave the camera "the bird."

Ogopogo: Canada's Lake Okanagan is known to the locals as Ogopogo. The sightings date back to 1850 and still continue to this day. The creature is described as a large, dark colored animal with a long neck and a humped back. Ancient drawings of a sea serpent found nearby show that sightings go back even further. Pictured right is a photograph believed to be the ellusive monster. There have been several songs inspired by Ogopogo. Here's an mp3 of ONE right here by a punk band, but I warn you - the song sucks donkeyballs.

Queensland Monster: French photographer Robert Serrec was out off the coast in small row boats with his family and friends on December 12, 1964 in Queensland, Australia. They were in less than 6 feet of water when they noticed a giant snake like creature laying on the oceanbottom. They describe it as a grayish creature with a snake like head, approximately 75-80 feet long. There appeared to be a large wound on the creatures back they noticed before snapping this picture (left). Personally, I think this one's a hoax. Serrec is a Frenchman, and I know if he came upon an 80 foot sea creature, he would've made a "wee wee" in his pants and run away like a little girl.

I wanted to find my own lake monster, so I went to a nearby park. It was a man-made lake, so my expectations were pretty low. Here are my findings:

This is the best I could do. It's no lake monster, but these things are damn mean.

It seems to be relaxing, enjoying the mild weather for late February.

Oh crap, it frickin' spit on me! The bastard!

Can I get in trouble for kicking fowl?

Sneak peak: Yes, dear readers, I am planning on going on another adventure very soon. My experience meeting Bob, the alien abductee, and working to unravel Earth's greatest mysteries has peaked my interest in the paranormal. My next expedition won't require me to be completely cut-off from civilization, as audioblogger gives me the chance to post while on the road. I also plan to announce what exactly I'll be doing.

I'm getting my gear ready, including my Axim X-30 with GPS adapter. I've also thought about buying a flare gun, but my better judgment had me decide otherwise. Stay tuned for my upcoming announcement!


LostInTX said...

OMG- you cracked me up with that duck. They can be mean sob's though.. especially when they are used to getting bread and stuff from folks. If you don't provide they come after you!

Can't wait to hear about your next adventure!

Kid Jacque said...

The duck is cute even if it spit on you... (eeewwww)

Good luck on your next big adventure! We all look forward to your story!

Bruce said...

That duck looks like a hoax to me. Everyone knows that they all wear sailor suits and walk upright...

DaBich said...

Ever have roast duck? I hear it's yummy...

Karen said...

Your duck looks a lot like our Canadian geese. Heard the first one a couple days ago, a sure sign of spring.

The Phoenix said...

Lostintx, Those Canadian geese are extremely mean. They are nasty creatures.

Day Dreamer and bruce, ducks are cute. Canadian geese are rats with wings.

dabich, I've never had duck. I've passed on it every time.

karen, they never left Missouri. Unfortunately.

Looks like this post has become the goose/duck post. Did ANY of you guys click to watch the amazing Champ Sea Monster footage?????

Jamie Dawn said...

Oh, yipppeee! Another road trip! Can't wait!

That ABC news video was very interesting. That creature is real, but like the guy said, he doesn't know what it is. It would be so neat if it really was some kind of "extinct" creature.

You scared that poor duck.

The Phoenix said...

I'm NO duck hater. I love ducks.

Canadian geese are Satan's pets, however.

:P fuzzbox said...

I am looking forward to the audio updates on your next big adventure.

the weirdgirl said...

OMG, I had no idea that there were other lake monsters. Though it makes sense, in a way, that if there ARE lake monsters (left over dinosaurs) there would be more than one left in the world. That footage was unreal! Is that lake as deep as Loch Ness?

Good luck on your next adventure! I'm looking forward to reading about it.

angel, jr. said...

I like ducks. I don't like eating them--never really liked Peking Duck. But I do like them in general. What I don't like is groundhogs.

David Amulet said...

I'll be curious to see what comes of this video. I'm not sure it was Champ, though; I suspect. instead, they found a mutated Elvis.

Or another missing celebrity ... perhaps Ben Affleck.

--- david

Denny Shane said...

wow, lostintx is really gorgeous isn't she? I didn't know you could attract such cool looking people... and to think I was coming here for the exciting adventures.

what DID you even write about today?

Mike said...

Ok, Loch Ness and Lake Champlain are roughly the same distance above the equator, similar climates, etc. Some think it's a sturgeon, but no one is sure. NY has a bunh of deep lakes, all with their own stories. Seneca Lake by Watkins Glen is so deep the bottom is below sea level!! (634 deep, about 100 feet lower than sea level) It supposedly has some huge fish of some sort that is a throwback to the past. No real evidence of that, either.

SuperMoonMan said...

Your duck is definitely at a hoax. At least make it a LITTLE believable.

I wish I could spot a lake monster. I'd catch it and train it to make me breakfast.

The Phoenix said...

Fuzz, I'm new to audio blogging, and I don't aim to use it very often. Just while I'm on the road. I can call in and then post it up here. I'll be entering the realm of podcasting very soon.

Weirdgirl, The idea that there are strange and long-thought extinct creatures isn't really surprising. Lake Champ is pretty huge, and quite deep.

Angel Jr., There you go again with Groundhogs.

David, I think they recently found Brian Dunkleman (the other host that was dropped from American Idol).

Denny, I agree with you about Perdido en Tejas. She's also a great writer.

Mike, Thanks for the info. Sturgeons are so weird looking.

Supermoonman, I think Champ would make you breakfast, all right.

Keshi said...

lol that duck was sooooooooooo funny! hahahaha!

Heard abt most of these sea creatures...creepy!! If I was in a boat and witnessed one of em, I'd have passed out in the boat!


siren said...

That picture is pretty amazing...I haven't been able to watch the footage yet, but will soon :)

If I saw something like that in the water, I'd probably keel over. I hate snakes and anything that resembles snakes.

TNChick said...

Beautiful creatures but I agree they can be mean!

Curare_Z said...

I watched the footage. I am how little there was to see from these "not crazy" fisherman. It looked like a Bass pulling a fishing line...not Champ.

But, that being said, I believe it Champ. I also believe I can fly.

LBseahag said...

This makes me glad I don't have a lake nearby...

Your world of knowledge makes me wanna be a better man...i mean woman...

Eve said...

THat's why NW Girl stays on land babyyyyyy

Ben Heller said...

Mr Phoenix,

Fare thee well in thine quest for alien altercation.

Forget these bunkum Sea Serpent tales. We want more on Bob !

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

Anal Probes III???


David Amulet said...

Curare: I also believe you can fly. When you are thrown out a window, that is.

(You didn't mention flapping ...)

-- david

KC said...

You Photoshopped those ducks, didn't you? Because really, they are sweet creatures and you've made them look so mean and nasty.

I haven't had a chance to see the video yet. Gotta do that from home. Damn work computers don't allow video or sound.

The Phoenix said...

keshi and siren, I think I would pass out as well. I freak out just seeing a giant catfish.

TNchick, I really hate Canadian geese. I've been attacked by them so many times, I'm beginning to think they are holding a grudge against me.

curare, the video camera was unable to capture all the movement and such because of the glare from the water surface. The human eye is capable to seeing much more in that situation.

LBseahag, but you are a better woman!

NW Girl, You're going to San Fran, and I remember having to fly over the bay in order to land. Good luck with that.

Ben, Unfortunately (for the time being) I won't be speaking with Bob. I hope to do a follow up down the road, but he doesn't want to discuss his abduction anymore.

Stacy, Nope, no more anal probes in the forseeable future. Hopefully you'll find my next adventure equally as entertaining, yet educational.

David, that would make a great science experiment. However, I got a C- on my physics test on projectiles.

KC, Like I said. I LOVE ducks. Ducks are so cute. Canadian geese are evil. I hope you get to see the video soon. Tell me what you think!

ozymandiaz said...

Hey Phoenix, great post. I want to let you know I've blog rolled ya. I meant to previously but cannot be held accountable for my mental lapses.
I love how it is continualy pointed out that these are respected member of the community and not crazy fisherman (is that redundant?). If I recall, the photo taken of Nessy that was so famous was by a respected community leader. It turned out to be a hoax. Moreover, what if the film had been made by crazy folk would that mean what was recorded would have been any less legitemate?
As for the other creature you supposedly took a picture of, I have heard of "duck" sightings before. Everyone knows some crackpot who has "seen" a duck or had an encounter. I aint buying. No way some creature with a bill could survive evolution. I mean you try to pass some questionable stuff off but that one is unbelievable.
Speaking of believable, the story of the interview your doing, now that I CAN buy.
Good luck.

BrianAlt said...

Ya know, evolution is a funny thing. Why not some creature that swims just under the surface of the water.

Mojotek said...

Wow... the video was 'almost' creepy for me. If it had broke the surface of the water at all, then I would have been a little more creeped out.

Jamie Dawn said...

I'm wondering why those fishermen didn't just harpoon the thing.

Sherri said...

The duck was hilarious!! Love it!

at the Lake said...

duck + flaregun = fun

mrshife said...

Good luck on your adventure into the unknown. I hope you can find Tupac or Elvis.

The Phoenix said...

Jamie, If they had a harpoon on their fishing boat, then ABC News wouldn't have been able to say these guys weren't "crazy."

Sherri & at the lake, Ducks are great. Very adorable. I'd like to shoot Canadian geese, however.

mrshife, you don't know how close your guess is!

Jay said...

One thing's for sure - I won't be swimming in any of those lakes.

cube said...

Again with the sea monsters. Why is any large creature always called a monster?

BTW I must be a duck charmer because they're always sweet to me.

Etchen said...

Canada geese can definitely be mean little suckers.. I think swans might be the evil mosters you are looking for! ;-)
I liekd the footage--esp how they called it America's Loch Ness monster. Is it still called a Loch Ness monster if it is is Lake Champlain?

Fuckkit said...

You need a flare gun, you just don't know it yet.

Anhoni Patel said...

Lake Champlain is in NY? dude that's totally not Champ. How long do they think is this thing's life span anyway?? It's obviously Champ Jr.

Rocky said...

Very nice piece on lake monsters, Phoenix. The footage was pretty cool.
The small lake in Minnesota where my parents have a cabin was also rumored to have some sort of large beast lurking beneath the surface. Then they found out it was just me out for a swim...

Anonymous said...

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Keep on Blogging!!!

Dirk the Feeble said...

Well I think a flare gun's good to have just on general principal.

I don't know about this monster business. I think I will go snorkeling in the lake in order to verify it for myself.

Lars said...

Ufo? yup, I agree.. check

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