Friday, April 7, 2006

Episode 3: The Avian Flu Special

412 downloads! Thanks so much for listening.
:P fuzzbox was also my 40,000th hit over the weekend.

The Phoenix Podcast
sheds light on the Avian Flu. What is it? What's going on? And what are scientists doing to help prevent the possible human pandemic? Good information, some entertainment, and great music...

Episode 3: The Avian Flu Special (Approx. running time, 14.25 minutes)
-Recent vaccine trials are disappointing
-German cat dies of bird flu
-Interview with Harold, the chicken
-The avian flu facts
-Horse antibodies to save the day?
-Fellow blogger Lon Cohen's thrilling novel, Erosion
-Phoenix Podcast Hotline messages from Lon and Angel Jr.

Music Credits:
Podsafe Music Network:
DJ Topshelf "The Edge of Illusion"
Briareus "Archetypcal Desert"
Monkeyshine "This Dog's Fer You"
Deidre Flint "The Avian Flu"
Subtronix "Reason Four"

C|net Music:
Naked Skin "Emptyness" and "Life After Death"

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Will said...

Awesome. Will check it out ... and maybe I'll leave a message sometime.

Reiki said...

glad to see you back online... hope all is well...

Laurie said...

Better hook up the ipod and download!

Methinks there's a lot of hype involved with this bird flu. The media loves a good scare story, you know?

I'm not saying that we shouldn't be a little worried, but there's no need to panic and start stocking up on Tamiflu.

Jamie Dawn said...

The podcast was informative with some humor tossed in to keep it lighthearted.
That chicken you interviewed was star quality.

Just the thought of a pandemic is terrifying, but since there's not anything that I can do to cause it or prevent it, I will just try and not worry about it.
I'll let the science & medical geniuses worry for me.
I'm so glad there are much smarter people in this world than me. Not that I'm an idiot or anything.

The Phoenix said...

will, that would be great to not only hear your voice, but broadcast it across cyberspace!

dear jane, thanks...I'm beaten but not down. Very beaten.

laurie, it's scary as it is - and the media doesn't help by fanning the flames. Tamiflu might help, but it's not a true vaccine against the avian flu.

JD, thanks for listening and leaving a comment on my podcast site as well. If a pandemic strikes, dogs will rule the world.

Rooty said...

dogs alreadt rule, have you not been paying attention?

Sar said...

Ooooh another podcast - yippee! Are you really inviting people to call and leave messages? What kind of messages? (*embarrassed at the thought I might have missed the obvious*)

Also, I wanted to extend my thanks for the birthday greetings, Phoenix, much appreciated. :)

The Phoenix said...

You can call the podcast hotline and leave me a nice "hello" or give me suggestions or whatever you want. When you listen to Episode 3, you'll hear two messages I received from fellow bloggers at the end of the show.

Cari said...

Finally using a different computer and am getting the whole spectrum of "The Phoenix" blog, very original. I like it.

Thanks for the enlightment about the Bird Flu.

Karen said...

phoenix~ i see another podcast which i will look forward to listening to in the later morning hours... i will return.

Ben Heller said...

Bird Flu has now arrived in the U.K. It's official.

:P fuzzbox said...

Cool podcast.

Keshi said...

I hope this bird flu goes away for good! I hear too much of it these days and it's made me hate chicken now :(


The Phoenix said...

Rooty, My dogs rule this house, that's for sure.

Cari, That's great. I'm glad you can listen now. It's a departure from my first two episodes, mainly it doesn't mention Bigfoot at all.

Karen, I hope you enjoy it.

Ben, It's in Europe...and the fear is now it's on it's way over to North America.

Fuzz, Thanks buddy.

Keshi, Unless you eat raw chicken, you won't get it from them. Handling infected chickens is the only way to get the avian flu right now.

Jay said...

Honestly, it's creepy the things I learn here.

DaBich said...

OK, what did I miss here? You're down, but not beaten? Have you been ill with bird flu>?????

angel, jr. said...

Loved the chicken interview. Wonder if I can have coffee with him sometime, just to ask why he really crossed the road.

james said...

People are dying in Europe.

PDD said...

Okay I have to check this out but of course I would have to do it from home. As you are already aware, I am dealing with shit up to my ears.

Karen said...

listened to the Avian Flu Special on media player, loved the chicken!

Phats said...

I feel like such a tard I still have no clue what a podcast is.

Bird flu freaks me out just like west nile did. I played tennis all the time outdoors I pretty much took baths in OFF with deet haha

Jamie Dawn said...

Bird flu or bird flew? Crazy, huh?
I really should lay off the vodka in the middle of the day.

The Phoenix said...

miss jay, what - that I can interview a chicken??? I guess that is pretty creepy.

dabich, I got laid off last Monday. It sucks.

angel jr, Thanks! I dropped my digital recorder on his beak, but he was a sport about it.

PDD, yeah - your saga continues. Tell me what you think when you're done listening.

karen, Thanks. I'm glad you had no problems listening to this podcast. That 2/3 so far!

phats, no problem. Think of a podcast being a radio show, but broadcast on the internet. What's great is that you can subscribe to podcast through several avenues (like iTunes if you have an ipod, or PodAmigo) and your computer or mp3 player will download the latest episode of your favorite shows automatically.

It's wonderful, and it's a creative way to suppliment blogging. Producing a good show is a pain, though. I hope you'll hit that red Podomatic button and give me a listen.

JD, that might be a great idea. The bird flew and got the bird flu. But then fell down the house's flue.

Etchen said...

40,000 hot?! Wow! That's relaly awesome-congrats!

mrshife said...

Will birds still taste like chicken if they have the flu?

Big Pissy said...

I was already scared. I'd been reading articles on line and in the newspaper. Then I read the Vanity Fair article....

LOVED the interview with the chicken~such an insightful bird!

Wonder if he'd like to hang out with Mr. Mandingo? Just as friend, of course!

Keshi said...

yep thats right...I heard that if u cook the chicken well, u wont catch it...


The Phoenix said...

etchen, Thanks. It seems like yesterday I was hoping to reach 1,000.

mr.shife, I don't know...and I hope NEVER to find out.

big pissy, I hope you enjoyed the podcast. I think Harold might molest Mr. Mandingo. It's worth a try.

keshi, Yeah - cooking the chicken will kill the influenza. Like I said, I'm not going to test out tha theory, though.

Phats said...

So you're saying you'll buy me an Ipod if I listen to your show? haha cuz that's what i got haha!

The Phoenix said...

phats, I knew you had a trick up your sleeve.

DaBich said...

Ewww...that really sucks green slimy pond scum being laid off. Hope you either get called back or start your own The Phoenix Talk Show!!

BrianAlt said...

I got it on my iPod. I'll be listening to it on the plane ride home.

ozymandiaz said...

The true death of us all, the one that will eradicate the human presence on this planet, will be vaccinia, altered many times to assist in the war on disease. It will be one hundred percent communicable and will progressively mutate. It will be driven by a class of designer viruses we, as humans, will unleash on one another as silent assassins. Think about it, millions of viruses, each one designed to kill one person (reacting to that persons specific genetic code), each one %100 infectious, commingling in the Petri dishes of our bodies, mutating into an unstoppable killing machine…

Phats said...

First chance i get I will listen to your podcast I promise!

Keshi said...

** Like I said, I'm not going to test out tha theory, though.

lol no ways!


The Phoenix said...

dabich, my own talk show would be so cool. Yeah, being laid off sucks.

brianalt, I hope you enjoy it.

Ozy, the U.S. government has been storing such a virus. I have several contacts that have seen the petridishes personally.

phats, cool. You won't be a podcast virgin anymore.

keshi, I'll stick to cooked everything.

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