Monday, April 3, 2006

Indigo Children, Or Hyperactive Brats?

There is a New Age movement that believes children born in the last 20 years are incredibly special. In fact, many children born in the last 8 years are what they call, indigo children (or crystal children). These indigo children possess special gifts, and they represent a higher form of evolution for human beings. They are seen as a gift to The Earth, something special to help elevate our global consciousness and begin a New Time in human development.

Sounds pretty far out there, huh?

What is an indigo child? The reason why a special child is labelled indigo is because of the prevailing blue hue their auras have. This represents a highly developed "third eye." Lee Carroll and Jan Tobler are the most visible proponents of the indigo children's existence, have come up with a list to identifiy such special children. Some of their characteristcs include:

- They come into the world feeling like royalty, and often act like it
- They have difficulty with absolute authority
- They won't do mudane things like wait in line
- They are often seen as anti-social unless they are surrounded by other indigo children
- They get frustrated with tasks that require no creativity
- They are not shy in letting you know what they need

I'm going to inject just a little bit of grounded reality for a second. The above descriptions sound like they're describing a creative, outgoing, and independent kid. And if you generalize, those attributes can be related to almost every child.

Indigo children experts say that many of these exceptional kids are misdiagnosed as having Attention-Deficit Disorder or even Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. They also want parents to stop medicating their kids, despite what their medical doctors are telling them. With this, I tend to agree. Having been a teacher, I do believe we medicate too quickly.

So, what are some of these extraordinary abilities indigo children have?

They are highly intuitive. Indigo children apparently have the ability to almost read your mind, and they are very sensitive and empathic of others. They are wise beyond their years, often speaking like adults and finding new and creative ways of doing things. Many indigo children have the ability to heal others. Parents say their indigo child is a natural master, often mastering tasks with incredible ease. Indigo children have also been known to talk about past lives, angels, talking to spirits, and even predicting the future. I feel like hugging a crystal now.

Because indigo children are so gifted, they often have a difficult time in an average school setting. They don't see the point in doing a lot of the school work, they don't take direction too well and often rebel against authority. They are bored at school and have problems interacting with "average" kids. Indigo children are frustrated in the traditional classroom setting, and parents believe that's why doctors label their kids as having ADD, ADHD, or even behavior disorders.

Parents often homeschool their indigo children, and there is a growing number of "alternative" schools out there. The traditional education system has discounted the metaphysical aspect of the indigo phenomena, and instead attribute it more to social trends (i.e. student-centered learning) and having to simply deal with exceptional children that do need to be challenged.

As far as parents who claim their kids are indigo children, I see two main psychological reasons why they might be doing this and getting involved in the indigo movement:

First of all, there is a growing number of people that are breaking away from traditional religious institutions, but keep their spirituality intact. Indigo children come from these "New Age" parents, and Mom and Dad probably encourage indigo-like behavior. For example, a child may have an imaginary friend, but the parents will attribute that to the kid talking to an angel and talk about it with their child as such.

Secondly, what parent wouldn't want their child to be labeled as special - or part of a new evolution of humankind? You've come across doting parents, I'm sure. Their child can do no wrong and everything their little tyke can do it "special."

And if their child is having problems at school, it's preferential to say your child is an indigo, part of a higher consciousness of existance, then to say your kid cannot pay attention in class. Who likes to admit their kid might have ADD or ADHD? It's easier for a parent to say their child is exceptional and gifted instead of admitting their child has a behavior disorder or attention issues.

At this stage, there still has been absolutely no scientific and verifiable piece of evidence to support the indigo children's claims. Educators must provide outlets for exceptional kids - indigo or not. But at the same time, parents must not be so quick to label their own children as mystical and powerful beings either, as much as they'd like to. They must at times concede that their kid, at the very least, is a spoiled brat.

So the next time you're out at the mall or grocery store, and you see some three year old throwing a tantrum on the floor, just keep in mind that they are probably an indigo child...and that even higher beings can throw hissy fits.


the weirdgirl said...

I KNEW I was special! (Though a little old) and they told me in school I was failing 'cause I was LAZY!

Seriously, I know a gal who's into this stuff. She's a life coach in the UK. Last time she visited she called another friend's little girl an "angel child". The little girl's mother looked at our new age friend and asked, "Are you sure she's not just a brat?" It had been a trying day.

(It's strange how I know all these people, hmm? I probably shouldn't admit this, but once I got a picture of my aura taken. It was Skittle colored! Taste the rainbow!)

Curare_Z said...

Do indigo children also listen exclusively to the Indigo Girls?

Cari said...

I have a problem w/ authority also...hahahah

hmmm...maybe I need to get tested. Do people only have this when they are born, or is it something that happens w/ time?

DaBich said...

I was reading this, and I was thinking..."What the hell? What are they gonna come up with next to explain bad parenting?"

The Phoenix said...

WG, a LIFE COACH? You probably know all those people since you live in California. That the New Age haven.
As far as auras go...I actually believe in that.

curare, Yes...nothing but Indigo Girls. And they love Home Depot...wait, I think I'm talking about lesbians.

cari, The belief is that these children are born indigo because they are the next step in evolutionary progress. It's God's plan.

dabich, How about Crimson Parents? You know how our faces turn red when our kids make us angry or embarassed.

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

Yes, but they can still be smacked on the ass like when we were kids, right???

Damn straight!

The Phoenix said...

Indigo kids have crimson asses!

Kid Jacque said...

I have heard in the past that these Indigo children are or could be a product of breeding with an alien race. Now I don't know if this is something that some crazy person dreamed up on Coast to Coast but I do recall this explination.

I know quite a few children with ADHD and I would hesitate to call them 'Angel Child' however, I do call on the angels when I'm playing with them. I need all the paitience I can get. he he he

I'm teasing of course because they are not as bad as I'm letting on. One of the kids that I know that is ADHD has a unbelievable intellect and her lack of ability to focus is mostly because she is bored. If she is occupied with something that holds her interest she is perfectly calm.

Interesting read Phoenix! Love it!

angel, jr. said...

It's like you said, the description can fit almost every child. Like horoscopes, it's too vague.

:P fuzzbox said...

Sounds like psyco-babble to me. Although I do agree that docs are too quick in medicating children.

Perplexio said...

I thought Indigo Children were the adopted progeny of the lesbian folk rock duo, The Indigo Girls. I believe their children were born within the last 20 years too (possibly even within the last 8), so would that make those children even MORE Indigo than the average Indigo child?

Or is this possibly just overzealous parenting by said lesbian folk-rock duo? Were these Indigo children treated to healthy doses of Lilith Fair concerts/festivals at a young age or even prior to their birth... attending said concerts while in their mother's wombs? Is that what makes them "Indigo Children"?

Or maybe it's just a ploy of gay couples who have adopted or lesbian couples who have sired (via artificial insemination) children within the past 8 years to try to make the children of non-gay couples to seem inferior by comparison. After all, "Indigo" is one of the colors in the beloved rainbow flags and windsocks on prominent display in many gay communities....

Things that make you go hmmmmm....

Fated said...

makes you wonder if it's all about status and so badly wanting a child that is special or if there are true indigo children.

KC said...

Sure... all children born in the last 20 years are special. My son is even more special than they are. hee hee. Just kidding. We all want to think that our child is special in some way that makes them stand out from the others.

My son doesn't suffer from ADHD. He only suffers from teenage laziness. He won't clean his room. He waits to do his homework until midnight the night before it's due. He will only shower if I get on my hands and knees and BEG him to. Still, he's one of the brightest people I've ever met. He's in all advanced placement classes; makes straight A's and rarely studies.

Does any of this make him special? I've never seen his aura, but he is certainly special to me.

Jennifer said...

I think every parent wants to see their kid as "special", I've even had my moments as my kiddo excels in music and language at the age of three, compared to her cohorts.

HOWEVER, she's smart...but she can't grasp potty training. That brings me back to earth and I'm reminded that by the age of 10, all kids will have caught up to one another and fall nicely on the curve somewhere.

I do think that teachers are too quick to medicate. Its often the teachers who "diagnose" kids in the classroom, and go right to the parent. This annoys me, especially for someone trained in psychology. I think its more a matter of sloppy parenting, and a teacher with tied hands.

Jay- I have to know what that show is called. Its on your sidebar for the podcasting thing. I watched it in grade 1/2 and maybe even 3. I ran around with a white sweater tied around my neck and jumped off shit to try and fly. I loved that show. *sigh* Memories.

The Phoenix said...

day dreamer, I heard about the indigo being a result of genetic manipulation by aliens. I'm not even going to GO there!

angel, yeah. I think a ton of kids can be a lot of those things. All kids are special to me (not to quote Michael Jackson).

fuzz, like I said, parents want to believe their child is some chosen prodigy. Me...I just want my kids to make friends and treat others with kindness.

perplexio, Overzealous gay couples with children...that's a talk show topic right there, and one I'm not going to touch. Like the 'wiseguy' profile pic, by the way buddy.

fated, to be honest, I am really on the fence. I do believe there are children that are natural born prodigies...the ones that write musical scores by age 3 and such.

KC, everyone that reads your blog knows how much you love The Boy. I love the Teenage Laziness bit there. Maybe we can call those kids Orango-Glo children.

Jennifer, yeah - I always consulted the school psychologist, as I was not qualified to make such diagnoses. I was qualified to report my observations and such, but never diagnosed a kid myself.

The cartoon off to the side is from when I was 5 and 6 years old. It was called "Battle of the Planets." The group there was called the "G-Force." I grew up watching this show, and their spaceship was called The Phoenix.

Sherri said...

My youngest is smart, very smart. It kind of scares me, in a way. He's 3 years old, the other day he hads me a set of keys and says "for your behicle mom, your behicle". (He was trying to say 'vehicle'.)

As for the ADD & ADHD stuff, I so agree about the medication. The school was dead set that my oldest son had ADHD. The school ended up doing a full psychological evaluation on him, it was terrible. For days he had to meet with a psychologist while she studied him and gave him tests. I was even told I had to take him to his dr. and have testing done for ADHD.

In the end, it ended up that he was just as smart and capable as every other kid his age, he just didn't apply himself. Which was exactly what I had stated in the beginning. Shoot, I still get mad when I think about all that turmoil we went through.

BrianAlt said...

I've heard about this movement.

What I find remarkable is, all of the children of the parents that believe this crap are "indigo". I'd have a much easier time believing it if a parent said, "I know that there are indigo children, unfortunately my two brats are not!" Ha! Like we'd ever hear that!

As if any of this shit was new? There were always kids that had problems concentrating at school!

Oh, and about the previous post, you started out about autism and then took it a different direction. There's a question as to why autism is on the rise. Perhaps it's because more children are being diagnosed with it? Perhaps not, I'm not sure.

But the two things in common here are that I feel that parents WANT their children to be labeled in some way. They want to be able to say their child is special, needs special attention, needs to be in a special program, needs to learn differently.

Sorry, I'm in a bit of a foul mood, but I must ask, what the fuck is wrong with us?

Perplexio said...

Speaking of the Indigo Girls they did that one song that alluded to Occam's Razor:

"one should not increase, beyond what is necessary, the number of entities required to explain anything"

and then look at these lyrics to their song Least Complicated:

"What makes me think I could start clean slated
The hardest to learn was the least complicated"

I don't know for sure but it would seem if the Indigo Girls are down with the whole Occam's Razor thing, they probably find this whole Indigo Children thing to be complete bunk.

Jim said...

Lee Carroll and Jan Tobler have never been to a Wal*Mart on a Saturday

Jamie Dawn said...

Oh, good grief!
That list of "traits" sounds like most little kids I know. They are spoiled, want their own way, and rebel against anyone telling them what to do.

I think I was an Indigo Child, but then my parents knocked it out of me. I prayed for my great-grandmother once when she was really sick, and she got better and lived for another fifteen years. See... I was a healer too!!

I'd say that if these supposed Indigo Kids were properly disciplined, they might lose some of their other-worldly qualitites.

I suppose Indigo Kids hate the word, "No."
And, they probably strut around the house like they rule the place, which I'm sure they do. (It's that royalty factor you listed.)
These kids are special all right!!

Ben Heller said...

Now when I hear any teenager say "Nobody understands me !" I know they must be Indigo.

Dirk the Feeble said...

I thought indigo children were gay, like the Indigo Girls.

Karen said...

indigo children... Wow Phoenix, it never ceases to amaze me what I learn from you!

Jay said...

Sounds pretty fruity to me :)

Tai said...

Can I be a Indigo adult?

I'm pretty sure my 'trouble with authority figures' should qualify me highly!

Will said...

This indigo children things sounds like some scientology. I don't know enough on the numbers to have an opinion on whether ADD children are medicated too earlier. Having been diagnosed with ADD at the age of 9, I can speak to the benefits of medication.

Denny Shane said...

I never knew what was wrong with me. It's so clear now, I am an Indigo Child. Yes! I can't wait to go to my shrink and tell her what I have discovered.

I am proud to stand up and cheer: I IS INDIGO!

Mimi said...

Docs do sometimes medicate to much and too quick, but geez!
I think if tv was not a babysitter, and if some parents would change their parenting ways, the indigo kids would drastically decline in numbers.

Tasa said...

This is a load of crap o_o;;
It sounds like an excuse for children to be the brats that they want to be... like the unruly stuck up, snotty kids in my city. Ugh. No matter what people say, I know my kid will be special, but they're still going to learn to be civilized and polite. I dont care if they're "higher" beings, they're doing their homework.

However, I agree that we medicate for "ADD" too easily, my friend is just lazy and never does her homework, therefore her doctor gives her all these pills for ADD... but she still doesnt do her work.

Keshi said...

I guess it's just terrible parenting lol! The big kids who r now parents who lack the patience, time and the strength...thats all :)

**and that even higher beings can throw hissy fits.

u mean the parents? lolll!


The Phoenix said...

Af far as diagnosing ADD and whatnot, I believe that it comes down to observing a child's behavior and then getting a thorough evaluation.

But anytime human judgment is involved, you run the risk of a mistake.

I do believe many times, we turn to meds too quickly. However, after careful evaluation and consultation with a medical doctor, the right medication can make all the difference in the world.

David Amulet said...

This is just another way for parents to not take responsibility for their kids' bad behavior.

As for me, I was a Cornflower Child.

-- david

DaBich said... kids knew better than to push me too far, if I turned red, they ran LOL

Kay said...

By any chance, did you get the term "Indigo Child" from CSI the other night? You know... the one about a genius kid that may or may not have actually committed a crime that her idiot brother was being tried for. Her mother called her an "Indigo Child."

Wow. I watch way too much TV...
Definitely not an Indigo Child.

cube said...

My diagnosis is...BRATS. Their parents are overly indulgent.

Will said...

I agree with you, Phoenix.

WonderGirl said...

I heard this term on CSI the other day, and wondered what it meant. But I was too lazy to look it up.

So thanks! You make sitting around on my butt so much easier.


PDD said...

I find this hysterical because years ago I used to say "I am an Indigo Child! I am an Indigo Child! Hear me roar!" knowing full and well what it all entailed. (I was also kidding around of course, but no one knew that, and I don't think anyone knew what "Indigo Child" meant.)

My friend Genet can confirm this.

This is too funny!!

Phats said...

Children freak me out.

Perplexio said...

Phoenix: Actually this reminds me of a joke (and you can modify it to be a joke about Indigo Children):

Q:How many kids with ADD does it take to change a light bulb?
A:Wanna go ride our bikes?

Maritza said...

I'm way too impatient to scroll through all of your comments to find if anyone referred you to the article/interview in New Yorker magazine about "Indigo" children but considered yourselves referred.

I believe all kids are special, blah blah blah, and maybe some children need to be treated with a little more respect and others with a little more babying to make them happy. Every kid is different but in raising my daughter and heavy involvement with my 10 nieces and nephews, I found that most tantrums were resolved with a milk and cookie break, a bath, a nap, or a cuddle or all of the above. There are no spoiled children, just stupid parents. Oh enough from me.

The Phoenix said...

I had no idea CSI did an episode about an Indigo child. I don't watch it.

I just think too many parents are inconsistent with discipline and give their kids everything they want. Amazing how many kids have no concept of consequences.

Now these same parents want their child to be labeled "higher beings?" Give me a break.

Laurie said...

LOL... I love that post! More like spoiled brats than "indigo".. yep. That definitely sounds like an excuse, not a magical breakthrough.

I agree with you about teachers and parents being too quick to medicate. I would use that as an absolute last resort if one of my sons were to be diagnosed with ADD.

Anyway, I think that I am an indigo adult ;-)

Grafs said...

Wow...I can't wait to have my own. Lemme tell you, though. Discipline is everything. In any case, I see I have some work ahead of me. :)

Jamie Dawn said...

My aura is Neon Pink. I wonder what that means?

The Phoenix said...

Often times, kids are not the's the parents.

Neon pink means you are glowing with beauty and grace.

Lesser_Lumpkin said...

LOL. Hit the nail on the head. I hate the way society is constantly trying to call bad good in this day and age. The kid is not a special indigo child. The kid is a brat in need of some disaplin. OK. In grave danger of soap box. Backing away from the box slowly.

The Lumpy

mrshife said...

I am a turquoise adult but I don't really have any special powers besides making fart noises with my hands.

Amber said...

Not so sure if I believe in the "indigo" stuff. But I do have a VERY vibrant little girl, who by the description, fits most of the criteria.

The teachers at our school have tried to have her diagnosed with ADD/ADHD or some other "diagnosis". We absolutely refused to even accept this might be the case, not wanting to turn our wonderful, full-of-life daughter into a drugged-up, lifeless lump on the sofa.

I will have to go back to the school and tell them that she is an indigo child, and they are just gonna have to deal with her. HA!!!!!

Yawn said...

I could use the secret agency administrator lens to explain this one, but I'd just have to throw out a bunch of disinformation, as Indigo Children are not so much a product of The Agency as a problem we are actively dealing with.

You might notice that the Advent of Indigo Children coincides somewhere around the invention of crack cocaine, and they seem to behave like "crack babies." Just an observation.

phred said...

Yep, Spoiled brats.

I see my grandkids being raised just that way.

It`s a pity...they are great kids.

Their moms are just toooo lazy to discipline them consistantly.

phred said...

My daughters, not daughters-in law.

FantasticAlice said...

I was born without tonsils, and so was my brother... but that is 'bout as special as we get.

Hmmmmm.... trying other hidden talents now.... trying to read phoenix's mind.... getting something.... nope, it stopped.

Not and Indigo child here!

Jillian said...

Ha ha Phoenix - Ohhh wow. No kidding about the Indigo children - I thought it was just something random that you decided to make up.

After doing some intense Googling Search, however, I believe I have come to the same conclusion as you have come to - Indigo children? I mean come onnnnnnn!! ;-)

ozymandiaz said...

And they said all of those so called "polutants" in our environment was harming our children when in fact they are becoming more advanced. I'm taking my kids to the dump...the toxic dump that is...

Reiki said...

I actually do believe the indigo stuff, but even if I didn't, I would much rather perfer to see parents "labeling" their kids with a positive label, than a negative one.


Karen said...

karen ~waves hi~ to phoenix!

delmer said...

I was so convinced that my kids were royalty that I spent a lot of time -- especially the first year but still a lot after that -- carrying them around whenever they needed to get from point A to point B ... assuming point B was more than just a roll away (a crawl away as they aged).

"Darwin's Radio" and "Darwin's Children" are bestsellers (?? why, I don't know) I read (see last parenthetical phrase) in which kids who are the next step in human evolution start popping out. They have moderate special powers.

angel, jr. said...

hey there,
are you on another quest to find UFO's or urban legends? Just wondering where you've been.

phlegmfatale said...

what a steaming pile of shit!

vani said...

it's all in the formula. ;)

Simon said...


Ely said...

I have been reading here on your website, I have been trying to find an answer to my question as to why my 8 year old son acts the way he does. He has been to about 4 or 5 different schools and in all schools he always has problems with the teachers telling him what to do, he get's mad when someone wont do as he says, and in his last school I even had a teacher tell my other son (11 year old) that his brother may have mental issues that if I have gotten him checked out. I see my son and I honestly do believe that he knows what he is doing and he does these things on purpose only because he likes to be in control, he dosen't try to do his work sometimes and just says he dosen't understand it however when he is put to the challange and has to do it he does it just fine. At times he says he's bored of school and he just dosen't like school, I know he is a very smart boy because he comes up with things that you would never imagine, however I don'd know what to believe any more and at this point I am just ready to send him off to some special school where they can deal with his attitude. How do I know what is going on with him? What do I do?
very concerned parent

Daniel Kong said...

indigo kids are just a phenomena, an irrational phenomena (if it is not rational, then irrational).
But there are real special kids, scientifically known as gifted children.

Gifted children are a fact, high IQ with high creativity, etc...

But calling brat with problem with authority, royalty? c'mon, people, you are creating arrogant kids.
The next thing I'll hear is that we'll have to worship them... @@WORSHIP YOUR KIDS, HE'S AN INDIGO CHILD!!

Blacklight said...

LOL! I know what jim means about the whole Wal*mart thing.

One time this very little hispanic girl offered me the green Laffy taffy she was chewing. She did this in spanish while holding it up to me. So I was all "no thanks" and hoped she understood. I wasn't gonna eat A.B.C. candy. But hey, it was generous of her. Maybe she was an indigo child trying to bridge the gap between people and languages by offering me something sweet.
...or maybe she was a brat who was showing off her goodies to me.
Ah well, she didn't sound bratty to me.

But parents, please tell your kids. Don't share your candy if you've already put your mouth on it!

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