Thursday, May 4, 2006

Spring Babies Commit Suicide?

Research out of St. Helens and Liverpool University and the Institute of Child Health at the University College London have found that babies born in the spring and early summer months are more likely to commit suicide when compared to other children born during other times in the year.

What the hell???

They studied 26,916 suicides in England and Wales and discovered that babies born in April, May, or June had a 17% higher risk of suicide than those born in the autumn. Scientists dug a little deeper and found that these Spring babies also had higher incidences of alcoholisim, depression, and other personality disorders that could lead to suicide.

I still don't see the causal link here, or is it just me?

In the past, researchers have already shown a seasonality when it comes to other diseases such as cancer and heart disease. Previous research showed that those with schizophrenia, Alzheimer's, epilepsy, and narcolepsy were born in December than any other month of the year.

Great, I was born in December.

The nearly 27,000 suicides were deaths that occured from 1979-2001, making it the largest and most comprehensive study linking suicide and birth month. Researchers found that females born in the spring had 30% higher suicide rate than women born in the fall. Males born in the springs months had a 14% increase in suicide rates.

Scientists report, "Our results support the hypothesis that there is a seasonal effect in the month ly birth rates of people who kill themselves and that there is a disproportionate exxcess of such people born between late spring and midsummer compared with the other months."

OK, numbers don't lie. And I agree that the numbers are very significant. But why?

Dr. Emad Salib replies, "As the baby is developing, the brain is very sensitive to any change in maternal state, like infections or even temperatures. This can affect the way that cells in the brain are arranged."

Researchers hope that their new findings can help them strategize methods to help those that are depressed and more likely to commit suicide. But understanding the complex biological and psychological factors that lead to such personality disorders, they're one step closer to understanding how to help patients get better.

In related scientific discoveries, researchers concluded that Americans consume more hot dogs in the spring and early summer months when compared to any other time in the year. Perhaps it coincides with BBQ and cookout season for many Americans, or maybe it's from the opening of baseball season. Scientists aren't sure.

Coincidence? I think not. Hot dogs make you want to kill yourself, all this research shows.

Hot dogs lead to suicide.


Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

Crap...I was born in December too.
Not to mention...umm....not to mention that....uh....damn....

I forgot what I was going to type....


ozymandiaz said...

You're right, numbers don't lie but they don't tell the truth either.

BrianAlt said...

Death by hot dog! Frankenchoker? Bratdeath? Die Wienermaus?

Oh who knows?

The Phoenix said...

Stacy, I guess us December babies are going to go bonkers eventually. Some sooner than others. What? What was that? Hold on, the "voices" are speaking to me again.

Ozy, Very correct sir. Numbers don't lie, but people do.

brianalt, Die Wienermaus!!!! I love it. That's awesome.

Haas said...

I was born in June... Damn maybe its too late :P

cube said...

What? What? What? I'm not sure what to make of these coincidences.

Remember what coincide is...
what you do when it rains ;-)

angel, jr. said...

I think many of these casual links are found because they want to find them. It's kinda like your horoscope--it applies because you find the link

Jennifer said...

Actually numbers do lie. Have you ever read anything by Stephen Jay Gould? Give a read to his paper called "The Median isn't the message" which talks about statistics in an easy to read format.

You can actually manipulate numbers to tell the story you want it to tell. We actually excercised this in my psychometrics class.

In university I read a paper that talked about babies born in the later winter months (feb/march) were more prone to developing schitzophrenia because their moms got sick with the flu during the third trimester. Some sort of viral link that wires the brain wrong.

Here is a link that basically says everything can cause it during pregnancy:

How....uplifting for a 33 week pregnant woman, who currently has a cold sore!! ARGH!

I do beleive the hotdog theory, I mean who wouldn't want to knock themselves off when being forced to eat lips and assholes for your birthday.

Perplexio said...

100% of all people suffer from statistics.

Yet another example of how numbers can be manipulated to support any fact or fallacy known to man.

A clever enough statistician could probably even provide numerical proof that Canadian prime minister, Stephen Harper, does indeed eat babies as was displayed on Toronto's metropolitan subway system last week due to some overzealous anti-Harper hacker.

Grafs said...

But I LOVE hot dogs! This is a really interesting study actually. I always wondered about how much the mother's behaviors during pregnancy affected the rest of baby's life.

Perplexio said...

PS: I just read Stephen Harper was born on April 30, 1959-- an April birthday! I hope that the techno-grafitti about his fictitious baby-consumption diet doesn't lead him to shuffle loose his mortal coil!

The Phoenix said...

Haas, just stay away from hot dogs man. Don't do it.

cube, wise words for sure.

angel, horoscopes, statistics, indigo children characteristics, faces on's all the same. We look and we find.

jennifer, mathematics is the only thing in the universe that is absolute. It's the whole human perception that messes things up.

Most recently, I'm thinking about the hoopla about child immunizations and autisim. The tiny bit of Mercury has been removed from the MMR shot, and autisim is STILL on the rise.

Perplexio, Harper is an April baby? Then he'll probably eat his own hand first.

grafs, I find the link between mother and fetus to be an amazing area of study. I have seen anectodal evidence concerning emotions and such the mother goes through and how the baby is affected, but studying that has so many other factors, it's never an exact science.

It makes sense to me, however, that a woman that is stressed will release those stress hormones and that DOES affect the baby in utero.

Dr. Cissa Fireheart said...

wow....I think my 5 year old is screwd. She was born in March (on the "cusp" of spring) and she LOVES hot dogs....I'll have to keep a close eye on her....

Sherri said...

Thank God I hate hot dogs!! LOL

Curare_Z said...

Crap. I'm a December baby too. I do falls aleep at the drop of ahat. And I am forgetful. And I do have multiple personalities....

I think Spring babies commit suicide more often because they were conceived during winter's drunken boredom. That's GOTTA effect your brain. ;-)

Jamie Dawn said...

"... found that babies born in the spring and early summer months are more likely to commit suicide"

Where are all these babies who are killing themselves.
How are they doing it?
Are they crawling out into traffic?

KC said...

Statistics schmatistics. Numbers, numbers, numbers.

I leave all this speculation to you. That's why I find you amusing.

The Phoenix said...

cissa, maybe french fries have a balancing effect on the hot dog. Give it a try.

sherie, I'm with you The only time I will eat one is at the ballgame, though. Weird.

curare, I think you're onto something there. Maybe the holiday blues leads to these babies' neurons malforming or something.

JD, death by poopie diaper???

KC, statistics are really funny things. You can really make numbers say anything you want them to.

Jay said...

Wow. My professor used to rant and rave about you.
Causation does not equal correlation.
Gosh. All this time, and I've finally met a living, breathing definition. Golly.

Dr. Deborah Serani said...

I need to read more on that study. That is really unnerving.

Mojotek said...

Hmmm, I'm going with the hot dog theory myself. Who knows what filth in those weiners pass into developing fetuses!

the weirdgirl said...

Damn, now I really want a hotdog. Darn female brains, so susceptible to pictures and birthdays and emotions screwing up the minds of our fetuses.

Now I'm all depressed, must be from my birthday coming up!

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Kyahgirl said...

crap, I was born in April. I might as well just go kill myself now.

Jim said...

does this mean cyanide spam to go along with the cialis spam??

LostInTX said...

Hmmm..I'm a June baby. Haven't wanted to kill myself but I've wanted to kill other people, does that count? I'm still nuts either way, I figure.

I only eat Hebrew National hot dogs.. they are kosher so that means I'm safe right? Riiiiiight.

Fated said...

Hot dog free since 1990 :)

vani said...

great, i just had hotdogs yesterday, and my middle kid was born in may. good times to come.

The Phoenix said...

Jay, I'm a great example of how NOT to do things.

Dr. Deborah, The study goes into great detail, but I just don't take very muck stock into the numbers.

Mojotek, That's the first time I've ever seen "fetuses" and "weiners" in the same sentence.

WG, your hair is on fire...I'd say you got some problems ;)

Kyahgirl, Don't be so hasty. Just stay away from hot dogs.

Jim, You know - I really don't know how readily available cyanide is. On TV, somebody's always poisoning somebody with it. But where do they get it? Grafs needs to answer that for us.

Lostintx, I think you're safe. I'm going to my local Jewish grocer right now!

fated, OK, but when's your birthday?

vani, on your phone, dial 9-1...and just wait for something to happen.

:P fuzzbox said...

Weirdgirl, I would really like a hotdog also.

Karen said...

A hot dog would be the last thing thing I'd kill myself over unless it didn't have mustard and ketchup on it... then I might reconsider!


Jamie Dawn said...

AND, you just HAD to mention hot dogs, didn't you?!
These food posts have got to stop!!
(Of course I put chocolate on mine today, so I am just as guilty.) :)

I'll take mine with relish and mustard, please,
Thank You.

The Phoenix said...

Fuzz, OK - but eat at your own risk.

karen, I also wonder if it applies to turkey dogs. Maybe instead of suicidal, they make you giddy.

JD, two posts in a row about food and behavior...hmmmm....If Bigfoot would just show himself, I'd have more material.

TNChick said...

That makes no sense to me what-so-ever.

Oh shit, I ate a hot dog today. Yikes.

Keshi said...

no ways! I love hot dogs too much to be dead and not being able to eat em lol!

**that babies born in the spring and early summer months are more likely to commit suicide when compared to other children born during other times in the year.

Spring/Summer in which country? :)

Im a June baby...but I was born in Sri Lanka and live in am I still a suicidal bubbz? :(


Phats said...

Well this was certainly an uplifting post

DaBich said...

Darn, even fat free hot dogs???????
Phoenix, you're helping my diet. I'm cutting hot dogs now :/

Cari said...

Oscar Myer didn't tell us about this hot dog fiasco.

David Amulet said...

I recall something a wise professor once told me: "correlation does not prove causation."

For exmaple, it might be statistically airtight that every day I have woken up and immeidately said the word "wombat," there has been a major air crash. High coorelation, but no causation.

But just in case, I never say "wombat" when flying.

-- david

Sar said...

Babies committing suicide? Well thank goodness my window passed since I was born in April.

Happy Friday & Cinco de Mayo, Phoenix - stop by and play "Mi Amgio Blogger"!

Bar Bar A said...

I don't buy the suicide connection...although my best friend was born Dec 21 and killed himself on Dec 18 :(

phred said...

I was born in May and do eat hotdogs.
Am I a high risk case ??
Should I pump my stomach??
I had 2 hotdogs 30 minutes before I read this post...

If only I had known...

starbender said...

No fair! I want 2 study something really stupid for years, and years, and let the government sponser all of it! I don't think the time of yr. One is born has anything 2 do with suicide. Maybe they should, or rather, I should do a study on finances and suicide!
Bet I could find a connection there too!
I just think most of their 'studies' are foolish.

candoor said...

spring baby here, though suicide is the last thought on my mind, there's just not enough time... and hot dogs, it's the spices I love, not the animal parts... they need to make a "hot dog spice" flavor for the spice rack... and numbers... I love numbers like I love babies, they have so much potential, but I wouldn't trust either to drive my car...

PDD said...

Oh boy I am in big trouble. And when I read the spring suicide babies parts to my husband he said, "Make sure you don't get blood on the carpet." lol

The Phoenix said...

Maybe all of you born in the Spring should refrain from eating anything resembling a hot dog.

Karen said...

Haven't killed myself yet but did turn into a Pink Cadillac!


Will said...

I don't really eat hot dogs.

That post was rather depressing.

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