Monday, October 16, 2006

Spooky Story One: A Poltergeist Haunting?

The following spooky "shorts" were submitted by a fellow blogger that wants to remain anonymous. These personal experiences occurred in a house he had lived in as a teenager, and interestingly, most of the spooky stuff centered around his teenage sister too. "Bob" is extremely skeptical, and has always sought to find a simple and reasonable explanation for every single event. But as you'll soon see, many of Bob's experiences cannot be easily dismissed.

We had a small, extra bedroom/sewing room. It was right across the hall from the bathroom and the window looked out across the front yard. I walked past the bedroom one evening and noticed the curtains were open. It was getting dark and crappy looking outside and I decided to close the curtains.

I went into the bathroom, took care of some business, and when I came out the curtains were open.

I had not heard anybody come down the hall but, really, the only explanation was that someone had gone in there and opened the curtains. Why though?

I went back to college (I'd been home on the weekend).

When I returned a few weeks later my mother and I were talking. She asked if I ever thought there was something spooky in the house (and she doesn't believe in stuff like this.)

At the same moment we both said, "The curtains ..."

My sister had been in the same room. She shut the curtains and turned to make the bed. When she turneed around the curtains were open again. My sister also reported that sometimes things would seem to move toward her. They never hit her, but they'd move her way.

The upstairs living room was just above my bedroom. One night I had just gone to bed -- everybody else had gone to bed hours earlier. As I lay there I heard someone walking briskly around the perimeter of the living room. There was no pausing as if they were walking around the furniture and if I had to swear I'd say they were walking against the wall as if the room were empty. The walking started and stopped in the living room -- it had not come from or gone down a hall. The distinct sound of someone walking up against the walls just suddenly stopped. The "person" made two or three laps beofre ceasing.

Several buddies were spending the night and there had been some argument over who would sleep where. The guys all wanted my brother's old bed rather than a hard, uncomfortable floor.

Roy won.

He hadn't been in bed but a minute or two before he complained that the bed was shaking. We told him 'tough shit' as we thought he was joking. As he complained further, we decided he may not be yanking our chain and we turned some lights on and took a look. The bed seemed fine. Out went the lights and we all hit the hay. A minute later Roy was complaining again ...

Roy ended up sleeping on my floor.

These three occurances might have some rational explanations behind them. "Bob" has run through them many times in his head. It seems the more he tries to explain them away, the more he's convinced that there was something else responsible. Experts say that a house's "spiritual energy" is able to manifest itself only with certain occupants. They say teenagers provide the emotional potential from which spirits can draw from. This may be true, but it seems a house seems to come alive for only certain people. "Bob" says that his cousins live in the house now, and they haven't experienced anything freaky. And "Bob" has lived in several apartments and houses since college, and he's never had any supernatural experiences in any residence since.


OnMyWatch said...

"I do believe in spooks, I do believe in spooks, I do, I do, I do, I do, I do!" (cowardly lion)

Great story!

O Ceallaigh said...

I don't believe in spooks, I don't believe in spooks, I don't, I don't, I don't, I don't, I don't. So there. :P

"There is one insuperable obstacle to a belief in ghosts. A ghost never comes naked: he appears either in a winding-sheet or 'in his habit as he lived.' To believe in him, then, is to believe that not only have the dead the power to make themselves visible after there is nothing left of them, but that the same power inheres in textile fabrics. Supposing the products of the loom to have this ability, what object would they have in exercising it? And why does not the apparition of a suit of clothes sometimes walk abroad without a ghost in it? These be riddles of significance. They reach away down and get a convulsive grip on the very tap-root of this flourishing faith." - Ambrose Bierce

And if a ghost can walk through furniture, how is it that it has enough mass to make a pounding on the floor? Wouldn't it go through the floor too?

My bed shakes. It's because it's not designed to hold my weight without shaking. So I should go on a diet already. Or buy a new bed.

Dr. Science sez: When a phenomenon is unexplained, the correct explanation for it is "it's unexplained". Ghosts and Gods need not apply. Those "experts" be damned.

So call me a spoilsport. Anything but "late for dinner" (see "diet", supra). :P.

the weirdgirl said...

I LOVE these stories! Welcome back Phoenix. It is funny how certain people seem to draw more activity than others. But then again I do believe there are places that are straight up haunted.

Do you ever watch that show Ghost Hunters? I could never do that for a living.

Kyahgirl said...

Those are interesting stories. I enjoy getting a little spooked as long as I don't actually have to live with it!

KC said...

I'm glad to see the spooky stories back again! I believe in ghosts. I've never encountered one and I never want to, but I certainly believe they are around.

Isn't blogrolling being weird lately? Unless you actually sign in at their site and "ping", it doesn't show the blog as being updated. Sometimes, even after pinging it doesn't show the correct date. Damn them. It's a good think I check your blog every day just in case you've updated. I wouldn't want to miss it!

The Phoenix said...

onmywatch, I'm a cowardly lion.

o'ceal, I wonder what ghosts eat for dinner.

WG, I love Ghost Hunters. They aim to disprove stuff, so it appeals to a healthy skeptic like myself.

kyahgirl, Spooked from a distance is my preferred method.

KC, Thanks! Blogrolling is proving to be useless. I'm glad you check in everyday. I've been back and forth from here to Pennsylvania. So if you've noticed some hits from PA, that's me!

OnMyWatch said...

no way!

to answer your other question, I'd say ghosts eat *soul* food, or something like spookghetti or chicken cordon boo. :)

kim said...

WOO! I love these tales! Welcome back!

Eve said...

Ahhh, the Phoenix Halloween Scaretathelon!! Eeek!

mad said...

Fortunately for "Bob", no one was spewing thick pea soup and spinning her head around! Poltergeist are OK, so long as they are benign.

angel, jr. said...

I believe him. And I was going to write what Onmywatch said--this is exactly what was going thru my head as I read the story.
I saw a ghost, or my classmate and I saw one. I'm pretty convinced it's what we saw, cause we saw it at the same time.

Jim said...

says booze to me.

bfvdos<-- the version of DOS that never caught on

Mimi said...

Thanks to Bob for sharing. I do believe in ghosts. The human brain is capable of much more than what we use it for. The actual percentage that we use is debated, I have heard 4 and 10%. Whatever energy it is that powers our brains I think is strong enough to live on after our bodies are gone. And I do believe that some people are more likely to feel and see spooks than others.

Phats said...

These kind of stories scare the hell out of me! I am not sure I believe in Ghosts, but I do get spooked easily.

My sister while living in Muncie with her two good friends had an exorcist come to their house to rid it of a ghost.

The Phoenix said...

Bob is skeptical, and if he had not experienced these things firsthand, he would easily dismiss ALL of these occurances.

That's what adds credibility to his perspective. He's a non-believer that now sees these events as interesting and unexplained at this moment.

Grafs said...

I love ghost stories...I believe I may be addicted to Ghost Hunters :)

Keshi said...

Thats eeeerieeeeee!

After we die, the energy remains. That energy can haunt for years.

I believe in em...check my 'Highway Temptress' post mate. I REALLY SAW HER!


Carmel said...

I know that if I saw a ghost or poltergeist, I would die of fright.

DaBich said...

Ooh I love spooky stories! These are great!!

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