Friday, October 20, 2006

Spooky Story Three: Grandma's Goodbye

Most of us have lost a loved one. How many of you have received "signs" from the recently departed? Are these experiences legit? Is there life after death, and do our loved ones try to reach out to those in the world of the living? Or is it simply a way for the grieving to deal with the loss? Perhaps it's an emotional/psychological mechanism we place on ourselves to make the death less painful.

Regardless of your belief, no one can discount the affect such an experience can have on a person. Below is Angel Jr.'s story, a blogger buddy of Shaken Not Stirred. Angel Jr. is the only blogger I have met in person, meeting him at the airport in the mountains of West Virginia. He told me this story, and looking him eye to eye, I know his story comes from the heart.

My grandmother passed away about 14 years ago, although the pain of losing her is still fresh.
I had been told that when a person passes away, they say goodbye in certain ways. The departed might leave "signs" for family and their friends.

I believe after my grandmother passed, she left such signs for us.

My sister had been traveling with the university tennis team. This was before everyone had a cell phone, so she was unreachable. Her team was out of state so she wouldn't be back in her dorm room for several days.

During her tennis match, one of her racket strings broke. When she went to change her
racket, the first thing she found in her racket bag was something that felt like a card. Thinking it was a mushy letter from her boyfriend he might have snuck in her bag before she left, she pulled it out eagerly.

It wasn't from him.

It looked like a Christmas card (it was April at the time). She opened it up, not recognizing it at all and knowing she hadn't put such a thing in her bag. It was indeed a holiday card, and it was signed "love Grandma and Grandpa" in Grandma's handwriting. She felt this sudden feeling of doom, but continued her tennis match. When it was over, she found a payphone and called home immediately.

That's when she got the news Grandma had just passed away that day.

We found it strange that the card was not only in the bag, but literally right on top of her rackets. To this day, my sister has no idea how that card got inside her racket bag.

Another sign had come before anyone even knew Grandma had died. In my parent's home, my father was sitting in the family room with our dog. The dog suddenly began barking at some photographs above our television. My father tried to get him to quiet down, but the dog was
relentless and kept barking. My father followed the dog's eyes to a picture of my Grandmother and Grandfather.

Literally a couple minutes later the phone rang and my father was told the news of Grandma's passing.

During my Grandmother's wake, my family did a rosary vigil. One of my mother's best friends was so shaken by the suddenness of Grandma's passing, she was sobbing and actually speaking outloud. She kept saying over and over again things like "we love you" and "we miss you."

Without warning, her rosary fell completely apart. Her rosary's beads were strung with each bead completely separated from the next by a chain, unlike a string of pearls. Between each bead, there is an independent set of links. One or two rosary beads can fall off with some effort, but our friend's rosary had completely come undone--each bead hitting the floor one-by-one. I remember hearing the beads bounce off the floor and watching them go their separate ways.

It struck everyone as odd, as a rosary cannot break in that manner.

I think that was the last of Grandma's signs.


OnMyWatch said...

wow - another really great story. Thanks for Angel for sharing, and just for the record, I happen to be a believer in that sort of thing and had a few signs of my own.

Bruce said...

I don't know if it was a sign or not, but the fact that the Cardinals got to the World Series just one week after I reprinted the story of my father and the '68 Series is a bit eerie. Maybe he had some hand in it, yaneverknow...

LBseahag said...

awesome! I have goosebumps...

grandma is now in your room watching you undress...

angel, jr. said...

I still say a little prayer daily that I don't receive signs from anyone.
One of my best friends always jokes with me that if he goes first, that he will show me a sign because he knows how freaked out I get.
Thanks Lbsehag--I'm now am a little freaked. How's Jinx?

Jamie Dawn said...

How very awesome! The card really is an amazing thing!!! His grandmother really wanted her presence to be known, and she was probably wanting everyone to know she was okay. The other signs are also amazing. I'd say that three makes these more than just random coincidences.
John Edwards, eat your heart out!

Mimi said...

I do believe that our loved ones can send us message after they pass. My husbands grandfather passed away a couple of years ago and he has contacted a few family members. In one siutation he saved my mother in laws life. She was sleeping and awoke suddenly when she heard him yell her name. She then saw she had a lit cigerette she had dropped when she fell asleep. It was burning her robe which she was wearing, and her newspaper and recliner she was in.

Grafs said...

Neat...Some of the same stuff happened the night my grandmother died. It's like they make the rounds with all of the loved ones or something.

O Ceallaigh said...

Well, as the semi-resident skeptic here, I can conjure plausibles for everything but the rosary beads. And as for those, if that really was a sign, I'm not sure I'm altogether comfortable with its message. "Shut up already"??

With respect to mimi's comment, I will relate one episode. I don't recall the exact circumstances, and if I did I wouldn't be telling you anyway. Sufficient to know that I was real tired (like two days straight awake tired) and stressed out. And suddenly I heard a voice. Calling my name. Real loud.

Needless to say, I was alone. No one around for hundreds of yards.

And nothing happened. No deaths, no accidents, no calamities, I wasn't at risk of incinerating myself. Nothing.

It was a direct and disconcerting example of what the human brain can conjure up. Had it actually been linked to a serious event, I might have been tempted to believe it "a voice from above".

But, nothing happened. Well, actually, one thing did.

I took myself home and went to bed.

Yawn said...

These events have something to do with the universal database, implying that the values of the data that ARE us change somehow with death but don't necessarily default to zeros, which further implies that we have some sort of diminished control over some events within the vicinity of the locations of the data that is us. Make sense? Do some googling on remote viewing and universal database. Here's an article that mentions it too.

I guess the big question is (even though Saturday night Live beat me to it) Can grandma see me when I'm jerking off?

Cari said...

stories like that bring me hope that there is life after death

yes this has happened to me too

The Phoenix said...

I think everyone should be skeptical at all times. However, there are times where you should open your mind to "other" possibilities. When personal experience profoundly affects you, for example.

I think Forrest Gump had it right in the end.

Carmel said...

That's a really good one! I have had family members pass, and it's wonderful to have those comforting signs that they have moved on to the better side.
Now I want to give you a sign from accross the cats!

Jay said...

Wow, that's one persistent grandmother.

Karen said...

i don't believe those happenings were coincidental and i think they were wonderful *callings*.

dogs are very perceptive, it's amazing. this guy who lived in the apartment below my daughter died and it was a while before anyone found him in his bathroom which was right below my daughter's bathroom. well, her dog laid on the floor in her bathroom moping and would not move for days.

starbender said...

how erie!
I guess anything is possible. My grandfather swore that after his wife of 63 yrs. passed, he still spoke with her til the day he died! who knows what bond U develope after all those yrs.
: )

Phats said...

My grandma was convinced that her dog was my grandpa. it's a very long story, but it made sense at the time.

Keshi said...

I always receive premonitons from departed loved-ones.


DaBich said...

Freaky signs but reassuring ones to be sure. I'm sure Grandma is watching over you and your family.

phlegmfatale said...

wow - that's a really cool post. I tend to be cynical about such things, but my own brother had a similar experience with his dog. The dog woke up about 4 am and wouldn't be comforted, he turned around and around and whined and fretted, but he didnt'want to go outside. A short while later, he learned his brother-in-law had died at about 4am.

phred said...

I love this stuff, even though I`ve never had anything like this happen to me.
I have awaken at night from a deep sleep for no reason.... you know, you just lay there and wonder why you woke up..

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...


Those were amazing.

The Phoenix said...

Pets in Hawaii were reported to be going crazy days leading up to their giant earthquake.

I believe it's possible they are sensitive to massive electromagnetic field changes.

Is this sensitivity related to incidences like Angel Jr's dog? Um...I dunno.

KC said...

Another spooky story. I love reading these!

I wonder if cats react the same as dogs when somethings up? My cat is probably too old and lazy to let me know if anything is wrong.

Carae said...

Hmmm... those weren't as spooky, which I like...

I always heard that when your rosary broke, your prayers had been answered.

vani said...

wow, i love stuff like this. :0

Anonymous said...

Wow that is really creepy, especially about the card that got in the racket - really interesting.

I am also a believer in that sort of thing, although I don't really have any experiences of my own I enjoy reading about them and hoping maybe one day my grandmother will give me a goodbye. :-)

Who knows, I just enjoy reading stories like these. :-)

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