Friday, January 12, 2007

2007...The Year of the (Dead) Bird

It looks like this is definitely not the time to be a bird. There have been so many myserious deaths of thousands of birds - from all over the world. Just what the hell is going on?

Boise and Vietnam: It Sucks to be a Duck
From the middle to the end of December, thousands of mallard ducks were dying near a creek in southeastern Idaho. Even the Department of Homeland Security has gotten involved in trying to figure out the reason for all the ducks' deaths.

In Vietnam, several hundred ducks were found dead, and the Avian Flu is strongly suspected to be the cause. This is pretty scary, as the tactics and strategies the Vietnam government took in fighting the Avian Flu last year were given such high praise by world scientists and governments. 40,000 birds have been killed by workers in an effort to stop the spread of this deadly virus. I guess they'll have to return their We Stopped the Avian Flu By Slaughtering As Many Birds As Possible award.

Downtown Austin, Texas: Shutting Down Downtown
63 birds dropped dead in Austin's downtown area, and public officials shut down 10 blocks for several hours. Grackles, sparrows, and pigeons were found dead. Some are suspecting an intentional poisoning, but authorities assure the public there is no threat to humans. Just ignore the workers in hazmat suits walking through the city.

Esperance, Austailia: Death Down Under
More than 5000 birds have mysteriously died in the last three weeks, and the Avian Flu is not thought to be the cause. Scientists have ruled out any infection diseases, but the actual cause is still a mystery. The reports of residents finding dead birds in their yards has ceased...but only because there aren't any birds left.

Dutch Coast: Weird Yellow Stuff Found
Dozens of seabirds were found dead on the beaches of the popular resort island of Texel. They also found patches of this strange yellow goop near the birds, and scientists are now trying to figure out what this crap is. By the way, the conservation group investigating is called Stichting Nordzee. Doesn't that sound like some 80s New Wave German band?

Scientists understand that whenever you find a bunch of dead anything - whether it's a bird or frog, for example - it's an environmental red flag. Is it some sort of virus? Or maybe pollutant? Some even blame an oncoming Polar Shift. Regardless, there is one "bird killer" that kills more than one billion birds in the United States. One mass murderer of birds stands alone:

Glass Windows


Jamie Dawn said...

Beware of clean windows! We should demand that people let their windows stay dirty, for the sake of the birds.

All those dead birds make me nervous. What weird, undetected virus might they be carrying?
I'll be on the look out for yellow guck. If I see any, I'll let you know.

Give me the bird! B-I-R-D.... BIRD!

Fated said...

glass, the bird killer.

That reminds me of this article. When I was in highschool our chem teacher read it to us. It was about this silent killer that kills millions (or thousands, something like that) every year. The killer? Water.

LBseahag said...

good thing they use Dawn dishwashing liquid on the oil spill birds.

You forgot random axes swinging and chopping chicken heads off...

ozymandiaz said...

electomagnetism is very signifigant to bird physiology. Granted this is true for most living organisms I believe it is doubly so for birds. so the answere flares!
yup, they disrupt communicaitons and kill birds. I say to save birds we should destroy the sun.

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