Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Life After Death After Life: James 3 (Part Two)

If you missed Part One, check out the previous post below

Bruce did more research and found the Natoma Bay Association. From there, he got in contact with Leo Pratt, an Avenger fighter pilot veteran.

Leo Pratt was able to confirm that there was a pilot on The Natoma Bay named Jack Larson. Bruce attended a Natoma Bay reunion in September of 2002. Without telling the veterans his motivation for asking all these questions, he learned a lot about the VC-81 squadron and a pilot named James...James Huston Jr.

James Huston Jr. was a fighter pilot on the Natoma Bay. Huston had volunteered for a mission to disrupt a shipping line at Futami Ko Harbor near Chichi Jima, and this would have been Huston's 50th and final mission before returning home in April. Huston was the only one shot down during this mission.

Bruce tracked down Jack Larson as well. Corsairs were NOT housed on the Natoma Bay, he discovered. James Huston was shot down while flying a Wildcat fighter. Little Jack 3 had always talked about flying a Corsair, however. Maybe this inaccuracy was proof to Bruce that this whole reincarnation stuff was simply one big coincidence.

In 2003, Bruce got in contact with James Huston Jr's sister, Anne Huston Barron. Through lengthy conversations on the phone, Anne was genuinely interested in figuring out this great mystery. Was this little four year-old boy her own long-lost brother reincarnated? She sent Bruce and Andrea some personal things of her brother's - and it shook Bruce's beliefs.

One was a photo of a young James Huston standing in front of a Corsair fighter plane. Bruce and Andrea learned that although he had been shot down over Chichi Jima in a Wildcat, James Huston had been part of an elite figher group that flew Corsairs.

Bruce came to believe that his boy was indeed "James 3." James Huston Sr, then James Huston Jr. and now little James Leininger.

Here's a quick rundown of some very weird synchronicities between James Huston Jr. and James Leininger that might give you the willies:

1)While falling asleep, Bruce and Andrea would often ask James some questions regarding his nightmares. James had said that the Corsair planes had an interesting characterisitic: they had a problem with getting flat tires all the time. After contacting aviation historians, this was confirmed as being true.

2)Bruce learned that another air squadron had run parallel to the VC-81. Members of the VC-83 squadron vividly remember seeing James Huston being shot down. They said that they saw the plane get hit in the engine and then crash in the Futami Ko Harbor...the exact spot that James 3 had pointed to on the map of Bruce's book back in 2000.

3)When Andrea said that she was going to cook meatloaf for James for the first time, he said that he hadn't had meatloaf since he had been on the Natoma Bay. After speaking with the vets at the reunion, they learned that meatloaf was a regular meal for the crew.

4)James had named his three G.I. Joe dolls Leon, Walter, and Billie. According to U.S. Pacific records, there were three pilots part of the VC-81 Natoma Bay squadron that had also lost their lives in other battles: Lt. Leon Stevens Conner, Ensign Walter John Devlin, and Ensign Billie Rufus Peeler. When asked why he had named his G.I. Joes those names, James said, "Because they greeted me when I went to heaven."

OK, that one gave me the chills.

Is James 3 really James Huston reincarnated? Or is this some sort of hoax created by very creative parents?

Epilogue: James 3 is now a very bright 8 year old boy that loves Star Wars. His memories of his "past life" are fading quite quickly. Those that study these children say that this is quite typical. Very soon, he'll probably have no recollection of his life as James Huston Jr. - fighter pilot on the Natoma Bay and World War Two hero.


Big Pissy said...

What a fascinating story!

I waited and read both parts today. ;-)

KC said...

Chills, indeed! I love reading this kind of stuff. Keep it coming!

delmer said...

The whole thing gave me chills.

I need to point out one inaccuracy, however: GI Joes are action figures ... not dolls.

I don't know if I've mentioned this here before, but, when my two oldest were small they were sitting at a Fisher Price picnic table in the kitchen. One of them made the comment about the other wearing glasses. That child said, "I don't wear glasses," and the first child said, "Not this time, last time."

And then the second said, "Oh yea," like it was a fact.

The wife and I guessed they might have been talking about a previous life.

They also had imaginary friends with the same name, though when the second child was talking about them the first child had outgwrown them.

David Amulet said...

He loves Star Wars? Now what will REALLY scare me is if you say that he's actually Jar Jar Binks brought to life.


-- david

K&M said...

wow...just wow.

mojotek said...

I think I may have been one of the early pornographers in a previous life...

Mr. Friendly said...

Gives new meaning to the old tv show "James at 16."

Jamie Dawn said...

Freaky! Thanks for giving us the rest of the story.
I wonder if he likes meatloaf or not? :)

If I'm a reincarnation of someone else, I sure hope he/she was a good person. I'd hate to think I'm the reincarnation of Bonnie or Clyde.
I've heard that you reincarnate upward according to your goodness, so that kid will be an amazing adult, and I guess that means I'm NOT the reincarnatnion of a psycho maniac.

ajooja said...

Most reincarnation people believe that children are more "in tune" with their past lives and all things truly spiritual than adults ever can be.

The part about the memory of his past life fading rings as true as anything else.

If you believe in that sort of thing, it just makes sense.

Cool story, as usual.

tom said...

Great story. Look forward to more(-:

stephanie said...

No way!

Phats said...

Wow that's a great story, and you added to the drama with the TBC! I found it fascinating.

I have always wanted to be reincarnated as a dog.

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

VERY freaky....but VERY cool at the same time.

Godwhacker said...

What a cool story. Remembering past lives is difficult. Most memories are stored as electrochemical imprints and are physical in nature. These memories die with the body. However, I hypothesize that some life events are so intense, they resonate within the soul. My technique for remembering past life experiences is to think of my conscious energy (or soul) as the "record" and my brain and body as the "record player needle". The idea is to let the resonances of my soul vibrate over my mind to see what images and memories come forth.

Then again, maybe I too much LDS in the 80's :)

the weirdgirl said...

Freaky story! On the one hand I do believe reincarnation is possible and children are probably more attuned to those experiences. But on the other I was immediately suspicious when I heard the kid's parents were taking him on talk shows. I just don't trust adults as much as little kids, I guess.

Mr. Shife said...

Great story.

Bruce L said...

I am the father of James Leininger and the story is true. But so little of it has ever been told until now.
My wife and I have published "Soul Survivor" a stroy that chronicles the entire journey.
you may learn more at www.soulsurvivor-book.com or go to facebook soul survivor.

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding? He posts on random blogs to hype his book? Wow.

Englishkat said...

awesome... and I think writing a book to chronicle the story is a *great* idea... it gives people the opportunity to read about it! I don't see it as a scam to 'sell books', I see it as a way of sharing an amazing story with the world. :)

mailman larry said...

I just finished reading this incredible book and came away with a sense of respect for this family. I can't imagine working this hard for so long on a belief that what is happening to your son is real. I'm impressed!

Ruth said...

I believe this the James M. Hoston Jr. story, and rencarnation today as boy 11 years old. I found fascinating story of boy for his past life as a pilot in World War II.
I love reading this kind of stuff.

Beth said...

Bruce...if you are still watching this site....
On a clear day you can see forever. I believe this with all my heart (and soul). God bless you for believing in your son. Maybe James will still hold a bit of JH into adulthood...even if only in actions. All my best.

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