Friday, May 4, 2007

Friday Fun Facts 6: Fuzzy Math

Here are a few interesting statistics for your Friday enjoyment...

You Snooze, You Win! You burn more calories sleeping than watching TV. (And if you sleepwalk, you'll burn more calories than jogging).

Rats Have More Fun? Male and female rats have sex twenty times a day. (Ever see a sad rat? Me neither).

Flying is Safer. Annually, donkeys kill more humans that plane crashes. (Death by donkey can't be fun. I'd rather go down in flames).

Ewwww. 25% of the total weight of your old pillow is dust and dust mites. (OK, that's just plain nasty).


Fated said...

Ewww! I am getting a new pillow.

The picture of the sleeping toddler is adorable!!

Down in flames over death by ass!

Mr. Shife said...

Great. I am going to dream tonight of getting killed by a rambunctious jackass at one of those donkey shows. But first I need a new pillow.

ozymandiaz said...

Them damned asses. I say we kill em all before they kill us, this is war...

the weirdgirl said...

Death by Donkey! Oh man, now I'll have to come up with a short story just do I can use that as the title! Awesome!

But for now I need to go burn a few pounds... (imitating rats - just kidding).

delmer said...

What part of my pillow is dust mite excrement?

kim said...

I agree with fated on items one and two. But I think that "death by ass" would be an AWESOME headline.

Jay said...

Death by donkey...what a humiliating obituary that would make.

Karen said...

'k, that's why rats are so fat and sassy!

:P fuzzbox said...

I wonder if that is why every time I beg for sex AJ calls me a rat?

Jamie Dawn said...

Plane crashes usually kill instantly, but I'm sure a fatal ass kicking would take some time.

I'm buying new pillows THIS week for my family.

No matter WHAT - I still hate rats!!!

Nan said...

I believe that my pillow is 25% dust and mites and other awful things - my only comfort - which is rather mean - is that my husbands pillow is at least fifty/fifty!

David Amulet said...

I wonder how many donkeys kill people on planes.

-- david

the weirdgirl said...

Ha ha ha (oh, David you kill me)! Donkeys on a Plane... the next blockbuster hit!

Phats said...

Thanks for the pillow one, now I am feeling scared to sleep! But if I sleep I will work off calories!

goldennib said...

Now I have to go buy a new pillow.

angel, jr. said...

Time to change the pillow.

Jim said...

exactly why I no longer date donkeys

BrianAlt said...

And how do these donkeys accomplish this exactly? Perhaps an investigation is in order?

Reiki 4 Life said...

my son sleepwalks and i am certain he burns more calories doing that than watching tv. We had to put the tv in timeout this is too addicting for them. i didn't put the tv in timeout for me, I don't ever watch it...but i have been cutting back my online is addictive, too, no?

hope all is well with phoenix & co. :)

grrrbear said...

I wonder how high the ratio would get if you never changed your pillow over your whole life? Would it eventually weigh so much that you couldn't pick it up? At what point does it become so dense that it develops a gravatitaitonal pull so strong that you can't leave bed in the morning?

"Sorry boss, I can't come in today - I can't overcome my pillow's gravity."

Sherri said...

Definitely incentive to buy myself new pillows!

Orhan Kahn said...

My pillow must be infested with life!

Vani said...

omg, i'm am going home and throwing out my old pillows!!!!

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