Friday, May 18, 2007

Friday Fun Facts 7: Food, Glorious Food!

Beer Bath? Some people in Malaysia wash their babies in beer to protect them from diseases. (Here in Missouri, adult rednecks bathe in beer also - but it's to help enhance the "NASCAR experience").

Raisin In the Sun.
It takes anywhere between four and five pounds of grapes to make one pound of raisins. (You eat one pound of raisins, you will break the world record for the 40 yard dash to the toilet).

Like Butta.
There is NO butter in buttermilk. (There are no grapes or nuts in Grapenuts either. WTF?).

Yuck! In France, they consume about 500,000,000 snails a year. (That explains a lot. How dangerous can it be to hunt snails?).

And Finally...

Marketing Gone Awry. In Africa, it's customary to put a picture of the food on its label. When Gerber Baby Food began to market in Africa, the baby food wasn't very popular, since Africans believed the contents of that little jar was filled with...


David Amulet said...

"Baby--it's what's for dinner!"


-- david

Big Pissy said...

I had a comment, but I forgot it after laughing at david's comment! *LOL*

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

France can have their snails. You ever eat one? BLECH!

And I TOTALLY believe in that about washing in beer to protect from diseases. I bathe my liver in it quite often and it protects me from reality ALL the time.



stephanie said...

The Gerber thing. Awesome.

stephanie said...

I just saw the "get in my belly" thing. LOL

angel, jr. said...

I remember the first and last time I ate escargot. I don't think it will happen again.
I really had a good comment, but when I looked and saw David's I started laughing, ice tea came through my nose, Mike Meyers is now running through my head, and I'm looking for something to wipe my laptop down with.
By the way, my word verification ended with jr.

delmer said...

It looks like the guy in the tub is sitting in his own excrement. Maybe it's just my monitor -- maybe he had the pound of grapes and *just knew* the crapper wasn't going to be able to handle it all.

goldennib said...

Beer is an excellent rinse for your hair. It gives it alot of body. Plus, it's good to drink in the shower.

Jamie Dawn said...

I'd rather eat snails than babies!!

I suppose if you pee in a beer bath, no one will ever know.
I've done the spa mud bath thingie in Calistoga, CA.
It was pretty gross. They don't change the mud in between clients, so all I kept thinking was "I wonder whose butt was sitting in this mud before mine?"

Reiki 4 Life said...

please don't bring up the words NASCAR to me...speed week begins this weekend...i live so close to the nascar racetrack that i can actually hear the cars when i go outside my home.

so a bathtub full of beer aint lookin' so bad to me...and yes, it is a good clarifier hair rinse, too.

hope all is well.

Godwhacker said...

Funny, on The View today they were talking about bathing in wine. You're not watching The View, are ya Phoenix? ;)

Rocky said...

This is also why the baby back ribs are no longer available on TGI Friday's menus there...

Sassy Blondie said... Snails and baby? Not so yummy.

And the French are explains it since you don't eat the shells when you have snails...

The Egg said...

I'm the odd one--I liked snails. It depends on the preparation! Had them in Greece. Gotta try everything once..except baby!:)

Orhan Kahn said...

LOL @ labeling in Africa.

goddess said...

I know a guy who always washed his tuba in beer.

Grafs said...

They couldn't have REALLY though that about Gerbers. That's weird.

I've had escargot and I am happy to report that it tastes nothing like chicken.

Phats said...

Is that your self picture there?

I don't like raisins but love me some grapes!

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