Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Bio-Dome For Your Dome

My very first post nearly two years ago on this little blog of mine was on a whacky invention...The Indipod.

(Pictured Left). It was a handy invention that allowed you to take a poop in the privacy of the back of your car will the full convenience of a real bathroom. It's been awhile since I did a post about goofy inventions and patents, so I thought I'd do one today.

I present to you...US Patent 4,605,000: The Greenhouse Helmet.

For you environmentalists, you will surely appreciate what this contraption is trying to do. Don't we all need more oxygen? Don't plants create oxygen? So why not harvest the power of plants?

This gadget is basically a giant helmet with shelves inside for you to place plants on top of. Makes sense, right? With the helmet on, and the plants securely on these minishelves - you will enjoy pure and natural oxygen made by Mother Nature. Al Gore would be even more impressed!

Plus, imagine how pleasant it would be to have two plants near your head all day long...inside a helmet that will probably fog up within a matter of minutes. As you can see from the patent illustration above, the inventor decided to use cacti as his plant of choice.

That sounds safe, huh? Who wouldn't want a couple cacti plants a mere inch from both your cheeks? I wonder if he chose cacti for their amazing oxygen producing abilities.

A plant leaf is able to produce 5mL of oxygen per hour.
An average human needs about 53,000 mL of oxygen per hour.
So...wait a minute...

A cactus plant doesn't have any damn leaves!

Oh well. I really want one of these Greenhouse Helmets, but I would make a few modifications to mine:

Don Herbert, Mr. Wizard, passed away on Tuesday, June 12th of bone cancer. Mr. Wizard's World on Nickleodeon was my favorite show growing up. I was fortunate to be the first kid on the block with cable television when it premiered, and my friends would come over my house to watch Mr. Wizard use regular household items to teach us about the world of science.

One of the absolute coolest things I saw on Mr. Wizard's World was when he was showing a kid how liquid nitrogen could freeze a rose...and then he shattered the glass-like flower on the table.

I was hooked. The world of science wasn't just for the nerds, the super-smart, or the intellectuals. Science was cool for everbody.

Mr. Wizard, thank you for the many years of fun, learning, and discovery.

You can send your own personal message to the Official Mr. Wizard Studios Guestbook.


David Amulet said...

Indipod: An iPod sold and used in the city of Indianapolis.

Or in Bangalore.

-- david

KC said...

Your helmet is much more stylish!

goldennib said...

That helmet would make you like the guy with all of the needles in his head from the scary movies I don't watch.

I hadn't heard Mr. Wizard died. He was fun.

Etchen said...

OMG, the Greenhouse helmet is hysterical. Thanks for the laugh!

Keshi said...

**A cactus plant doesn't have any damn leaves!

I thought it did :) until now.


Big Pissy said...

There are times that I could really use an indipod.

Know where I can get one?

Tai said...

Do you have an order form? I'll take one for me and there's a few other people I know could use one!

(btw? *blush* Thanks Phoenix, your comment on my blog was lovely!)

Jay said...

I've never heard of Mr.Wizard.
I was more of a Bill Nye girl.

Nan said...

I have seen one of those programs where they shatter a rose - Maybe it was doctor Wizzie. I don't remember if it was English at all though - could have been Danish but we are dumb - we don't have that many leafs around I guess :)

Your alterations to your helmet looks cool! Some Cactis does have leaves.

ozymandiaz said...

Mr. Wizard we will miss you. R.I.P.
I dunno about that helmet though. Trip one time and you got a cactus in your ear. And how can you pick your nose? I guess there could be like geneticaly modified insects for that. Nose Beetles or something. I guess if I lives in LA or someplace more metropolitan like that I could see wearing it especially if it were bulit proof.

Dan said...

Al Gore would be even more impressed!

Yeah but Al will need a super huge one to fit that big head of his.

Oh ... and by the way, Al invented this helmet.

delmer said...

I read the whole Greenhouse-Helmet entry trying to figure out if you were pulling our legs or not.

Jamie Dawn said...

I saw a tribute to this Mr. Wizard person on another blog. I have never heard of him. I feel I really missed out on something!!

I hope that helmet comes with pink tinted glass for us stylish ladies.

cube said...

**heavy breathing sounds** Impressive **heavy breathing sounds** Never underestimate the power of the Green force **heavy breathing sounds***

RE: Mr. Wizard, I will miss him too. He was one of my favorites growing up. Did you know that he didn't even have a science degree?

:P fuzzbox said...

I remember Mr. Wizard as well. He made science accessable and fun. He will be missed.

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