Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Spooky Story Three: The Ghost Hunters

Roto-Rooter plumbers by day, ghost hunters by night - Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson of the T.A.P.S. (The Atlantic Paranormal Society) have worked to legitimize the idea that there are indeed some real ghosts going bump in the night.

Featured on the Sci-Fi channel on Wednesday evenings, Jason and Grant made ghost hunting more mainstream. By using a variety of high-tech tools like EMF detectors, digital voice recorders, and infrared cameras, they've taken a more scientific approach to hunting ghosts. Their objective isn't to prove the existence of ghosts at a particular location, but to DISPROVE any notion there are ghosts. It's a very different perspective and one that gives these ghost hunters a more skeptical slant.

Last night, Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson came to St. Louis to discuss what they actual do, what they don't do, and cover some of the more interesting things they've found. They said that overall, they've been able to debunk 80% of all claims...but it's the remaining 20% that remains unexplained.

Over one-thousand people waited in line at the city library, and only 700 got to stay. Unfortunately, I was in the group of about 350 people that were stuck in a large room forced to watch Jason and Grant's presentation via closed circuit TV and sound system. Nevertheless, I found the seminar both entertaining and educational.

Here are just a couple cases they discussed last night:

The Stanley Hotel

This is the hotel that served as the inspiration (and actual shooting locale) for Stephen King's The Shining. The spirits of a past maid's children can still be heard playing in the halls up on the fourth floor. In Room 401, Jason witnessed a drinking glass on his nightstand shatter from the inside out, and he was able to catch on night vision video his closet door opening and then later closing by itself.

Last Halloween, the ghost hunters actually broadcast the entire investigation LIVE, and viewers were able to send text messages to both Jason and Grant during the six hour hunt.

During this awesome live broadcast, they even heard a girl's voice saying "hello" and laughing while investigating the cellar.

The Armory

T.A.P.S. investigates an old armory in New Bedford, MA built in 1903. Soldiers have reported all kinds of freaky things like large metal doors opening and closing on their own and all kinds of apparitions and ghosts being seen. What makes this episode so interesting is what happens to the soundman.

Frank DeAngelis is carrying a large boom microphone with both hands and a 40 pound equilizer in a case around his neck. Frank is a hardcore skeptic, often attributing any sort of paranormal activity to swamp gass, mass hysteria, or people smoking too much weed. But in one milisecond, Frank goes from big time skeptic to ulitmate believer.

He's literally attacked by an entity, and his life is changed forever.

Jason Hawes explained in the seminar that Frank immediately flew back home to California. They were able to talk him into flying back to finish production of their investigation, but Frank decided to not work on any more Ghost Hunters episodes.

I've thought about maybe producing my own ghost hunting video blog, but it would be full of nothing but footage of me screaming like a girl and running away.


delmer said...

That had to be a pretty cool presentation to see. Sorry about the luck you had in having to watch it on CCTV.

I believe I've seen the episode in which Frank D. got attacked; I don't recall where the guys were but I remember the boom-mike guy getting knocked around.

Fated said...

You know the strange thing about your blog.. every time I visit I get the Ghostbusters theme stuck in my head.

kim said...

I'm so bummed I missed them live! That show is so fun! Did you see the Charles Manson one?

Nessa said...

I'd be screaming like a girl, too.

Phats said...

Makes for great TV! I have never heard of these guys before

Etchen said...

I had never heard ofthe Ghost Hunters tv show before--but will definitely check it out now! Thanks.

the weirdgirl said...

I LOVE this show! Unfortunately, I've never been able to catch the Armory episode. However, I did see the one where they went to Great Britain and Tango (was it Tango?) got knocked down by a ghost. That footage from Ireland especially was freaky.

I'm so looking forward to the live broadcast next week! Not that I'll get to watch it live... too busy trick or treating.

cube said...

I just can't get into this stuff. I think it's bogus. I always say that I'll believe in ghosts when I see one. I guess I'm like Frank.

BTW maybe it was the Hello Kitty cat in the Stanley Hotel. It's quite an eerie sounding cat.

The Phoenix said...

delmer, Yeah - that was in the Armory. Soldiers that worked there had been reporting all kinds of stuff for years.

fated, That's awesome. Who ya gonna call?

kim, Yeah - that one was creepy. Could you imagine buying a home where the Manson murders happened?

nessa, Thanks. I feel better now.

phats, I know you don't believe - but sooner or later, you will probably have some sort of experience. I just hope your mind is open a little bit when it does.

etchen, They air it all evening on Sci Fi on Wednesday nights.

WG, it'll be on all night - six hours. Surely you can catch some of it after trick or treating

cube, Nothing is wrong with healthy skepticism. I believe with this sort of thing, you shouldn't believe in any of it until you have a personal experience.

As far as what happened at the Armory in New Bedford, MA - hundreds of National Guards soldiers have had first hand experiences there with all kinds of stuff - from seeing apparitions to being touched by something that's not visibly there.

I think their testimonies holds more water than a regular Joe.

Jim said...

"screaming like a girl"

foen, don't you mean 'screaming like a little girl'

:P fuzzbox said...

It's a great show. But strange that two Roto-Rooter guys would be ghost hunters.

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

Wow...how did I miss their show, I can't believe it...I LOVE stuff like that!

And I'd pay good money to see you make that ghost hunting video blog!!! :)

Jenn said...

Me and ghosts, we don't mix well. Period. Hi, my name is Jenn and I'm a pansy. There, I said it.

P.S. When a guys screams like a girl, the hilarity is almost unbearable. How can someone not love it?

angel, jr. said...

I never watch that show cause I'm afraid of what they will find. I will watch it however when a lot of people are around and are all spending the night.

Tai said...

I suspect you'd be more screaming like a little BOY, but that's just the raging feminist coming out in me!
Alarming post.
Wish I still had cable!

Jamie Dawn said...

I see dust orbs!

That's neat that you saw their presentation.
You screaming like a little girl and running away would make for an grrrreat show!!!

DaBich said...

See what happens to scoffers???? They get attacked by the REAL thing!

::running and screaming like a LITTLE girl::


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