Monday, November 19, 2007

Don't Be A Turkey, Give Thanks

For Thanksgiving 2005, I wrote about the myth of the amino acid tryptophan inducing that Thanksgiving dinner nap we all love. Thanksgiving 2006, I wrote about the science behind why some foods taste delicious to us.

This year, I decided to focus on the whole giving thanks part of Thanksgiving.

University of California - Davis psychology professor, Dr. Robert Emmons, has been researching just how important it is for us to give thanks. According to Dr. Emmons, people who show gratitude on a daily basis for all of life's little blessings are:

* exercising more
* complaining of fewer illnesses
* feeling better about their lives overall
* feeling more loving
* feeling more forgiving, joyful, enthusiastic and optimistic about their futures

"Gratitude is literally one of the few things that can measurably change people's lives," Emmons says.

In his book, Thanks: How the New Science of Gratitude Can Make You Happier, he gives us 10 researched-based strategies for practicing true gratitude. Apparently, you can just half-ass think of a couple things you're thankful for as you pass the mashed potatoes.

True gratitude involves contemplation and introspection.

So I guess I'll start. I'm very thankful for all of you. I appreciate your readership, your comments, and your coming to my little corner of cyberspace. To all my ol' faithfuls and newly found buddies, thank you very much.

Happy Thanksgiving


Jay said...

Aw, the holiday has made you all mushy.

Leonidas said...

Excited to be a part of the site! I'm also thankful for finding a new "connection" with the Phoenix.

Orhan Kahn said...

You're very welcome :)

Thank you for being so entertaining.

angel, jr. said...

Happy Thanksgiving buddy, to you and your family!

shay said...

Happy "American" Thanksgiving to you. (I'm Canadian).
I'm thankful for blogs! They make me laugh, cry and feel like I'm blessed all in one day.
It also helps me feel somewhat less invisible:)

cube said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you & yours, from me & mine.

the weirdgirl said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you too, Phoenix. I'm grateful to have you as a blogging buddy. You know it's been over two years now!

ozymandiaz said...

Unfortunatly, the benefits of gratitude are very hard to teach. Take my children for example, no really, take my children...
anyhow. so much truth here. Gratitude is the opposite of desire which is the root of all suffering.

stephanie said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!

KC said...

I'm thankful every single day for all the wonderful people and things in my life. Really. I'm so very lucky and I know it.

I'm also thankful to be one of your cyber friends, Phoenix!

DaBich said...'s a joy to visit here.

Happy Thanksgiving, Dude!

delmer said...

Thank you for all you give us. I typically learn something each time I come by.

Mr. Shife said...

Thanks to you as well Phoenix. I have the same cartoon on my blog for Thanksgiving. Have a good Thanksgiving.

Jim said...

I'm grateful my mother mixes vodka into the Cool Whip -- Happy Thanksgiving to the Clan Phoenix!

Phats said...

Happy Thanksgiving Phoenix

Sherri said...

Happy Thanksgiving! I have so much to be thankful for this year.... Hope you have a good one too!

Nessa said...

I'd be very thankful if I could get typtophan back. It was the best sleep aid - it never made my dreams all scary or my little bugs crawl under my skin. I see it back in some products now.

Merry Belated Turkey Holiday. Come see my gobbler.

Dan said...

Thanks for this! Thanks for this!

By jove, you're right ... I'm feeling better already. Thanks! Better still! :)

Tai said...

And we, in turn are thankful for YOU!
(I can still participate, right? Even though I already had my turkey day? Canadians, eh? Always want to bend the rules!)

Etchen said...

Awww--what a sweet post. Very nice. I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving.

I have to say, that one one damned funny picture.

Haley-O said...

Awww! And, thank YOU, Phoen! That's really interesting stuff, by the way. I definitely "practice" gratitude every day. Good to know it's healthy. :)

Jamie Dawn said...

Sure hope your holiday weekend was a goodie.
Now, it's back to normal life and normal eating.
Awwww shucks.

KC said...

Hey, Phoenix! I hope you had a fabulous T-Day weekend. We did!

Here's a plug for my new online business. Please take a look at my goodies (no, not those kind of goodies. Get your mind out of the gutter).


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