Friday, November 2, 2007

Halloween Wrap-Up

Again, thanks to those that read my Spooky Stories Series this year. I hope it was both entertaining and interesting.

A few of you have actually been coming to my blog since 2005, and you just might remember my posting a picture of my son, The Dominator, in a Transformers costume I made. I decided after a year off, I would once again create a Halloween costume for my now seven-year old.

The Dominator wanted to be a cyborg - not THE cyborg featured in the D.C. Comics, but just a cyborg. Below is the final result:

The Dominator Cyborg: Half boy, half machine

Notice the blaster marks on the robotic arm and face. It's rough being a cyborg.

The glowing laser sword on his hand is removable in case any bad guys wanna get messed up.
That is indeed a circular light on his chest, little LCD lights all over that chest plate, and the robotic eye and tubing all glow in the dark.

Here's what I used to make this suit:

*A plain white mardis gras mask: $3 at Wal-Mart
*Used skating pads/gear: $4 at Goodwill
*Old tap light that I repaired: FREE
*Tiny portable LCD lights: $6 at Hobby Lobby
*Laser sword: $1 from the Dollar Store
*Glow in the dark rubber rope: $4 at Hobby Lobby
*Tubing: FREE (I work in hospital sales, so I just used some IV tubing and stuff)
*Cheap-ass glue gun that smoked and then blew up in my hand: $1.00 at the Dollar Store
*Fine quality glue gun that worked very well: $5 at Hobby Lobby
*Silver Metalic spray paint: $5
*Cardboard for chest plate: FREE
*Silver, white, black acrylic paint I already had: FREE
*Black foam: $1 at Hobby Lobby
*Foam weather stripping with adhesive backing for chest plate: $2 at Wal-Mart
*Various velcro: $4

*Some junk including a piece from a broken sweater shaver thingy I used to make the robotic eye, pieces from a broken little portable radio for the chest plate and robotic knee, and two medicine container caps for the robotic arm: FREE

Total cost: $36
Total hours of labor: 16

Why or why didn't I just buy him a costume?


Fated said...

OMG That is such a great costume!! Your son must have been psyched! That is really awesome. I bet all his friends think you are the coolest dad ever. Any ideas for next year?

The Phoenix said...

Next year, we will pick out something from Target, Wal-Mart, or K-mart.

That was a lot of work, but it was a labor of love for sure.

ajooja said...

Nah, that's a great costume!

The retail stores can't match that one. Nice job.

The Phoenix said...

Thanks buddy.

Looking at the pictures, The Dominator looks like I have just finished beating him or something.

When taking his pictures, I told him to look like he's going to kick some alien butt.

Jillian said...

You forgot:

36 dollars = 12 rolls of duct tape

Oh yes, and I forgive you for not coming to my blog (cue sorrow music) - I mean, I only come to your blog EVERY DAY. ;-)

Just kidding - Hope your kid received lots of candy! I know I got a lot of candy delivering pizzas! ;-)

KC said...

That is incredibly awesome! You've got such a great imagination for putting together "found" objects. Maybe you missed your calling? Shouldn't you be in Hollywood instead?

Phats said...

HA that's freaking awesome great job Phoenix!! Will you make me a costume next year?

the weirdgirl said...

THAT is FABULOUS!! I love it! I'm not surprised it took 16 hours... I can imagine, not just the overall construction, but the electrical planning that went into that! Where did you stash the batteries?!

You should seriously win a prize for best costume. I hope you both got LOTS of kudos trick-or-treating. (And it you didn't those people are idiots.)

Jennifer said...

Very cool costume. You've got to be the coolest dad. I mean, most would wuss out and fall on tar-g-eah.

kim said...

1. That costume is AWESOME!! You get the cool dad award for that.

2. The Dominator's getting so big!!

3. He's got the "kill some alien" look DOWN.

Hungry Mother said...

Wonderful! I used to make costumes for my kids (not as well as you did it) and it made Halloween very special. I miss those days.

Tai said...

That's AWESOME! What a lucky kid!

Sassy Blondie said...

First, that kid is ADORABLE..trying to look all tough! I want to squeeze him!

Second, you deserve father of the year...I love original costumes and not the crap they throw together and wrap in plastic.


Jamie Dawn said...

Your son has the perfect facial expressions to go with this totally menacing looking costume.
He looks great and you did a FANtastic job!!

I suppose Cyborgs like eating Halloween candy too.

:P fuzzbox said...

Great costume dude.

angel, jr. said...

You are such a cool Dad!!

delmer said...

Nice work on the costume.

Do the exploding-glue-gun scars look as menacing as the blaster marks on the cyborg?

Karen said...

Ditto everything everyone else said!


And what a handsome lad you have there under all that Armour!!


Very nice. What a neat parent you are. :-)

Firebird said...

Maybe its just ol hugh the borg once known as 3 of 5 and who started his own band of borg free thinkers

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