Monday, June 23, 2008

Hot Bot To Trot...A Solution For Lonley Guys

You're a lonley, desperate Japanese guy...and you're striking out with the ladies. What do you do?

Try porn?
An escort service?
Become a priest?

Nope. Just buy the Eternal Maiden Actualization - or E.M.A. robot - to fulfill your every fantasy.

Manufactured by Sega Toys, E.M.A. might stand only 15 inches tall, but she's programmed to please. For a mere $175 USD, she can go into "love mode" and give her owner a tender kiss. "She's very lovable and though she's not a human, she can act like a real girlfriend," says said Minako Sakanoue, a spokeswoman for Sega Toys.

Oh, so it also has a "nag mode?"

E.M.A. is designed with all the womanly curves any man lusts after, and she walks like Marilyn Monroe with specially designed hip joints.

Sega has very high expectations for E.M.A., forcasting sales of 10,000 units from September until next year.

I was going to ask if E.M.A. has a USB port, but I think I'll just refrain from that one...

Plastic cleavage is HOT!


delmer said...

>>she can act like a real girlfriend<<

The problem is the geeks who programmed this item have never had a 'real girlfriend.' So the EMA is likely programmed more in the manner of 'dream girlfriend.'

Which is probably good.

Nobody would buy 'real girlfriend.' They're too hard to figure out.

Jenn said...

And I just did a post on being single!

So if I get one, I'm a lesbian?? Because walking like Marilyn. . . SOLD, baby!

Mr. Friendly said...

So we are at the point where we consume affection from the internet.

Man, what do we have to do to get these dudes out of their parent's basement?

Hug a nerd today ladies. Do it for society.

BrianAlt said...


KC said...

Sad. Sad and funny. :-)

the weirdgirl said...

Do you think Sega based its projections on the sales of the "girlfriend dolls" we have here in the states? Of course, ours don't have to be programmed for "love mode".

jenn said...

I'm curious as to how a robotic Marilyn Monroe walk looks.

Frankstein with a waggle comes to mind.


angel, jr. said...

What else can she do besides kiss?

kim said...

Japan is such an odd place.

Sherri said...

Perhaps if she looked like a real girl.....

This is just plain creepy. Yikes!

DaBich said... this to replace blow ups?

Sassy Blondie said...

I'm concerned about all the possible injuries to young geeks everywhere with this thing. Someone's gonna get electrocuted...mark my words.

Jamie Dawn said...

Nag mode - ha, ha, ha!!

I wonder if the robot drains the guy's bank account?

Strange, but I bet these things sell well.
They should program them to say ego building phrases.

ozymandiaz said...

she's kinda small for a girlfriend but I guess she could still give a kinda hand job

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