Sunday, October 26, 2008

Spooky Story Four: Boy Haunting

For this final spooky story of 2008, I'm retelling a story an ex-coworker shared with a small group while on a business trip. We were sharing firsthand tales of the unexplained and paranormal, and this lady's story was simple yet gripped all of our attention. This is her story as best as I can remember it...

I was in college when I went back to my hometown to visit family and friends. My older sister had just moved with her eight year-old son into a modest brick home near a great big park. The neighborhood was pretty old but clean, and many families were out at the park a mere two days before Thanksgiving. It was unseasonably warm, so we decided to take advantage of the warm weather.

My sister was pushing my nephew on the swing when I remembered that I had left my cell phone in my sister's car. I got her keys and hurried over the hill back to the car. Before I got to the parking lot, something made me stop. I saw this little boy sitting on an old park bench. He was alone, and these days you don't see kids by themselves too often.

When I looked closer, the boy's appearance startled me a little. He was probably the same age of my nephew. He had brown hair, thin brows, and hollow sunken eyes. Dark rings outlined his eyes. His skin was unhealthy shade of white. He looked sickly and just so sad. When he looked up at me, I immediately turned away. I didn't want to scare him so I walked quickly to the car to retrieve my phone. When I locked the door and turned around, the boy was gone.

It was such a strange occurrence, I didn't tell my sister about it when I got back to the swings. The memory of the boy's pale skin and creepy look haunted me all day. That evening, we watched some funny movies and I had forgotten about that freaky little boy.

The next morning, I was at the table pouring myself some cereal. My eight year-old nephew was still asleep, and my sister entered the kitchen. She looked terrible. It was obvious that she had not gotten much sleep. She's normally the deep sleeper and I'm the one with insomnia. I had slept pretty well.

My sister sat down for some coffee. "What a horrible night. I kept having nightmares. As soon as I'd fall asleep, I'd dream about a strange little boy messing with me."

I stopped eating. "Boy? What boy? What did he look like?"

She described the same exact boy that I had seen at the park yesterday. Brown hair, pale white skin, and empty dark-circled eyes. In her nightmares, the pale skin boy would pull her hair, kick her knees, all the little vicious things a naught little boy would do to torture someone. This sickly boy attacked her in her dreams all night long.

My sister could tell that I was bothered. I then explained that I had seen that same little boy at the park. The kid was alone, and he had disappeared after I had retrieved my phone. We looked at each other in disbelief.

Did we each have our own encounter with this pale-skinned boy?

I don't know, but just thinking about it gives me the chills.


Mr. Shife said...

OK I am really glad I read this right before I am going to bed. Thank you Phoenix.

delmer said...

These always give me chills.

the weirdgirl said...

That is really freaky! Kind of puts me in the mind of The Ring. Don't get his attention or he'll haunt you! What if the woman had smiled and waved? Would she have been the one with the restless night?

(I just read Grave Peril, by Jim Butcher, too. It has a bunch of possession while sleeping stuff in it. Fiction, though.)

Phats said...

I like these stories I wish you had more to share, and not make us wait til next year

This one is definitely creepy, sounds like something out of a King book!

angel, jr. said...

This sort of story at night again. And you know, I should know better than to read...but I read it anyway.

Perplexio said...

Poor little guy just wanted some SPF-8 Hawaiian Tropic with Bronzer.

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

I LOVE ghost stories...especially when they're true! :)

Jamie Dawn said...

Poor little boy just wanted some attention.

Happy Halloween!!

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