Friday, October 15, 2010

The Phoenix's Accidental Diagnosis

Participating in a clinical trial could save your life, according to a recent article by Healthday News. In fact, medical imaging procedures (MRI) being conducted as part of medical studies "accidentally" detect tumors, aneurysms, or infections in almost 40% of all participants!

"This study demonstrates that research imaging incidental findings are common in certain types of imaging examinations, potentially offering an early opportunity to diagnose asymptomatic life-threatening disease," writes Dr. Orme of the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN.

This is an incredible finding, and a story I can relate to.

A few weeks ago, I had a CT scan when I thought I was having a gallbladder attack or kidney stones.

The goods news: I was not suffering from either.

The bad news: They accidentally found a tumor in a very bad place.

I had an MRI just last week and they confirmed the tumor. Now it'll be several rounds of tests and they will determine the nature of the tumor and if they want to try to surgically remove it. The greatest fear is in not knowing, but at least my "accidental" scan is giving me a chance to do something about it.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Unicorn Sighting in Toronto

And I thought Sasquatch was the only Cryptoid to be living up in Canada!

Local birdwatcher Peter Hickey-Jones of Toronto was in the Don Valley wetland area shooting footage of birds. As he was filming, something caught his eye and he captured what looks to be a beautiful white horse with a single horn on its head!

“I was trying to film a pileated woodpecker when I saw what looked like a bright white horse in the distance. When I got a little closer, I noticed the horn on its head. I’m not one to jump to conclusions but I’m certain beyond the shadow of a doubt that what I saw was a unicorn. I’m just glad I got it on film," said Hickey-Jones.

He brought his footage to the Ontario Science Centre for evaluation, and they are closely examining the video to see if it's a fake or maybe legit filming of a real-life unicorn.

Meanwhile, the Science Centre is treating this very seriously and warns people to be very careful if they encounter a unicorn in the area. They warn citizens to not make any sudden movements, use flash photography, or attempt to subdue the creature in order to hack the horn - known to be very magical and can make you immortal.

Here's the video footage:

The Science Centre has also created a unicorn hotline: 416-696-3260. And no, I'm not making that up either.

I actually photographed a unicorn at Mardi Gras several years ago:

If you see THIS unicorn, please exercise extreme caution!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Thank You, Brain Hemorrhage

As we all know, a brain hemorrhage (bleeding in the brain) is usually deadly. Most cases of this deadly condition is a result of a massive stroke. Sometimes, head trauma is to blame.
Sometimes, something so deadly ends up being a blessing in disguise. Such is the case with 44 Ken Merryweather.

Ken was an abusive drunkard, spending most nights at the local pub before coming home and raising hell. His girlfriend, Tracey, couldn't stand it. She withstood the abuse, but had refused to marry him....until he survived a brain hemorrhage.

"There was no way I would've married him before but he has totally gone the other way,"said Tracey, who finally did agree to marry the new-and-improved Ken.

Since recovering, Ken has gone from wild drunkard to perfect gentleman. He's even taken up cross-stitching!

Ken admitted, "I used to be so verbally abusive - especially after a few pints. When I used to work I used to go straight to the pub and not get in until 2-3am in the morning. There are things I can't do now but there are other things I can - I can cross-stitch and I do an awful lot of sewing and cooking."

There are many cases of such rare cases where people have undergone complete personality changes after brain trauma. I even did a post way back in 2007 about a Czech motorcyclist that spoke perfect English after an accident.

It's a disaster-turned-miracle for sure, I just hope this doesn't give angry wives yet another reason to want to bash their unruly husbands in the head.