Sunday, February 27, 2011

My Website's New Address

I just had to get rid of that fugly "blogspot" with my website's address.

So it's official: is up and running!


Tiyana, aka "Yoyo" said...

Ha, nice.

Anonymous said...


By the way read the synopsis for The Dragonfly Warrior and AWESOME! Write it. If you don't, I may just kick your ass.

J. Noel said...

Thanks guys!

Jen - I wrote that thing in just a few minutes. I figured if I can't write a quick synopsis on my YA manuscript, then I lost my story's focus.

I'm about 280 pages in...the final quarter of it is flowing pretty quickly now.

Anonymous said...

Holy cow on how much you've written.

I'm a curious gal so I just nosy enough to ask if you're going the self-publishing route or the traditional one.

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