Wednesday, February 23, 2011

"V" for "Very Bad."

As a child of the 80s and a science fiction lover, the TV movie and subsequent TV show V was really a lot of fun. The story of aliens that looked human and promised to come in peace but were really lizards that wanted to suck Earth of its resources and people (as a delicious food source) was awesome!

The V franchise was really about one thing - everyday humans banding together to fight against a common enemy (that also happened to be human-eating lizards). How cool is that? Machine gun fights, spaceship wars, and the human underdogs against a technologically superior race. Lots of fun. The local baker, plumber, and even janitor became legendary heroes when Earth needed them most.

So when the new V series came out in 2009, I was excited. With 21st century special effects, I was sure to get a nice shot of nostalgia and sci-fi goodness. I was looking forward to this reboot.

Holy crap I was wrong. The new show  sucks. It sucks bad. It sucks atomic donkey balls.

The plot moves ever so's more psycho-drama now. And I'm tired of whiny humans worrying about collateral damage and not sinking to the Vs level, and blah blah blah. Where's the lizard ass kicking? Where are the machine gun vs laser gun battles?

And the V's leader, whats-her-name, even referred to herself and her race as a V to another V in private conversation. That's stupid. "V" stands for "visitor." That's what the earthlings nicknamed them. Do you think illegal immigrants refer each other as "illegal aliens" in private?

I don't expect this show to last much longer, as it seems many agree with my opinion. That's why I'm so weary of reboots of any sort. Voltron is coming out again this year. Transformers has been OK, but not very good. Superman Returns sucked even worse than the new V. Don't get me started on Speed Racer. Star Trek was actually pretty good, but not great. The only franchise I can think of at this moment that had a great reboot is the Batman/Dark Knight series by Nolan. The rest are just horrible.

What's next, a Wonder Woman reboot?


Anonymous said...

I've had the new series set to record,so I've seen most of the episodes. The V leader was in a great show called Firefly and related movie called Serenity (or vice versa). Check those out if you haven't already. We love them!
The new V is not very good. I agree with thee!

J. Noel said...

LOVE Firefly and the movie. Wish they'd bring such great science fiction back to TV

Anonymous said...

I remember being scared by V and the canary eating aliens.

Reboots though annoy me. up with your own story/characters.

J. Noel said...

Canary and mice. Yum!

Tiyana, aka "Yoyo" said...

Firefly and Serenity? Yes--LURVE. The new V? Mm, not so much.

Last week's episode was particularly awful. It felt contrived, really, on all levels. I think the writers (and whoever was giving the music composer the orders) were trying waaaaay too hard to force the gravity of the situation onto viewers. That, and certain things just didn't make sense. (Like how Erica's ex-husband would get shot THREE TIMES in the crossfire from the front when the people in front of him, a squad of highly trained FBI agents, were all aiming at people either on the upper levels of the building *behind* him or at those on the ground who where nowhere near him at the time.)

I didn't even watch this week's episode, I was so disappointed. Was that one any better, at all?

J. Noel said...

I struggled to watch it. Other than a bitch slapping scene between mother and daughter. It was sloooooooow. Thinking about giving up too.

cube said...

I enjoyed the original V mini-series. I remember it aired when my youngest daughter was an infant and feeding late into the night.

Yes, it was cheesy sci fi, but I happen to like cheesy sci fi. I've been watching it all my life.

From your review, I don't think I'd like the new series. I would've liked to see the original Diana again, though. Maybe a YouTube excerpt would be good.

The Phoenix said...

The original Diana is actually in the new series. The producers decided to name the character Diana. It's confusing as hell - as the actress is the same woman that played the original Diana. But the new Diana is NOT the old Diana, since this is a "re-imagined" version of V, not a sequel. Confused yet?

The Phoenix said...

Sorry for any confusion for the new folks, but in Blogger land, I'm also known as "The Phoenix." Forgot to log out of my old account. Oops!

Mr. Shife said...

I watched the new V with the same excitement that you shared and was disappointed almost immediately. Quit watching that garbage a long time ago. And I hear you about Speed Racer. My favorite cartoon as a kid and they destroyed it.

J. Noel said...

Wonder Woman is going to be an absolute disaster. Having David E. Kelly running it is such a bad decision. Plus, they're making the character portray THREE different identities. Stupid.

cube said...

When I first saw the avatar I thought of you. Glad to hear from you again.

J. Noel said...

Thanks cube!

delmer said...

I've not read through all the comments, but I did see the reference to Firefly -- if no one mentioned it yet, the Science Channel (I think) is going to broadcast Firefly with some sort of Science Guy doing commentary.

The only thing I remember about V was that one of the actors was from the Dayton area -- he and I were at the same "Stop Hunger" benefit. (He, as a famous person... I as a worker bee.)

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