Thursday, October 6, 2011

Goodbye Steve Jobs

I was first introduced to computers when I was twelve years old. My father had entered a drawing at the local drugstore and won an Apple IIc. I remember celebrating when he brought it home.  We had IBM computers at school, but they were huge and intimidating. The Apple IIc was supposed to be semi-portible, so it looked more accessible and easy to use.

It was on that Apple that I first started writing short stories. I wrote so much, that I eventually learned how to type. Very fast, I might add.

With the passing of Steve Jobs, it's a good time to look back and really stop to think about how this man changed our world - and how the products he created have touched many of our lives. The Walkman made it cool to walk around with headphones on, but the iPod was so asthetically beautiful, it was as if wearing one was like wearing jewelry. But with earbuds instead of diamonds.

Why was Steve Jobs such a great visionary? I think it's because for some profound reason, the man KNEW what we needed and wanted before we did. He tapped into human nature, and bridged the gap between people and technology. He wanted to change the world, and I that's exactly what he definitely did.

Rest in peace, Steve Jobs. And thank you.


G. P. Ching said...

Well said.

cube said...

So true. It's sad when one thinks about what marvels the world won't see because this visionary man's life was cut short. I had so hoped he could beat this.

Jay Noel said...

Thanks G!

Cube, when I saw that photo of him just after he resigned, my heart sank. He looked so frail.

Phats said...

Yep RIP Steve

Mr. Shife said...

Nicely said. He was indeed a visionary and my life and many others owe him a big thank for enriching and touching our lives.

The Desert Rocks said...

A very lovely post.I never had headphones or ipods in my ears, but I always had a Mac computer close by with a graphic artist trying to figure out my creative ideas and how they could interpret them with the Mac. I have a lot to be thankful for and Steve Jobs was part of it all.

Kevin Hunsperger said...

Nice job Jay. Such a loss to the world. He made a huge difference. RIP

Anonymous said...

This man was responsible for all my addictions.

I've been on Apple computers since Dad brought home a IIe back in the day. I'm a total Mac snob. And happily shelled out the big bucks for whatever Steve Jobs came up with because I knew my toys would be quality toys.

The world lost a great mind and a creative visionary with Steve Jobs' death.

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