Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I is for Inventions

Steampunk is a sub-genre of science fiction that takes many Victorian/Industrial Age technologies, and then thrusts it into a futuristic world. In a steampunk world, there might be flying machines, computers, and ray guns - but built from copper, wood, brass, and using steam as a power source. It's a unique blend of the future and the present that makes steampunk unique.

What wouldn't steampunk be without incredible feats of scientific discovery in the form of inventions. Some inventions hurt, others heal. But all of them are not only functional, but are aesthetically beautiful.

Vaporizer gun. Effective. Leaves no mess.
A damnation machine. What we'd call a "computer."

This automaton can fetch you water
The steampunk Eye-Pod

What's great about steampunk stories is that they often detail the challenges and gray areas of emerging science. Since steampunk technology is inspired by the tech boom of the industrial revolution, steampunk authors are often delving into the social, cultural, and moral aspects of how technology affects civilization.


Vero said...


DEZMOND said...

I wouldn't mind having a steampunk inventor in my basement :) I'd feed him regularly and treat him nice if he invents things for me.

Rusty Webb said...

I want a damnation machine. And an eye pod. Awesome.

Kelly Barnes said...

-- the damnation machine. good stuff.

Jay Noel said...

Vero: And practical!

Dez: I'm thinking there's still a labor law or two being broken there.

Rusty: Who wouldn't want a damnation machine! Just like saying "damation machine."

Kelly: Hook up the eye pod to it, and it's complete.

Jo Schaffer said...

Such a cool style. (= I'd love a house full of steampunk inventions (=

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

"Leaves no mess" - funny!

Cherie Reich said...

The inventions are fabulous, and I love the damnation machine! :)

Jay Noel said...

Jo: Heck, I'd like just one.

Alex: Gets rid of the evidence!

Cherie: Me too. That's my invention of choice.

Michael Offutt, Tebow Cult Initiate said...

Plus Steampunk just looks cool. It hearkens back memories of Jules Verne and the Nautilus (for me) and the atmosphere that just goes with that.

Dude...I had no idea you were a collegiate athlete. That's just hot.

Miranda Hardy said...

I haven't read a lot of steampunk, but I do enjoy the futuristic possibilities.

I'll be writing a part of a futuristic sci-fi story for an anthology soon. I'll be sure to post details about it in the future.

Jay Noel said...

Michael: YES! Jules Verne's Nautilus is what did it for me. I had include a Nautilus-inspired submarine in my WIP.

Yup. I played Division I tennis. That was when I was limber and had a six pack. But I'm working hard to get some of that back.

Miranda: I love the blend of past and future. Yes, please keep me updated on your work!

The Desert Rocks said...

That computer reminds me of the old pencil sharpeners!

Ciara said...

Love the Steampunk iPad. :)

Jay Noel said...

Eve: Dang, it does! And remember the goofy kid that would always slide it off it's base and get pencil shavings everywhere?

Ciara: I need to find a picture of that!

farawayeyes said...

Oh, I gotta get me a damnation machine or rather a new one. Great gadgets.

Carolina Valdez Miller said...

I've never thought to do steampunk. I'm not sure I have the skill for it, but what cool inventions. And what fun it would be to come up with them! Well, if I had more skill.

Nick Wilford said...

The eyepod is great! Any chance you could recommend some good novels for those of us new to the genre, Jay?

A Tarkabarka Hölgy said...

Lost the link to this blog, I am so glad I found it again! :)))

Jay Noel said...

faraway: Sometimes, I feel like my computer is damned.

Carolina: It takes a little research. Add some imagination, and that's steampunk.

Nick: I think it's pretty damn clever. My B Post is on Books. And I put out a HUGE list of steampunk works.

Tarkabarka: Hey there!!!

Christine Rains said...

The Eye Pod made me laugh! Have you ever seen or played an RPG called Deadlands? They have neat steampunk inventions.

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