Thursday, July 12, 2012

7 x 7 Link Award

I'm SO not a math person, but for this one instance, I'll try to be.

Hope Roberson, author of Writing with Hope, has bestowed a 7 x 7 Link Award to me. What an honor!

The rules are simple: 

RULE #1: Tell everyone something that no one else knows about you.

Hmmm...I really love to sing. I've never received formal training, but I have sung in front of a ton of people up on stage before. Alone. And I got a standing ovation (the good kind). Whether it's karaoke or with a live band, I really enjoy singing. I also spend a lot of time in my car for my job, so when I'm listening to music, I'm often harmonizing with all kinds of songs. 

RULE #2: Link to one of the posts that I personally think best fits the following categories.

Most Beautiful: I participated in the A-Z Challenge for the first time this year, and my theme was steampunk (of course). So I'd have to say my most beautiful post was THIS ONE where I displayed gorgeous pics of some hot ladies in steampunk attire (and one dude to spread the love).

Most Helpful: I got a lot of email thank yous for the post I did on dialog. Check it HERE. After spending nearly a decade edit everyone else's work, I had to share many of the common mistakes writers make when writing dialog. Just remember, you cannot hiss, sneer, or chortle words. So don't use them as dialog tags!

Most Popular: I'm going WAY back to the archives on this one. I did a fun mockumentary in 2006 on a UFO abduction of a redneck named Bob. I got a lot of notoriety on this one, and was even featured in a big newspaper here in St. Louis for it. It's pretty hilarious, and I even did the fun drawings myself. I hope you enjoy it HERE.

Most Controversial: Okay, I'm going back to 2005 on this post I did on a real organization that is against humans breeding. I got tons of hate emails from people associated with the group. I bet the comments are still there too. Read it HERE.

Most Surprisingly Successful: I also participated in the First Campaigner Blogfest earlier this year. I did a steampunk piece of flash fiction. This was my absolute first time doing flash fiction, and it was REALLY hard to stay within that 200 word count limit. The feedback I got was astounding. It was my first taste at how supporting this writing community is. .

Most Underrated: Blogging has completely changed in seven years, so I did a post HERE on blogging. Where it's come from, where it is today, and where I think it's going. Evolution is a weird thing, and here on the interwebs, it happens so quickly. When I first started, blogging was an online diary. These days, blogging is nothing like that anymore. And I really miss my old blog buddies that have disappeared, which makes me cherish those that still crank out posts and all the new friends I've made in the last year and a half.

Most Pride Worthy: In 2007, police discovered the kidnapped Ben Ownby - but their biggest find was a boy who had been missing since 2002, Shawn Hornbeck. Psychics Sylvia Brown and Van Praagh both told the parts of Horback that their son was dead. I was one of the first bloggers who broke the story since it happened here in St. Louis, and I think this is the first and only time I've ever used the F-Bomb in a post. This post got over 50,000 hits the day Shawn Hornbeck was discovered. To this day, it's the one post that has gotten the most hits of anything I've ever written.

Thanks again Hope for helping me take a trip down blog-memory lane!

The Phoenix Blog


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Had to go check out the post about the voluntary human extinction group. That is just crazy.

Brinda said...

So many blog posts to check out. You have a real variety. Off I go...

Rusty Webb said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rusty Webb said...

I remember most of your recent blog posts you brought up, but the old stuff is pretty new to me. I appreciate the chance to peruse the old stuff.

Laura Eno said...

You've been blogging a long time! I, too, wonder why the extinction group doesn't help out with mass suicide.

Vero said...

Good gawd those VHEMT idiots whooshed right up my list of public retards! The post was hilarious, Jay. Great job!

I like your old posts a lot, actually. Pulling no punches. My kind of guy. :D

Also, great points made in the post on writing dialog. You know your stuff.

Kelley Lynn said...

I love singing too! We should do a duet :) haha

Matthew MacNish said...

Whoa. That last one is incredible.

The Desert Rocks said...

Believe in miracles. Awesome. Congrats on being prize worthy all the time.

Michael Offutt, Tebow Cult Initiate said...

I like this award because it allows people to explore the intricacies of their own blog. Thanks for all the cool links. I need to go and check them out now.

M Pax said...

I envy your gift for song. I love to sing, but am not good at it.

Jay Noel said...

Alex: I know. I got some funny negative comments from either members of the group or sympathizers. Got lots of hate email too.

Brinda: Thanks for taking a gander!

Rusty: I appreciate you taking the time to check 'em out.

Laura: Yes. VERY long time. Not many of us left. Good point!

Vero: They are incredibly stupid! Thanks again!

Jay Noel said...

Kelley: We should!!!

Matthew: I know. The timing was uncanny. I was at home, off of work, and the news broke. I literally turned to my computer and started writing.

Eve: You are so sweet.

Michael: I know...and going back to the old stuff was a trip.

Mary: I grew up in a musical family. So I was around music all the time.

The Golden Eagle said...

Congratulations on the award!

Thanks for the links--I'll have to check those out.

Jay Noel said...

Eagle: Thanks for coming here! I think you're one of the first to visit my new blog.

A Daft Scots Lass said...

A great post. I miss the old Blogger days too.

Lynda R Young said...

I loved your steampunk theme over the A-Z Challenge and glad you mentioned it again in this post. I'm impressed you managed all those posts on that highly specialised theme.

DEZMOND said...

congrats on the award, Joel, and we'd love to hear you sing! Make a video for the readers :)

J. A. Bennett said...

You sing? That is beyond awesome. I'm off to check out the post about redneck bob, sounds fun :)

Emily R. King said...

Congrats on your award! I didn't realize you've been blogging this long. Wowsa!

Christine Rains said...

Congrats on the award! Love that steampunk Q post too. And talking about that human extinction group, strangely enough, I was chatting to a friend on the phone this morning and she mentioned that's what her brother believes in now. A bit frightening.

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

I read all your linked posts. Some great stuff there! Now that some time has gone by since you wrote about the abducted boys being found, I sure hope they've both been able to readjust and assimilate back into their families again.

Callie Leuck said...

I had to go check out the post on dialog. I'm still confused about why "hissed" is so bad. *embarrassed blush* When I see that someone "hissed" something, it makes it seem very short with heavy emphasis on the S's. Like a sharp, angry whisper. Is that wrong?

I had heard of the Voluntary Human Extinction group.

Jay Noel said...

Lass: Blogging is a lot of work, and once you stop even for a little bit, a little vacation can become a long hiatus.

Lynda: Thanks so much. A-Z is how we found each other.

Dez: Hmmm....I'll think about it.

JA: Gotta love Redneck Bob and being probed by aliens.

Emily: Yup. I'm an oldtimer.

Christine: That's weird. I think it's like a cult or something.

Susan: I hear both boys are doing just great. They've gotten involved with other missing children organizations.

Callie: If you use it as a dialog tag (not some sort of figurative speech), yes, it's pretty wrong. Editors will cut 'em.

Using melodramatic dialog tags like hissed, murmured, muttered, what editors call "said bookisms." It gives your writing a very amateurish tone.

A big novel should only have a handful of "said bookisms."

With hissed, unless the words you're hissing is full of nothing but the sssss sound, it doesn't make sense.

"Shut up," he hissed.

That's just plain wrong.

Morgan said...

Ohhhh... Jay, this is WAY fun... what a great idea! I'm WAY intrigued by these posts now... time to blog surf!

Mr. Shife said...

A nice trip indeed, and really cool how some of your blog posts have been featured elsewhere. Keep up the good work, Jay. Always enjoy stopping by and visiting.

Jay Noel said...

Morgan: Thanks for visiting!

Shife: You're one of only a handful of bloggers still around from the "old days." We're a dying breed, man.

Nick Wilford said...

Congrats! It's great to have such a large backlog to choose from. You've certainly covered some interesting stuff.

Jay Noel said...

Nick: Thanks man!

Milo James Fowler said...

You've been blogging for a while, man -- congratulations!

Eve said...

"Wow, lots of great stuff to check out here", she chortled happily..I mean...thanks for sharing Jay! You've been at this a while eh? I've really enjoyed catching up on these old posts. Very informative!

Ciara said...

I remember most of those posts. A great singer? I always wanted to be, but never was.

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