Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Hydra Blog Hop Part Deux - Rachel Hunter

September 11th, 2001...We Will NEVER Forget.

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What's so wonderful about the blogosphere? Meeting new people! This week, I'd like to introduce you to a group of authors published by Hydra Publications. If you missed yesterday's post spotlighting steampunk author, R.S. Hunter, check out yesterday's entry.

Today, please give a warm welcome to Rachel Hunter (no relation to R.S...I don't think anyway). Down at the bottom, you can also learn more about her novel that was recently published, Empyreal Fate.

So to help you get to know Rachel, I've also asked her to share "Lucky 13 Fun Facts" about herself.

Ms. Hunter, the post is yours:

Rachel Hunter
Thirteen facts, eh? Isn't 'thirteen' supposed to be an unlucky number? *grins* Not that I am superstitious or anything. But - you know - Fate has its ways... and it's preferences... and it's dislikes. If you believe in such things~

Well, for one, I love the outdoors (assuming the weather is warm, as I hate the chill). If I could, I would spend all day frolicking amongst Nature's glorious bounty. Well, maybe not actually frolicking, but I would be doing several activities, including kayaking, biking, and mountain climbing. I can think of no better way to connect with oneself than through the elements, Nature's gifts.

Secondly, I am probably the most random person I know. Seriously. I can go from talking about something as mundane as the weather (and truly, I don't find the weather that mundane; it's quite fascinating, really) to something completely different and unrelated, such as conspiracy theories, cyborgs, or Einstein's theory of relativity. And Joan of Arc is not such a bad topic either. Oh - and the universe: space travel, time continuums, that sort of thing. See? I told you I was random. Refrigerator.

Thirdly, I am an author - a 'wordsmith'. Truly and absolutely. I have two poetry publications to note; a short story publication, titled,
Perfect Nothingand a fantasy novel, Empyreal Fatewhich is 'Part One' of my Llathalan Annal series. Yep. And there's more on the way: fantasy, steampunk, poetry, and otherwise.

Fourthly - well, I am highly nostalgic. And I mean highly. In fact, I have various newspapers and newspaper clippings of random events that have happened during my lifetime. And know where I keep them? Under my bed. But they're nostalgic for me - just like the Nintendo 64 I keep in the other room. And my GameBoy Color with the 'Pokemon Gold' game still inside the slot in my top dresser, beneath the socks. And that art book from when I was ten... pressed between my novels on the bookshelf. Oh, my friends, the list goes on and on...
Fifthly? I hate llamas. Have you ever looked one straight in the face? I mean - truly... straight in the face? No? Well... only when you gaze into the mismatched eyes and cringe in horror at the crooked teeth of one such beast will you understand. They plot, the llamas do. Be ever wary~

Sixthly, I have a penchant for the fantastical. And the whimsical. And the historical. And the psychological. (And for sentence fragments, apparently). Oh well. I've a 'poetic license' in my wallet, if you wish to see it. But tis true: I adore the speculative - as well as the psyche. Perhaps they are one and the same?

7. (Yes, I've resorted to using numbers). Purple is my favorite color, as it is the color of royalty, majesty, and grace. I liken it to the color of the elves, the race of which I claim heritage to. You don't believe me? Tis merely speculative, my friends - true. But impossible? Never. The realm of possibilities is endless~

8. I have fifteen piercings, none of which go below my nose. Can you guess where they are?

9. Although I am quite shy, I enjoy meeting new people and immersing myself in the collective wisdom of my peers. Simply experiencing the joy of fellow authors and readers claims my heart. It rewards me most of all when I can share my opinions with others – whether about novels, poetry, or life in general – and, in turn, gain insight of my own. What can I say? I adore learning - and not only the kind of things I can glean from a textbook.

10. I've yet to stray out of the country, though I've lived so near the northern and southern borders of the US (including Minnesota and Oklahoma). *sigh* I hope to one day travel abroad. Where, you might ask? Anywhere. The diversity of cultures fascinates me. I wish to immerse myself in all of them - or, realistically, as many as I have the opportunity to observe first-hand.

11. I associate words with numbers. I've a strange tendency to select random words and tally their letters into numbers (each letter has a specific designation). I have my own rules for gauging such numbers, and I make the associations almost automatically. Don't ask me why I do this or what the associations represent; I haven't a clue. 

12. I dislike the number 'twelve'.

13. I adore the character of Hannibal Lecter. He makes an intriguing psychological case, does he not? Perhaps it is the acting of Anthony Hopkins that does it for me, but something about his twisted personality, actions aside, captures my interest. Don't you agree?

To find out more about my writing and my quirks, feel free to visit any of my sites below:

Contact Links:
Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/5762735.Rachel_Hunter

Empyreal Fate Blurb:

Filled to the brim with forbidden love, an ancient evil, and a nation in disrepair, Empyreal Fate is a tale of riveting bravery and mortal corruption. 

The land of Llathala lingers on the brink of war between men and elves, a dark history surrounding each race. Stirred by tensions of the land, a shadow of the past reemerges, taking precedence in reality and consuming the very soul of mans’ mortal weakness. Darrion, the son of a poor laborer, is ensnared in a hostile world, forced to choose between loyalty to his king or the counsel of the elves. Yet Fate has other plans in store, tying his course to Amarya, an elven royalblood of mysterious quality and unsurpassable beauty. But this forbidden connection incites betrayal from members of their own kin, marking them as traitors to the crown. In a land torn asunder, only Fate’s decree can allow such love to coexist with an ancient enmity.

Behold: A Llathalan Annal: Empyreal Fate – Part One.

Amazon US: http://www.amazon.com/Empyreal-Fate-Llathalan-Annal-Volume/dp/0615638589
Amazon UK: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Empyreal-Fate-Llathalan-Rachel-Hunter/dp/0615638589


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Guess I've never looked a llama in the face...

Life Defined said...

Ye be warned~

Miranda Hardy said...

Nice to meet you Rachel. Great facts about you. I'm pretty random, too. Jelly Beans.

Brinda said...

Hi Rachel! You are also highly flexible, as seen from the change in numbering with words to using numbers. I enjoyed the total whismy of your post.

Sarah Ahiers said...

Aww! I love Llamas! They're hilarious!

Michael Offutt, Tebow Cult Initiate said...

Oh my friend Melissa would love you. She thinks Hannibel Lecter is the most amazing villain ever and even keeps copies of his movies in her car so she's prepared to watch them wherever she goes.

R.S. Hunter said...

As far as I know, there's no relation between me and Rachel. It's a cool last name though.

Interesting facts! 15 piercings? You might start running out of room if you get more.

Ellie Garratt said...

Loved this and the 13 facts. You have a new fan!

Jay Noel said...

Alex: Me neither

Rachel: Thanks for the warning!

Miranda: Good one.

Brinda: She's being like water.

Sarah: They scare me.

Michael: Seriously? In her car?

Bobby: I know. I cringe just thinking about one piercing. I'm a sissy.

Ellie: Thanks for stopping by!

Gina Gao said...

I really liked this post and the thirteen facts!


Life Defined said...

Thank you for visiting, everyone! It's been a pleasure 'meeting' you all. *Virtually extends hand*

Please forgive my randomness, as I tend to delight in the mundane. Yet - oft times - what is mundane is of interest, no?



Pk Hrezo said...

Cool! Great to learn about Rachel. She sounds like someone I could easily get along with. I've always had a thing for Hannibal too. He's just so complex. :)

nutschell said...

Awesome to meet Rachel. Love that she's nostalgic. I'm a big sentimentalist myself :)D


Jay Noel said...

Gina: Thanks so much!

Rachel: I thing randomness is very popular over here.

Pk: Hannibal just freaks me out. Sorry.

Nutty: I am too, but I never admit it.

Melissa Bradley said...

Okay I am officially following Rachel. She speaks my language for sure. I love wending my way through various topics in conversation... football, the Beatles and the Ancient Americas exhibit at the Field Museum for instance.

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