Monday, November 5, 2012

Thankful Post #1 and Other Shtuff

Quick NanoWriMo update: I've done pretty well, and I'm proud of myself. I put up a little WriMo widget over at the top of my sidebar. So far, I'm at 8800 words after Sunday. Hopefully I can keep up the pace. Work is about to get very crazy with lots of travel, so my hope is to get ahead of the game.

Amazon: This has been making the rounds all over social media. Joe Konrath's article in the Huffington Post propelled the story, and it seems many authors are pretty pissed off. What do you think? My take is that I completely understand why they're doing this - and HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of reviews have been purged already. There are lots of "writers" that game the system. But lots of indie writers also buy and review books too. It doesn't stop authors from paying for reviews (yuck). We'll have to see how this latest change to their policy works out in the end.

Thankful Time: It's November, and I want to focus on all that I have. Life may kick my arse sometimes (many times), but I think it's always good for the soul to focus on what is going right in my life. I bitch and complain about how much travel I do for my job (drove just under 4,000 miles during the month of October), but you know, I'm DAMN lucky to have a good job.

I'm moving in January. Moving a tractor trailer's worth of stuff is not fun. And the move will happen the first week in January, so yeah, my holidays are shot to hell. On the other hand, I'm fortunate enough to have found a nice place to live. So the move is a good thing.

Finally, I'm thankful that tomorrow is Election Day. I'm so sick of these political ads. I've forgotten what a real commercial is. I'm at a loss. I have no idea what to buy. This consumer is confused.

I'm Jay Noel and I approve this message.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Keep writing!
I heard Amazon is deleting a lot of genuine reviews in the purge. I've been afraid to go look at the reviews for my books in case all the good ones have vanished.
Moving is never fun, but a place to stay is good. Look at it this way - you won't have to decorate much for the holidays.
And yes - ready for Election Day to pass! Already cast my vote anyway.

Melissa Bradley said...

Way to go! All the best as you keep on writing.

I didn't know anything about this purge of reviews. I hope the few that I do have get to stay. I have so few on there as it is. :(

Those ads drive me batty, too. It's almost over.

Good luck with the move.

PT Dilloway, Superhero Author said...

It sounds like Amazon is overreacting to the recent payolla reviewing thing. I can understand saying you can't review your own book, but to say you can't review anyone else's books is just stupid.

Jay Noel said...

Alex: No early voting here in Missouri!

Melissa: Thanks so much.

PT: Yeah - I think Amazon might have gone a little overboard.

Emily R. King said...

Having a good job is definitely something to be grateful for!

I can't wait for the election to be over too. I'm sick to death of all the phone calls!

Morgan said...

Way to go with NaNo, Jay!

And no kidding with the election... phew...

And good luck with the move!

Vero said...

Good luck and have fun doing NaNo! :)

Tiyana said...

Hmm... I stopped writing reviews on Amazon as soon as I realized I wasn't very good at them, lol, so they can purge all they like! But as far as everyone else is concerned...let's just hope they make good decisions as to which reviews are purged.

Their website. I'm not gonna complain.

As for being thankful...yeah, I'm thankful for my current job, even though it's not ideal. It gives me spending money, funds my essentials and let's me save up for starting my own business. Being relatively fresh outta college, I can't ask for much more than that at this point, heh.

And my family. They've been very understanding of my post-grad situation--for which I am especially grateful. :)

Michael Offutt, Tebow Cult Initiate said...

I'm glad I didn't sign up for nano. I've only managed to eek out 2400 words since it started. They are really difficult this time around.

I read Konrath's blog. Seems to me that Amazon will do whatever they want to do. They're kind of the bully on the block these days so if one wants to have any success, one needs to just do what the bully tells you to do.

And I'm so glad the election season is almost over. I'm a democrat but win or lose, I really am just wanting it to be over. Romney won't be so bad. At least he's better than Santorum.

Jay Noel said...

Emily: I'm on the NO Call List here in Missouri. That's one nice perk of living here.

Morgan: I guess the commercials are good for network TV. All that $$$.

Vero: Thanks!

T: You graduated at a very tough time. Good luck with your business endeavors.

Michael: Both parties are corrupt. Bought by PACs and corporations, no matter what each candidate says. But there are state and local things to vote on too - things that impact me more directly. So I'll do my civic duty.

The Desert Rocks said...

Congratulations on having a job!! A good one at that and at least one of my reviews is gone from Amazon! Boo hoo!

Brinda said...

Great progress on the novel. Woohooo! I'm also lucky to have a job. I chant it to myself whenever I feel a little whiny.

L. Diane Wolfe said...

Just read an article about the Amazon reviews yesterday and the discussion was heated -
I used to say B&N was the evil empire but now Amazon has taken their place.
You have green trolls. I blogged about that today.

Anonymous said...

I went back to my real-life name with my Amazon reviews. I rarely review there though. I spend all my energy on Goodreads.

Was actually amazed that I got an Amazon review this week. o.O And yet...I'd rather have reviews on Goodreads. Maybe that'll happen more now that I'm out of Kindle Select and can fling my book to the far reaches of the e-readers world.

Samantha May said...

Great job with NaNo! I know it's about to be tough, but at least you're participating!

I didn't know about the Amazon thing. Thanks for letting me know!

As for the election...I did early voting (thank. God.) so I'm definitely GRATEFUL for that. I look forward to November 7th though, aka National Shut the Hell Up Day ;)

Tammy Theriault said...

good luck with nano, it looks killer!! go away political phone calls!!!

Phats said...

I am glad the election is over the ads were out of hand, but so were my friends on a certain social media site haha :)

Congrats on the move good luck with everything.

I don't go to amazon much but I do know that Jill Zarin paid people to write good reviews on there for her book and she got busted somehow

M Pax said...

At lunch w/ the writer gals we discussed Amazon's new policy. We figure the review mills will still find a way to get their money & get their reviews up. The only ones punished are the honest people. I think.

Best on the move & NaNo. Yay that the election is over.

Mr. Shife said...

Keep on writing, Jay, and best of luck with the move. Hope everything goes smoothly. Have a good one buddy.

Miranda Hardy said...

I've been out of touch lately with the review news. Ugh.

Congrats on the writing, though. Keep it up. I hope the move goes well. Not a fan of moving at all.

Tammy Theriault said...

good luck with the move in january and great job with nano!!! awesomeness

Marian Allen said...

I just left you a blog award. Come get it! It's made to order for a work in progress. :)

Marian Allen
Fantasies, mysteries, comedies, recipes

Jay Noel said...

Thanks everybody! NaNo is kicking my butt, but I'm kicking back.

DEZMOND said...

ooh, moving in the first week of January, what a fresh way to start a year :)

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