Saturday, April 6, 2013

F is for Fraggle Rock

Parachute pants, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Growing Pains, L.A. Gear, Breakfast Club....what do all of these have in common? They all helped define the 80s. Come take a fun "Journey" with me as we revisit the totally radical decade.

Jim Henson created some incredible characters from Sesame Street, The Muppets, The Dark Crystal, and of course...THE FRAGGLES!

I was ten years old when The Fraggles debuted on HBO back in 1983. What set apart The Fraggles from previous muppets shows was the high energy and societal lessons wrapped around each episode. Sesame Street taught me my ABCs and 123s, The Fraggles explored deeper issues like friendship and dealing with prejudice.

The music rocked on the shows, and each Fraggle had their own personality.

Gobo was their leader, Mokey was a hipster, Red was the loud and tough girl, Wembly is the nerdy one, and Boober was the their "Debbie Downer."

Inside the underground cavernous world the Fraggles inhabited were these little green dudes called Doozers who spent their entire time building these intricate structures made of these clear plastic-like pieces that the Fraggles could eat.

The Fraggles overall were free spirits, the Doozers the hive colony, and the giant Gorgs were 22 foot harmless goofballs.

One Fraggle went by the name of Traveling Matt, and he left The Fraggle World through some hole in the wall that led to "outer space," which also happens to be our world. Here, Traveling Matt would explore and observe the outside world and report his findings back home via post cards.

The show ended its run in 1987, and went into syndication thereafter. I remember the shows airing on TNT in the 90s, and then moving to the Disney Channel later. Other than getting the shows on DVD, I believe you can catch the show online somewhere. Either Netflix or Amazon Streaming carries the episodes.

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Cynthia said...

I don't think I ever watched that show, but I've totally heard about it. Today my daughter watches Sesame Street and I'm constantly reminded of how timeless those muppets are.

Sheena-kay Graham said...

Love Fraggle Rock's theme song.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I remember watching a few episodes, but as I was college-aged by that time, it just didn't resonate. But it was still the Muppets, which made it cool.

Dana said...

I remember that show! Good memories. ☺

Samantha May said...

I've heard of Fraggle Rock, but I don't think it was on by the time I was born. I was pretty big Sesame Street fan though. Jim Henson more or less created my childhood :D

Have a great weekend!

Nick Wilford said...

It was a big part of my childhood although the details are misty now. Had to love the music though.

Congrats to Beth!

Pk Hrezo said...

Fraggle Rock rocks, man!

Tony Laplume said...

I loved Fraggle Rock when I was a kid. Although I have no real memories of it, and I tend to remember pretty obscure things from my childhood.

Dana Martin said...

Awww... in Fall of 1983 I was already in high school, so I didn't get to enjoy these little cuties. But I'm loving these flashbacks to the best decade ever!

Waiter, drink please!

Anonymous said...

Totally humming the Fraggle Rock theme song.

My cousin & I were talking about this show a couple of weeks ago. No idea how it came up...but that's the joy of random conversations.

Jeff Laws said...

I loved it but didn't get to watch it much. My cousin's had HBO so I watched it whenever I was over there.

Robin said...

For some reason this one just missed me. However, I enjoyed your wrap-up of the show. If I run across it I will give it a try.

Tammy Theriault said...

i tried getting my kids to watch fraggle rock, they just couldn't get into it. but i loved it!!

MaryAnn Pope said...

I loved Fraggle Rock. I too tried to get my kids to watch it, but they weren't interested. They're really missing out.

Eve said...

I remember Fraggle Rock!! I didn't really watch it, but my kids did...I saw bits and pieces of it in between doing mother was a good show for kids.

Melanie Schulz said...

Fraggile Rock was the best! I watched it all the time.

J.L. Campbell said...

Loved the theme song for Fraggle Rock and used to watch it religiously.

Trisha Hall said...

I still find myself singing, "Dance your cares away" at really inappropriate times. Like standing in line at the post office or waiting for my number to be called at the DMV. I miss that show. I'll have to look for it on Netflix. Maybe I can get my kids into it...they fell in love with Voltron and Thunder Cats. They don't seem to care if a show is from the 80s. :)

Great post. Happy A-Z blogging.

Lynda R Young said...

Fraggle Rock!! That show was awesome!!!!!!!!!

Rusty Webb said...

I was aware of it, but never saw an episode. I had very limited access to HBO back then though.

S. L. Hennessy said...

Love the Fraggles and Ben Folds Five song "Do it Anyway" because there's Fraggles in it.

UrSecretWa/orrior said...

Dance your cares away,
worries for another day ...

Love it!!!

Deniz Bevan said...

Aww, I love Fraggle Rock!
And congratulations to Beth Ann!

Angeline Trevena said...

LOVE The Fraggles! I have a DVD of the show so that my kids can grow up watching good tv!

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