Saturday, April 27, 2013

X is for Xanadu

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I must come clean. I have a guilty pleasure, and it's called Xanadu.

Yes, I know. It's cheesy. And the movie was pretty dumb.

But I was obsessed with this movie. Maybe it's because I thought Olivia Newton-John was a goddess. Or it could be the cool dance scenes. How about the soundtrack that featured ELO? The movie is also based on Greek mythology, another one of my loves.'s because of Olivia.

The movie is about an artist named Sonny who's depressed with his job as an album cover painter. He finds himself infatuated with some gorgeous blond on roller skates, who also happens to be a legwarmer-wearing, roller-skating Muse. Kira has been sent to Earth to help inspire Sonny pursue his dreams, but instead, the two end up falling in love.

Sonny also befriends an ex-big band superstar, Danny McGuire. The two forge an unusual friendship, and McGuire asks Sonny to find him a new place to build his dream: a super cool place for people to listen to great music and get their groove on.

They find the perfect building, and McGuire finances the renovation to make their dreams come true. But it's time for Kira to go back to Mount Olympus. Her departure leaves Sonny devastated, but this is Hollywood. So Sonny straps on his rollerskates and hurls himself at a brick wall with a painting of the Nine Muses.

He's transported to Mount Olympus where he pleads with Zeus and Hera to let Kira come back to Earth. Zeus refuses, and Kira is left to sing a solo about being sad and wanting to suspend time and space to be with her man. Zeus decides to let her go.

It's opening night at the new dance club, named Xanadu, and Sonny gets the surprise of his life when Kira shows up to play a super-long set of all kinds of songs. Yeah, I know, this sounds pretty lame.

But it's all hella good!

I mean, Gene Kelly is zippin' around on roller skates. How cool is that???


Anonymous said...

I looooove Xanadu!!!

I totally wanted (want...okay...still) her knee high white rollerskate boots.

Nancy LaRonda Johnson said...

I never knew the plot of Xanadu had that much depth.

I actually kinda liked that movie when I was young, ignorant and liked just about anything at the movies, as it was my escape from real life. I'm afraid to watch it again - might shame me too much. :) Writer’s Mark

Cynthia said...

I appreciate movies with mythological references, so thanks for bringing this one to my attention.

Sheena-kay Graham said...

Confession time, I've heard about Xanadu many times but never watched it before.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Ultimate cheese.
I did like a couple of ELO's songs though.

farawayeyes said...

The only thing I really remembered about this movie was the roller skates. I DID NOT remember that the soundtrack featured ELO. I really liked them.

This has been one of the most fun themes for A to Z. Thanks Jay.

Samantha May said...

I have not seen this. I've heard of this one though!

The important thing is that I know who Olivia Newton John is :D

Laura Eno said...

I never saw Xanadu...but I might actually like it. '80s cheese has its place. ;)

Susan Kane said...

It was probably my biggest disappointment, as I loved Gene Kelly and Olivia. I think it was the young unknown bland male interest star.

The Desert Rocks said...

This was a memorable movie only because I tried skating afterwards and I still have the scars to prove it.

Miranda Hardy said...

Seriously one of my favorites. I love Olivia Newton-John!!!! I have an entire playlist for her. Lol

Dana said...

I loved Xanadu! Yes, it's very cheesy, and I'm not sure I'd like it as much if I watched it today, but as a kid, I thought it was great!

L. Diane Wolfe said...

I went to see it! Loved the music. Watched a little bit of it recently and cringed. I think I'll just let it reside in my memory.

~Sia McKye~ said...

I loved Xanadu and the music.

Had to stop by and say hi to a fellow Missourian. :-)

Nick Wilford said...

I've never seen it but a bit of cheese is great fun sometimes.

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