Monday, July 15, 2013

I Don't Want... Anybody Else. To Ward of Bats, I Touch Myself

From 2005 - 2010, I blogged about the strange and funny side of science. Since I will celebrate my 8th Blogiversary next month, I've decided to post some new science stories in the next few weeks.

For 65 million years, bats and moths have been engaged in a battle for survival. Okay, maybe that's a gross exaggeration since moths can't harm bats at all. Or can they???

Jesse Barber and Akito Kawahara of Boise State University have found that moths do have a form of defense against hungry bats: they rub their genitals.

Male hawkmoths are able to rub themselves much like how crickets produce their mating calls. But instead of rubbing their wings, the months rub their scales against their private parts. In addition to probably producing lots and lots of pleasure, scientists believe this ultrasonic rubbing somehow jams a bat's sonar system.

Female hawkmoths also produced this ultrasonic sound by pulling their genitals inward and rub them together against their scales.

Further tests are needed to confirm their findings, which were published in the July 3rd edition of the journal Biology Letters.

I guess the old wive's tale that touching yourself can lead to blindness does have a spark of truth, eh?

I dare you to watch the video of these hawkmoths rubbing themselves!

* * * *

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Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I am going to pass on the video, thanks. That was definitely something I didn't know.

jaybird said...

Holy crap sometimes science and nature facts are so freaking ridiculous- but repeating funny science facts like this will make you an instant rock star with a group of middle grade boys!

Julie Dao said...

I'm with Alex, gonna pass on the video, but holy crap. That was a fact that I have never known and could probably have gone without knowing. LMAO

Jay Noel said...

Alex: The video isn't nearly as graphic as you think.

jaybird: My sense of humor has been stuck around 7th grade the last 27 years

Julie: I wonder if it would work with humans should a bat attack us.

Melanie Schulz said...

LOL! Where do you find this stuff?!

T. S. Bazelli said...

Something I never thought I'd want to know, but now I'll never forget. LOL

Pat Dilloway said...

Woo hoo it's moth porn!

Sheena-kay Graham said...

That's some crazy facts Jay.

The Desert Rocks said...

We have fruit bats going wild out here and we're dodging them at dusk around here. We called the pest control person at the association and she told me she doesn't know what to suggest. She also said she never had another call like ours. The bats dive bombed our dogs and we hosed, screamed and used brooms. Very dramatic stuff. Talk about speculative fiction--you never know what's going to happen in the desert. Sorry your post got me excited.

Jay Noel said...

Melanie: When I first started blogging, I worked for a company that was a spin-off from NASA that did all kinds of weird R&D for companies. Top secret stuff. So to this day, I still have access to all kinds of articles.

T.S. That's my motto!

Pat: That's right. Where else you gonna get that?

Sheena-kay: VERY crazy.

Eve: Maybe you should know what, forget it. Keep using hoses and brooms.

L. Diane Wolfe said...

I'm going to file that under things I didn't really want to know.

Robin said...

Wow. I definitely did NOT know that. I can know say use that age old phrase and MEAN IT. hahaha.

Samantha May said...

I learn something new every day.

Some things are more interesting than others :D

Jay Noel said...

Diane: You can never have too much knowledge. On second thought...

Robin: Ha! Blind as a bat.

Samantha: It's new, somewhat interesting, yet gross.

Cindy said...

That's the strangest thing I've heard in a long time. Who knew there was insect porn? lol.

Lynda R Young said...

I'm too young to watch that video ;)
And isn't nature the darnest thing?

DEZMOND said...

pfftt, I expected a bit more spicy story under I TOUCH MYSELF title :PPPP

Michael Ignacio said...

That’s very interesting. I love how nature finds a way of giving organisms a chance to survive by adapting them to meet the needs of their environments. Imagine the first moth that discovered that trick. What caused it to do that or develop that? I took a class on Darwin in college, and we learned a lot about how creatures have to adapt in order to become stronger, and then those without the adaptation die out. The moths who couldn’t rub their genitals together were eaten, leaving only the ones who were slightly pervy left to survive and thrive.
Humans did the same thing, well, not with their genitals. Did you know, at one point in history, there were multiple species of humans running around? The clearest example I can recall is when Homo Sapiens existed with Neanderthal men and women. We won out die to our adaptations, and they died out.

farawayeyes said...

I haven't been by in awhile (for some reason I couldn't get onto your site) but sure glad I didn't miss THIS post. You never know when information like this will come in hand .

Michael Offutt, Kaiju Smack Down Artist said...

This centipede has the muscular strength of a small snake, is 13-inches long, and eats bats.

David List said...

This is the funniest thing I've seen all day! Your title is priceless. You could have said I dare you NOT to watch the video. (and I still would have)

Damyanti said...

Lol that's an interesting addition tony general knowledge!

nutschell said...

Strangely fascinating information here,Jay. I don't think I'll be able to get the trivia out of my head anytime soon. haha.

Melissa Bradley said...

This is...I don't know what to call it LOL Strangely fascinating, I guess. Congrats on 8 years. That rocks!

Maurice Mitchell said...

What a strangely fascinating concept Jay. That's one of those "strange but true facts" I love.

Phats said...

I can handle moths, bats freak me out big time

Anonymous said...

I can almost see the conversation at the dinner table now.

Jay: "Honey...what can I blog about?"
Wife: ....
Jay: "Hm. Moths masturbating?"
Wife: ...
Jay: "Yeah...Moths masturbating. It will be epic."
Wife: ...

David P. King said...

Well now, this is an interesting topic! Wasn't aware this happened in the insect world. Wonders never cease. :)

The Golden Eagle said...

This is simultaneously the most strange and interesting I've read in like a week.

Congratulations on being close to your 8 blogoversary!

Jay Noel said...

How often do you get to read about moth porn?

Thanks everybody!

Brinda said...

Wow. Just wow. Do they teach this in school? Might keep students awake in science class.

sanam arzoo said...

I think you have got tons to brag concerning! and that i would not worry about being "overly boastful" as a result of you are tooting your own horn! i prefer to listen to the great stuff that folks do. It's far better than hearing the long list of crap and ailments they're experiencing over ... and over ... and all over again. Hearing dangerous stuff all the time is simply not smart.

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