Monday, December 2, 2013

NaNoWriMo Recap 2014

I'm exhausted, but I had a very productive November.

This year's NaNo was a very different experience for me. I had a huge optometric exam I had to take on the 21st, and I was essentially cramming for it. I have no idea how I did, and I hated all the trick questions. Gotta wait until January for results. Boo.

So no local write-in gatherings this year (which is the greatest part about NaNo), and I was worried that I wouldn't be able to win with all the studying I was doing. But I had planned well for it, and I did a ton of writing at the beginning of the month. And it all worked out. I hit my goal early on the 25th.

Please come back Wednesday, as I will be posting my very FIRST IWSG post ever. I know, isn't that weird? I read all of your IWSG posts and have done so for two years now, yet I never officially signed up. So I aim to remedy that on Wednesday.


Tony Laplume said...

Looking forward to reading your ISWG thoughts, and congrats on completing NaNo despite the challenges!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Congratulations on beating NaNo! You were pulling double-duty with the studying.
And glad you are joining us for the IWSG post!!!

Madeline Mora-Summonte said...

Yeh on your NaNo win! I pushed and finished early this year, too.

I hear you on the IWSG post! Last month was my first one, even though I've been reading and commenting on others' the whole time. :)

Julie Dao said...

Congrats, Jay! Your word count was awesome all the way through. It helps me to get as many words written as possible in the beginning/middle of the month. And yay for IWSG... I have to post for that as well.

Jay Noel said...

Tony: It was tough, and I surprised myself.

Alex: Yes, I'm happy to finally be a part of ISWG

Madeline: So we're in the same boat. What took us so long to join in the Insecure Fun?

Julie: It was disheartening in the middle of the month to see my stats, but I caught up!

Pat Dilloway said...

Huzzah! I should get me one of them button thingies for completing it.

Robin said...

A couple of months ago Alex posed a question about whether it was wise (or desirable) to change the name of the group. He asked for opinions in the comments. Mark Means over at Left and Write said that he definitely should not change it. Why? It has taken him years to get the letters in the correct order! That said, you posted it as the ISWG, but it is actually the IWSG. Apparently, Mark had a valid point. Drat those darn letters for being so hard to put in the right order!!!

Look forward to reading your post on Wednesday:) Be it an ISWG or IWSG.... hahaha.

Jay Noel said...

Pat: YES you should. You earned it!

Robin: LOL. That's so funny. I'd better go fix that!

mooderino said...

Congrats on completing and will be back to read your first IWSG post. Will be interesting to see what you write about.

Moody Writing

Jay Noel said...

Moody: I bare my soul!

DEZMOND said...

congrats on being productive and achieving goals in November!

David List said...

Welcome to Iwsg! (It's better if your try to pronounce it rather than spelling it out!)

Maurice Mitchell said...

Congrats on hitting your goal Jay and it's too bad you have to wait so long for the results since i know you studied hard.

Mark Noce said...

Good for you for trucking through your NaNo WriMo! Looking forward to your IWSG posts too:)

Rusty Webb said...

Congrats of winning. I did see where your word count was pretty great for the whole month. I was behind almost from the beginning. And good work on your studying too. Multitasking is hard.

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