Thursday, April 24, 2014

U is for "Under the Milky Way"

Oftentimes, lightning only strikes once for many singers and bands. My A-Z Challenge for 2014 will focus on those glorious "one hit wonders" spanning the 80s, 90s, and 2000s. Some are my favorite songs, others are just plain memorable (for better or for worse). Join me in celebrating these 26 one hit wonders in pop music!

Wow, "U" was tough. Not too many to choose from here. So I picked a dark and moody song that was used in the weird movie, Donnie Darko in 2001. The Church released "Under the Milky Way" in 1988 from their 5th album, Starfish. The song peaked at #26 here in the States, but was a big hit in their native Australia.

I don't love this song, nor do I necessarily hate it. I just remembered it from the soundtrack. But the song is kind of haunting. Maybe even a little depressing. At first, I thought this song was about a guy on the road who's lonely after a show.

But after a much closer examination, I'm now convinced the song is about being high on drugs.

The Church is still around, and their career has continued into the 2000s. I think their last official album was released back in 2009.

Anyway, if you're in a dark mood, give this song a listen.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

They definitely sound like they are from Australia.

Cathrina Constantine said...

My kids loved Donnie Darko.

Pat Dilloway said...

I watched that movie on Easter. It has a good soundtrack with that song, Killing Time by Echo and the Bunnymen, and Gary Jules' cover of "Mad World." And it's the secret theatrical origin of Seth Rogen.

Robin said...

Never heard this song until now. I like it.

farawayeyes said...

Nope, another one I have no recollection of.

Tony Laplume said...

Singer sounds plenty '80s enough, certainly.

jaybird said...

I always liked this song- never realized that it came from Donnie Darko! His voice kinda reminds me of vintage David Bowie. Anyone else think that?

You are doing a great job Jay- I am enjoying your theme a lot. Only a week left now!

Maurice Mitchell said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Maurice Mitchell said...

While I haven't seen the movie yet, the guitar riff in the opening is mesmerizing. It's a shame that didn't translate in the U.S. Jay.

Melanie Schulz said...

I can't believe you found one for U!

Anonymous said...

The Church sounded vaguely familiar but i didn't recognize it until i hit play. Don't know it well but i did hear it a few times on alternative/retro rock radio. Great choice!

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