Sunday, October 7, 2018

How Did It Become October?

I know these posts are getting old, but I didn't mean to stay away from blogging for over two months. Job hunting was intense, and I was also nursing my daughter back to health. Good news is, we're all good! She didn't need a skin graft, and she went through some painful physical therapy to minimize scarring. We will watch fireworks from a distance from now on.

Two weeks ago, I actually received two job offers, so I had to choose between Job #1 that paid very well in a traditional sales rep role (that came with a company car), or Job #2 that paid less, but provided a way for me to get out of the rat race.

So I went with Job #2. You can't put a price on sanity and quality of life.

I just got back from a brand new con in Southern IL, and I had a blast. I didn't sell a lot of books, but I sold enough to cover costs. I also attended an opening of a brand new fandom/comic book store. I got to meet new customers, hang out with awesome people, and I did sell and sign some books!

Anyhoo, being around other authors always gets my brain thinking about the things I'm doing well and the things I'm not doing well at all.

Here's my personal assessment of my writing career:

1) My dedicated readers are fantastic. At the con, I had a young man shake my hand so hard, I thought he'd dislocate my shoulder. He said he loved my books. He even wanted to create an RPG campaign in my steampunk world. I have a small following who are dedicated and help me find fulfillment in my writing.

2) I suck at marketing. Terribly. And what's worse is that I work in sales and marketing! I don't much about Amazon AMS, Facebook Ads, newsletters, street teams, etc. I'm clueless and therefore, ineffective. I've just started to reach out to others who've had success in marketing their books in the hopes of gleaning one or two nuggets of knowledge.

3) I really enjoy meeting people at events and conventions. I feel that's where I shine. I might not know how to tweak a Facebook Ad, but I know how to have great conversations with fellow book-lovers. Face to face is definitely my sweetspot.

4) Thank Zeus for NaNoWriMo. It's kicked my butt over the years, but it's forced me to be productive. So of course, I'm doing it again this year.

5) Did I mention I suck at marketing???