Thursday, December 27, 2018

A Scant 2018

Welp, after long and careful debate with myself, I decided to scrap the blog's old posts and start anew. From a blogging perspective, I felt stuck. And completely nuking over 13 years of posts was both cathartic and painful.

I thought I might regret it. But now that I've had a couple days to digest what I've done, I feel pretty free. Now I can just write about my writing journey and not continue to get hits about "Mike the Headless Chicken," which was by far the biggest Google search term that got people to my old blog.

The last couple of years have been rough because of the day job situation, so blogging has been thin to say the least. I was laid off in July, and I was running on fumes. I needed a drastic career change because I could NOT go on faking who I was day in and day out anymore. So I turned down a high paying job in that same backstabbing world of medical sales to go work for a non-profit hospital system. Less money, much more happiness.

I actually did NaNoWriMo this year again. And I won. I now have the energy to be creative, and it doesn't feel like exhausting labor to get ideas down on paper anymore.

So  2018 has been a big transition year for me. And I wanted to continue with that theme and go back to my first love, which is science fiction. As a kid, I would write sci fi stories that blended Star Wars, Doctor Who, and Battlestar Galactica. I'd staple my "books" and let my friends read them. I also made "audio books" with a friend, all science fiction adventures.

My next book is called The Gates. And when I'm asked "What's it about?" I tell people it's a combination of Godzilla/Kaiju, D&D, and The Expanse. Spaceships and dragons. It's been fun, and it's been fulfilling writing just for me.

For those who've stuck with me, I thank you so much. I hope there are some of you left out there! Blogging is a dying art for sure. I'd like to keep doing it.

Artwork by my favorite artist, Enggar Adirasa. It's been a pleasure working with him again!